KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 WEIGH IN (Official Live Stream)
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  • The extreme rc Dude
    The extreme rc Dude

    This is how many people hate logan Paul 👇👇🏼👇🏿

  • RD

    Whats the background music of ksi logan paul weigh in

  • JobCenter_187

    Fuck me

  • YallKnowNigel

    Song 46:30

  • Dragon ball z fan
    Dragon ball z fan

    Who’s here after the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch

  • UltimatePro TV
    UltimatePro TV

    Press conference rule: Uk fans Make logan Cry Uk Fans: Lets chant Champ

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop

    47:37 that weekend feeling

  • Ammar Islam
    Ammar Islam

    ভাই আমি সাব করেছি

  • 3192afrodita

    Luzer ksi

  • Jason Septimo
    Jason Septimo

    43:44 song!!!!?

  • Jeremys fun videos
    Jeremys fun videos


  • XTamari-yuriX

    YEET Ksi won

  • The goat Ej
    The goat Ej


  • MicMagical

    Anyone else notice Logan’s butt sweat?

  • Kelvin Wood
    Kelvin Wood

    All the dislikes were from Logan Paul fans

  • Kelvin Wood
    Kelvin Wood

    In the live chat, the comments were just bloody spamming bruh

  • Angelica Marie
    Angelica Marie

    KSI all the way! Logan is a disgrace to America.. a looney toon

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    *NoW wE'rE gOnNa HeAr FrOm KsI, tHe NiGhTmArE.*

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Song at 43:15??????

  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman

    whats logan paul walk in song anyone knows 43:18

  • Boltz

    RIP LOGAN! boiz

  • Lars Brostrup
    Lars Brostrup


  • Erik Sundström
    Erik Sundström

    Anyone knows the song at 48:00?

    • WinWin 7
      WinWin 7


  • Mohammed Rokib
    Mohammed Rokib

    46:55 song name please

    • Mohammed Rokib
      Mohammed Rokib

      @WinWin 7 thanks G

    • WinWin 7
      WinWin 7

      Dahotgirlflute is the name

  • Slippery Greasy Easy Lil Doo Doo Stain Rapper
    Slippery Greasy Easy Lil Doo Doo Stain Rapper

    Skip to 44:43 for weigh ins

  • J Iqbal
    J Iqbal

    Loagan Paul is scard

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover

    KSI is gonna put Logan in a wheelchair Shannon: LET'S GO RAMP

  • Professor Koni
    Professor Koni

    42:50 thank me later

  • Drhavokx enders
    Drhavokx enders

    You wanted round 2 because you're a loser

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover

      Lady: who's here for Logan Paul? People: SOFT APPLAUSE NOISES

  • Lewis

    What’s the instrumental at 46:22

  • Yousuf Syed
    Yousuf Syed

    What is the background song starting 43:10

  • The mad King
    The mad King


    • Cassie

      KSI - Down Like That Remix on my channel, you won't be disappointed

  • Ibraheem Waseem
    Ibraheem Waseem

    Logan is a little bitch that fucking pussy hole can go fuck off!

    • Cassie

      Ksi f

  • Ibraheem Waseem
    Ibraheem Waseem

    Babatunde you baller

  • Ibraheem Waseem
    Ibraheem Waseem


    • Cassie

      43:50 instrumental anyone?

  • TheWackedOneOut

    Who knows the beat?

    • Cassie

      KSi you wanna act big and fight those people and even your mouth also talk so much. Why not you fight with ryan garcia or manny pacquiao ?

  • sigurbjorn aron
    sigurbjorn aron

    jake paul before weigh in: ur looking a little chubby there JJ jake paul after weigh in: ur looking a little light there JJ

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      43:50 instrumental anyone?

  • Geo Max
    Geo Max

    JJ WON

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      The match is so one sided Shannon: let's go ramp

  • SRG ShiosityBear
    SRG ShiosityBear

    Logan Paul: FIRST ROUND DECAPITATION JJ: Lol what fam

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Good luck you are a Beat Goes On

  • Michael Ashcraft
    Michael Ashcraft

    Who wants to watch two dumbasses?

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      KSi you wanna act big and fight those people and even your mouth also talk so much. Why not you fight with ryan garcia or manny pacquiao ?