Lawyer Responds: John Oliver SLAPPs Back? (Real Law Review)
John Oliver was sued by Bob Murrary for defamation. Was it really a meritless suit or is there more to the story? If you’re in the market for a great suit, I can’t recommend Indochino highly enough and Legal Eagles get a discount!
Summary from Vulture:
Remember back in 2017 when John Oliver did a Last Week Tonight segment about coal company CEO and “geriatric Dr. Evil” Bob Murray, then - as predicted - was sued by Bob Murray the following week? Oliver couldn’t discuss the lawsuit while it was ongoing, but we did get an update when the case was dismissed in February 2018, when Oliver, referencing the original segment, told Murray to “eat shit.” What you might not know, however, is that Murray appealed the case after it was dismissed, so Oliver was yet again forced into silence until the case was recently dropped. Which brings us to last night’s Last Week Tonight, when Oliver was finally free to recap the entire saga … and, in doing so, to start a whole new saga too.
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  • LegalEagle

    🤔Do you agree? 👔If you’re looking for a great suit Indochino will make you a fully custom slim fit suit for only $359

    • Echoeversky Ü
      Echoeversky Ü

      NotALawyer: given the constitutional nature of free speech, national anti-slapp laws are warranted.

    • Dewayne Thomas
      Dewayne Thomas

      @LilleTotte It has been since it's birth I believe.

    • Dewayne Thomas
      Dewayne Thomas

      @LilleTotte OJ Simpson walked, plenty of em do.

    • LilleTotte

      So the American judicial system is Pay-to-Win?

    • Dewayne Thomas
      Dewayne Thomas

      @aspookyfox the fuckin mining dude that killed everyone?

  • richard lawton
    richard lawton

    Objection: The plaintiffs on winning in the UK do not always get their legal fee's paid for when the win a case plenty end up being landing in huge debts or out of pocket fighting court cases. It is not an automatic some will get the full costs some get nothing at all and some may get a partial sum for the legal troubles.

  • Erik Olsen
    Erik Olsen

    Note that Mr. Nutterbutter isn't just "a staff member". That's Noel MacNeal, the in-house puppeteer at Last Week Tonight. He started on The Great Space Coaster, has performed in several Henson productions, and is probably best known as Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House.

  • hannahalice

    It speaks volumes to note that the UK law doesn't have any form of anti-SLAPP legislation and not even the concept for a need for it. But I would go even further that the USA needs a "plaintiff pays" in criminal cases where the police "overcharge" in order to punish by layer fees or gain an advantage to force plea bargaining

  • Angel Dust The Porn Star
    Angel Dust The Porn Star

    To quote bob murray, or rather to absolutely mock and face desk him: "Welcome to the coal plant, it's a dangerous place. Thank you for investing. Go there for your router, there for your orders, we'll pollute the world to fill up our quotas. If you get injured, there'll even be fees at your funeral for your mourners. Prosperity wasted on worthless humans, they're just fuel to the fire for our endorsements. Honestly, did you not read the coal plants policy on workplace misdemeanors and injuries, that defines you illegally as coal company policy? I've got you in lock and key, no honesty needed when you've already bleeded against the bladed bleachers. Were you expecting human rights? Were you expecting a raise? Were you hoping the death toll would be low? Ha! No at all! My friend you're indentured, just like a roll of a slot machine; you'll work, to earn the right to work, to earn the right to work more, just so you can eventually die. $ $ $ Dollars in stacks higher than the twin towers, oh come now, you're just an oiled up gear for the machine, if you feared for your life, you should of read the fine print, cause now you're in deep debt, bet you regret it, no way to forget it, but let me assure you you're now set to work for life as I make a public announcement PR lie, defamation? Makes more famous if it's all in good inflation, country rode, west Virginia, Alabama, sorry, did I sue and ban ya? They save 'save the trees', but who will pay for your funeral fees? I'll make a deal if you'll make an appeal, removal is for your approval, I'm just here for the top dollar, making money off your shoulder, who knew such a tycoon could cause a monsoon? Guess we'll see soon in episode 2..."

  • Sidney Robinson
    Sidney Robinson

    im on John Olivers side sorry.

  • Jon Brewer
    Jon Brewer

    I appreciate your precise use of the English language, thank you for the info.

  • Boba0514

    Pretty sure you have only worn tailor-made suits if you're actually a lawyer, but 400 really is pretty good

  • Lisa Hall
    Lisa Hall

    Bob Murray? Isn't he the guy who took radioactive waste from Rocky Flats and dumped it into the Denver water supply via the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site?

  • Alan Filoteo
    Alan Filoteo

    whoever you paid to light your setup 👏

  • BunzeeBear

    I got bored after 2 minutes of SLAP AND ANTI SLAP as there was no PUNCHING OR KICKING IN THE BALLS.

  • Jgburch

    What is the legal definition of a public figure? Would the head of the local Garden Club who is interviewed by a reporter be a public figure. What is that Garden Club president takes to the street to actively protest legislation dealing with gardening?

  • Wondering IN NY
    Wondering IN NY

    Didn't John Oliver cover this?

  • SatinSplash

    The only SLAPP I like is on a bass 😤

  • Victor Leal
    Victor Leal

    That plug in the end was brilliant.

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    Finally, and no shill here, the ONE thing I can agree with is the indochino shill. He looks great, and do love a tie tack!

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    Annnd first and foremost, this is why the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments are basically ANY citizens best friends. Why I might drill down into JO's citizenship. He DOES have it right... Fair comment, etc. basically shields us Americans from a TON of LEGITIMATE legal lawsuits. Of course, this doesn't mean that someone can't just drag you into court, willy nilly, for NO reason whatsoever, and like we BOTH said in this video, why it's incredibly important that there should be LOSER PAYS system.

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    btw "actual malice" is not misleading, it's a fulcrum of NY Times V. Sullivan, and it IS actually kinda a BIG deal! eyeroll "lawyer." eyeroll.

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    Frankly at 15:50 the lawyer would do HIMSELF some justice by citing NY Times v. Sullivan etc. Before it even gets there. Do yourself a favor! Eyeroll! And certainly JO was outside of the system in doing so.... I'm just saying, and JO actually didn't either. If you're gonna go first amendment in proving your're in the right, might as well go ALL the way in showing the public just how much RIGHT you are! Oh, and btw I hate JO, and everything he stands for, and yet I LOVE the Constitution of the USA!

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    And BTW... AS you've done in the past don't say that Trump, etc. was on the hook for the legal fees. IT WAS THOSE WHO WERE BACKING STORMY TO COME AGAINST HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! TELL THE TRUTH!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!!

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    And, frankly, he's correct in the so called SLAPP lawsuits. I brought it up that the State was bringing a case against my 1st, fourth, and poententially 5th amendment rights, and they DID have to call a supervisor to the scene, and this evidence was brought up in court. While I ultimately lost on the amendment accusations, they DID have to prove that it was NOT in a violation to my rights. Bottom line is KNOW, and EXERCISE your rights people!!!!

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    Soooo SLAP suit = filing against Mike Bloomberg for claiming he actually did ANYTHING in NYC after 9/11. Or, against you for letting your tie flop around, because you have a tie tack. Frankly, I LOVE the latter. Thanks for doing that! But, nevertheless, I'm filing suit against you for wearing WAY too much hair gel in a video!

  • Marc H
    Marc H

    Annnnd. I DO absolutely agree with the "loser pays" system. Should be no matter what. Should always be. Would eliminate SOOOOOO Many frivilous lawsuits, it wouldn't even be funny!

  • Chet McGovern
    Chet McGovern

    That was a slick plug for Indochino

  • Matt Greising
    Matt Greising

    Thank you for making the obscure workings of the legal system comprehensible. You seem to lean towards common sense. I will be watching you in the futurel

  • Christopher Bolanos
    Christopher Bolanos

    was Bob Murray the guy who invented Cancer

  • Thomas Broom
    Thomas Broom

    The real question is what if I want a fat cut suit?

  • Milo S
    Milo S

    Bob Murray? Isn't that the guy who sprayed revenge porn on a holocaust memorial?

  • wannabeneko

    Davie504: *I feel a disturbance in the force*

  • BlueBird858

    Bob Murray? That’s the guy who wishes dishonor on my and my cow!

  • T Mos
    T Mos

    I only subscribe to 3 or 4 channels. Congrats to making the list, love yours.

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    Not gonna lie ... That was the best JOHN OLIVER ... EVER !!! The story about the kidney stone killed me !!! That Mr. Bob Murray seems like a nice fellow. Bawhahahahaha !!!

  • Daniel Carpenter
    Daniel Carpenter

    But is it actually a bad idea to say that one of your prospective judges calls his penis "The Gavel"?

  • Gavin S.
    Gavin S.

    Bob Murray! Isn’t that the guy that burned down the Library of Alexandria?

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis

    Classifying John Oliver and HBO's victory as "pyrrhic" is only true from a purely financial standpoint. I'm sure HBO would also take into account the defense of their reputation and the ongoing notice to the world at large that they won't be pushed around, not to mention the publicity it generated. Not all of the cost benefit analysis in defending Oliver and the show is purely the cost of the suit.


    that was one helluva commercial dude..

  • atomant451

    Shouldn't the Plaintiff have all of the evidence before filing suit? The Plaintiff could sue for no other reason than to have the Defendant tied up in a Court room knowing that all the time they are there, it's costing the Defendant money through time away from work, or Business. So my question is, why can't the Court proceed right away? and let the Plaintiff justify his cause, then and there?

    • atomant451

      I think the Legal Eagles know keeping their client tied up in Court is a win, win for both Attorneys.

  • The Wiener Dog Vlogs
    The Wiener Dog Vlogs

    Wait, i thought that you couldnt sue someone for the same thing twice?

  • partlycurrent

    The american way of paying for trial costs is just another example of how in Europe there are better protection laws for individuals. The american law obviously benefits rich people and discriminates against the poor, no wonder that that rule doesn't change and is still in place maybe hundreds of years after it was passed

  • Janusha

    As AMAZINGLY cowboy amateurish and backwards as the US legal & justice system is... Its oddly weird to see somebody defending it.

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