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More info about travel to Poland: For centuries, Kraków's Kazimierz neighborhood was the heart of the city's Jewish community. Today, the spirit of the rich Jewish tradition lives on in this revitalized and vibrant part of town. Watch the full episode:
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  • hun peryskop
    hun peryskop

    Poland is not Israel! you didn't really show anything interesting. We have beautiful mountains, beautiful lakes, beautiful sea ...., historical cities and beautiful culture ...

  • Japan Walk OTAKU
    Japan Walk OTAKU

    How beautiful. I should visit sometime. Thank you for sharing.

  • حلو مالح
    حلو مالح


  • Sunny Raza
    Sunny Raza

    Wonderful show ever Mr. Rick Steve's maybe you should visit here in Pakistan north area...

  • Tomasz Falkowski
    Tomasz Falkowski

    Poland's strong medieval culture has preserved the Polish people as being one of the most cultural Europeans in Europe

  • Ray Pich
    Ray Pich

    Krakow is beautiful!

  • Tropical house
    Tropical house

    She has been working on very short videos. I enjoy with you very much. Make her trips around the world. The idea will be successful 👍 A big greeting from Morocco thanks you steves ☺

  • Nijam rug
    Nijam rug

    Nice video

  • Atlas Cro
    Atlas Cro

    Your channel is a True Inspiration . Keep making videos

  • Professor McClaine
    Professor McClaine

    Next stop Tehran.

  • Relaxed walker [4k]
    Relaxed walker [4k]

    Great tour with you!! Thank you!

  • Harry Wes The Travel Explorer
    Harry Wes The Travel Explorer


  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone You guys are all awesome inside and out..however, I dont want any of you to get hurt or killed. Take care always!

    • lila 123456789
      lila 123456789

      I mean regardless of ur physical appearance. Lol. What i meant is appreciate all of you and im so flattered. Tc!!

  • Mat S
    Mat S

    Never seen soooooo many bars as I did in Kasimierz,,,,,

  • Green Lemon Fun
    Green Lemon Fun

    Can explain any body how can get UK work visa i need work visa please sombady halp me am a poor man from India i know all ductwork I don't have any problem there no ductwork ?? Am doing all work cleaner and framing some work by role halper please please help me by God's

    • iTheloner3

      Don't go to New Zealand, that's for sure

    • Duke of Istria
      Duke of Istria

      Why should Europe take more migrants? We've had enough, too much. I'm pretty sure you can find a decent job there. India is a fast growing country

  • Piotr Krawczyk
    Piotr Krawczyk

    Yea he made it to 50 pln bill not the 200 lol

  • ILikeMe

    wow this is so old video, look at the cars and people :D

  • Bond Mood
    Bond Mood

    Commie. It's too bad.


    wow when this was film you were yougher still great video

  • Ashish Thakur
    Ashish Thakur

    You are the real source of inspiration..

  • Das Krümelmonsterchen #DA
    Das Krümelmonsterchen #DA

    Greetings from Germany 😊👋

  • Itsmetari

    I had visited Krakow on 2017 . It's nice city especially in summer , we had dinner as well at the same restaurant . It was nice trip . One of interesting object tourist to me was salt mining .

  • Greg the Drunk
    Greg the Drunk

    Rick Steves is my ASMR trigger

  • Conspiracy Hamster
    Conspiracy Hamster

    Would have liked to heard more about Poland

    • Rick Steves' Europe
      Rick Steves' Europe

      For more about Poland - including expert travel advice, TV episodes, radio programs, and more - visit Happy travels!

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi
    JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Keeladi elladaa madakoodeengaa😄😃😀😍

  • BlackWolf6420

    No need to go back in history to remember the Jews. There’s growing antisemitism in Poland now and few people are doing anything about it. Current government 👎🏻

    • Oint Flyment
      Oint Flyment

      @Maciej Ciemborowicz => 4 4 7

    • Duke of Istria
      Duke of Istria

      @BlackWolf6420 there has been antisemitism with a reason throughout history.. think about it. Why would they be kicked from 108 countries?

    • Monika marciniszyn
      Monika marciniszyn

      @BlackWolf6420 Its not a problem to me. Esoecially when I found out about Just 447

    • BlackWolf6420

      azeca 00 Nie, no teraz to mnie zupełnie pogubiłeś. Wytłumacz mi dlaczego jestem rasista? Tylko proszę używaj realnych argumentów inaczej do wiedzenia.

    • azeca 00
      azeca 00

      The Gouverment has nothing to do with it. The Gouverment is against antisemitism.

  • Lourdes Yanes
    Lourdes Yanes

    Great video 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Sidekick Sam
    Sidekick Sam

    Don't forget the zapiekanki

  • Akbal B Choudhury Choudhury
    Akbal B Choudhury Choudhury

    Thank you so much for sharing us Sir .

  • lester max
    lester max

    Old episode smh Rick

  • christos

    I've been to krakow is beautiful there, i like it very much i will visit again for sure!!!

  • geruladacul

    The city was saved by Soviet Army from being destroyed by nazi.

    • Oint Flyment
      Oint Flyment

      The Yiddisher Germans preserved Krakow for themselves.

    • Maciej Ciemborowicz
      Maciej Ciemborowicz

      No mate, It wasn't destroyed because Hans Frank wanted to change it into the "Eastern Nuremberg". That saved monuments and other architecture. It's hard to say it saved the city (because of citizens). Communism actually destroyed a lot of the city by neclectance during the era of PRL.

    • geruladacul

      @thr02 your mind is invaded, it is a miracle how you live on this planet with your brain being so washed.

    • geruladacul

      @Deepthoughts Herenow lol, the olny person, who should learn some hystory is you. Stop being so ignorant. Is it too late for you to go to school again?

    • thr02

      Soviets invaded Poland and destroyed Krakow,Warsaw

  • Jerrilu Frei
    Jerrilu Frei

    I would so love to eat at a table with such a beautiful crocheted table cloth! ! !

  • Leo's Family Vlogs
    Leo's Family Vlogs

    I’m big fan of yours channel.


    You have a lots of knowledge and experience about Europe. Due to your travelling videos i have learned much information about Europe. May God bless you with all the happiness and success in your life.

  • Natsof

    Like 👏

  • Azlan Roni
    Azlan Roni


  • Saleem Saleem
    Saleem Saleem

    beautiful I wish to live in poland

  • Khwrwmdao Bty
    Khwrwmdao Bty

    i like u my form india of bodoland

  • Alemla Merry
    Alemla Merry


  • 4K Explorer
    4K Explorer

    Poignant history, but Krakow's a great place to visit.

  • Ashagowrisankar Sankar
    Ashagowrisankar Sankar


  • Rashel Khan
    Rashel Khan


  • Brendan James Vlog
    Brendan James Vlog

    Wow that looks beautiful! Would love for my travels to take me here one day 😊❤

  • Tushar Dahake
    Tushar Dahake

    First viewer.💥

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