Leroy the Savage at World Cup Finals 2019!!! **EXTREME Bald Eagles ALERT**
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LEERRRRROYYYYYY THE SAVAGE takes on World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2019!
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    For those of you who waited out for our video, I sincerely thank you 🙏 ❤️ with so many people uploading at the same event i simply can’t post before everyone. Wanted to make the vid a good one, hope you guys enjoy!

    • DrHavok1

      i know this is late but cleeter....the moment i seen that 7.80 time i started to tear up and clap...and then you got the time ticket and held back the flow and i watered my beard bro.....i am so extremely happy for you and the cleet crew man....well done guys...well freakin done

    • lance wier
      lance wier

      take your time to make a good quality video

    • Justin Maas
      Justin Maas

      Fastest 40 minute video I’ve ever seen

    • joegreene23

      You should try to make the car all wheel drive

  • rsels14

    That final race was sick af nice drivin man

  • Matthew Kerrie
    Matthew Kerrie

    30:45 James gets a whole faceful of full pull

  • Lifted_Above

    Now if he pointed those turbo exhausts reward, he'd pick up another 1/10th.

  • Steve Hicks
    Steve Hicks

    yu the man!!! yu burnt that MF real good 😂😂😂😂 little pipsqweek jap car

  • Ryan Six
    Ryan Six

    That 7.80 run gave me goosebumps.

  • Steven Vaughan
    Steven Vaughan

    I was there bro. Hell of a pass. Congrats on the victory

  • Craig's Channel
    Craig's Channel

    I was so happy for you guys when I saw that time I started yelling yes! yes! out loud...i was so proud I had to get the McFarland garage competition grade shirt. Awesome job, congrats guys!!

  • driojal

    21:42 Cleetus did I see happy tears? Hahahahhaha We all are there with you Brother!!!

  • driojal

    The sound of Leroy gave me Freaking goosebumps on 19:09 We need more footage from the finish line. The Bold Eagles Screaming !!! Have to rewind 5 times.

  • Adam kunkel
    Adam kunkel

    Legit watched all 40 minutes without realizing ... worth it

  • Adam Chisholm
    Adam Chisholm

    "Did you just go for the crotch?"

  • Ionic

    One of those race commentators sounds like he has soft serve ice cream coming out of his nose.

  • Nathan Brazil
    Nathan Brazil

    37:10 That rice burner is getting him on the shifts. They were evenly matched otherwise.

  • R-D J
    R-D J

    What a great video guys. I knew I was missing something in my life. Glad to be back ✨🙌🏾✨

  • Cowboyz214

    The green supra and gtr would be good

  • M.J.W wes
    M.J.W wes

    28:29 Leroy the sus 😂😂

  • M.J.W wes
    M.J.W wes

    At 19:27 rip the water bottle

  • Crazy boots
    Crazy boots

    Slipper clutches are tough on A-arm suspension rears. you really need to get the suspension geometry just right to get the center of gravity correct when in acceleration. Much much easier on a pro-stock type suspension where the rear trailing arms are long as hell and you cna set your pinion angle just right and what not

  • Forever Misguided
    Forever Misguided

    195.... He was coming, son.

  • GraveUypo

    i... how can a 7 second "race" be "such a great race"? i just don't understand. car's a beast though.

  • Donald Zickau
    Donald Zickau

    I’m drinking my mtn dew and watching the bald eagle 🦅 break the curse and get a 7.80 at 185 mph

  • shenique medina
    shenique medina

    Nah...That supra gave leroy the bidness..periot.

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson

    Maryland is one of the best tracks

  • Tdogtheripper

    That new helmet is so sick! I'm here cheering and clapping for you and my dog looking at me like wtf.

  • Ken H
    Ken H

    MERICA ! Awesome !

  • dozer

    Gre8t 7.79 pass...roll out brother hell yeah!

  • Ben Jacques
    Ben Jacques

    New to the channel, was the frame custom built or a stripped down vehicle?

  • Michael Burrow
    Michael Burrow

    I would like to see that beat my 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. My baby is modded to 11 in every category. Speed 11/10 Power 11/10 Pussy Magnet 11/10 Light Weight 11/10 Height 5'7" Texas Approved 11/10. I dare any of yous guys to try and take me!

  • timothy berry
    timothy berry

    I was watching that water bottle the whole time like wtf lol

  • TexasGTO

    37:04 - 37:11 was really cool to watch

  • Nicholas Lifrieri
    Nicholas Lifrieri

    Just a thought, but you guys should try to develop a relationship with aew wrestling. I think that would be a good fit for both companies.

  • Daequan Cius
    Daequan Cius

    Build a awd c5

  • Bark Lord of the Sith
    Bark Lord of the Sith

    At that high of a speed, you very seriously consider getting a downforce wing or something to keep you from getting airborn.

  • 2fish_tacos

    That emotion....priceless. Heck of a driver Garret and team. Best channel on YT as well as Jeremy @ Fasterproms. Ya'll are good people with awesome content!

  • Robert Wayne
    Robert Wayne

    Lol the water bottle was like nop not to day

  • fasfzr1


  • au

    18:18 Can this guy even understand himself

  • old man river rimington
    old man river rimington

    Do it for Dale brother

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens

    good win good win

  • 勇気きみこ

    If there are not 3 pedals required to operate the transmission, it is not a manual transmission. That GTR was NOT a Manual transmission. I don't care if the Clutches are wet or dry, if they are automated in any way shape or form, its an automatic transmission, just like the Ford Fiesta and Focus 6 speed transmissions are categorized.

  • Omar Umali
    Omar Umali

    Hey Cleet, I think you need new trans gear ratios. You are plateauing every shift. I hope you get what I mean. :D

  • Seth Baker
    Seth Baker

    19:30 world's fastest CVT corvette

  • Timothy Cox
    Timothy Cox

    Is it time to break down and put a glide in it?

  • Hans Olav Johansen
    Hans Olav Johansen

    19:24 that waterbottle though

  • Falcon1882

    I love the run, but you look like one of them kids that used to bite other kid's ankles in school.

  • jon scott
    jon scott

    I wonder if this would be difficult to hook up to a motorcycle

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Leroy got taken in the top end, need to put some of that 'Wind Tunnel' technology to work.

  • Squill brock
    Squill brock

    19:27 When you launch so hard the smart water goes dumb

  • Blake Hutchison
    Blake Hutchison

    She’s running good! Can’t wait to see it run low 7’s 👍

  • Zayne Hanke
    Zayne Hanke

    You almost got him bro in the finals so awesome jeez man

  • ktpatriots12

    Why doesnt cleetus flatfoot shift?

  • adriana martinez
    adriana martinez

    You have to beat that 4 banger do it for dale 3 fuck imports hit the 6s

  • Eduard Šajgalik
    Eduard Šajgalik


  • Mac mall500
    Mac mall500

    Hell yea brother your on the cleetus show

  • doen johnjo
    doen johnjo

    Love you guys but Leroy’s burnouts are lame, if u wanna hook u gotta smoke em good. Your not giving enough time to get the tires hot.

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh

    Congratulations bro stick shift ain’t easy under soo much pressure 🤗

  • Jesus H. Christ duh Lawd
    Jesus H. Christ duh Lawd

    Way over corrected on that slide

  • Tucky2012

    I can see the emotion in your eyes once you got that slip 😁

  • Marcus Mendoza
    Marcus Mendoza

    19:35 the water bottle