Logan Paul - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of KSI Rematch Clash
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Logan Paul - FULL L.A PUBLIC WORKOUT ahead of KSI Rematch Clash | #Boxing
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  • FuZix Clan
    FuZix Clan

    How long was logan running like An hour or so?

  • Ronin Games
    Ronin Games

    fk u logan

  • XxxfuzionXxx

    Who finna win Like for manny pacquio Comment for Logan Paul

  • Cadi llac
    Cadi llac


  • yourefat andlazy
    yourefat andlazy

    this generation is so sissy gay they dont even watch real boxers lmao

  • Lweh G Htoo
    Lweh G Htoo

    Let go camping

  • Emily Rose Burns
    Emily Rose Burns


  • famous

    Who's here after logan paul lost and started making excuses

  • Stevengallo'syoutubechannel

    Who’s here after KSI won?

  • MyNameIsNotJan

    Manny Pacquiao vs Logan Paul lol

  • Mother ofdragons
    Mother ofdragons

    Logan has composure it seems. I expect to see him win by KO

  • Giselle C
    Giselle C

    The guy that was hitting him with that green foam are training him like ksi will swing his punches like he did last match. I promise you ksi isn’t going to be fighting like that this year. He’s going to be in form.

  • al bo
    al bo

    Complete dog shit

  • EvilRo

    Tell me why logan looks like the iconic skin from fortnite lmao

  • twist games
    twist games

    why the hate i think logan will win rip the fan boys

  • Dice Ap
    Dice Ap

    Coming from experience as a 2 time aba champion and still. From what I have seen ksi dont stand a chance good luck champ

  • josue allauca
    josue allauca

    That is not training

  • Ghost_Jeff Jeffy
    Ghost_Jeff Jeffy

    Logan has really good feat

  • Off Hills
    Off Hills


  • Roddy Rod
    Roddy Rod

    This guy ain't a fighter hahah...poser

  • Megan Watson
    Megan Watson

    The music is actual trash

  • Kyle Washington-mason
    Kyle Washington-mason

    Bro it’s crazy to think that everyone thinks he’s scared just cuz he didn’t wanna do much can’t wait to see him destroy🤯

  • 7Seven7

    I think itll be close but Logans gonna win, im fans of KSI too but Logan Paul is a big guy i just think he'll win.

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez

    Tell me I’m not the only one looking at his shoes does anyone know if you can buy them

  • KingEdgarPvP

    Music is so annoying

  • Killer Kupid :3
    Killer Kupid :3

    I dunno about his boxing abilities but I know he got jump rope skills...

  • Joanna

    This fight is actually going to be insanity, like honestly both of them have just reached another level.

  • Bailey McLeod
    Bailey McLeod

    I have a discord server called General chat. There are daily Weather reports, news reports, fun facts, jokes and memes posted every single day. I am looking for a advertiser, joke maker and admin! discord.gg/aUhHh7j

  • D Brown
    D Brown

    Looks weak and slow.

    • Joanna

      Just love 😍 the way he jumps the rope!❤️👊 Let's go Champ!❤️

  • Lawrence Lavon
    Lawrence Lavon

    That foot work from Logan is key bros. I don't think KSI has foot work like that

  • Tronny

    NGL Logans looking like a beast, ksi will have to outsmart him out on the ring to have a chance!

    • Rush Coc
      Rush Coc

      @Tronny not really he just did better in the fight

    • Tronny

      @Rush Coc So it seems he outsmarted him as I said :D

    • Rush Coc
      Rush Coc

      Ksi won

  • godam gg
    godam gg


  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi

    • Emelia Onichi
      Emelia Onichi

      Training hard is the best part =)

  • Baron Von Balls
    Baron Von Balls

    Logan’s a douche

  • jordan huh
    jordan huh

    what an absolute fuck head, mega douche

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    Imagine all this hard work and time And One of them gets knocked out in just 10 second

  • Owg zo
    Owg zo

    Logan Paul looked like he was doing the blood walk while on the jump ropes

  • Narcissus

    This dude really thinks he could beat AJ with a few years of training. It's sad that 0-0 guy fighting at cruiserweight would think that

  • joey marler
    joey marler

    Jake is woundid dat the lime light not on him hahaah

  • Jimmy .L
    Jimmy .L

    What I got from this was KSI seems to have stopped punching like a girl and Logan has been working on stamina, guy didn't stop moving the whole time. Logan should win this, I hope he doesn't.

  • Muff Daddy
    Muff Daddy

    As much as I hate Logan Paul I think he may have this in the bag who is this well focused fighter in the ring 🤔

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    Imagine all this hard work and time And One of them gets knocked out in just 10 second

  • Antii Blue
    Antii Blue

    KSI is gonna win because..... he isn’t LOGAN IS!

  • Aashish Tmg
    Aashish Tmg

    Just love 😍 the way he jumps the rope!❤️👊 Let's go Champ!❤️

    • Aashish Tmg
      Aashish Tmg

      @less kiss Wait what??????🤨 His technique is poor?????😂😂😂 You'll see!!! Even if his techniques are poor he'll make it better by time!!!!!!! And Shannon is just doing his job, motivating his fighter!!!💪

    • less kiss
      less kiss

      Logan is too concerned in making his moves look better than actually doing them good , his technique is poor , and you can see that Shannon has tried to coach him Things

  • Alternator NOLife
    Alternator NOLife

    Bro he looks like the ikon skin from fortnite 🤣

  • Frankie Sanchez
    Frankie Sanchez

    What the fuck was this?

  • sP0NgEb0B

    Everyone looking for the “lets go champ” comments

  • Chris_2003

    Imagine Showing Up With Creased AirForces💀💀😭😭😭

  • DopeyClown 24
    DopeyClown 24

    Dafuck is this

  • Jai Dhe
    Jai Dhe

    Are these guys going to publicly bum eachother?

  • gunaputra wardhana
    gunaputra wardhana

    Looks like logan upgrade his technique, this time they act well in mocking each other the last fight and converence. Whos gonna win???

  • M K
    M K

    Wasted the audiences time, and you call that a workout

  • el cucúy
    el cucúy

    That noodle work is an actual joke

  • Vervito United
    Vervito United

    KSI vs LETS GO CHAMP after he finishes Logan

  • Kailen Missen
    Kailen Missen

    Wow this guy is so spoilt he could become a really successful KGsoftsr for 10 year olds.

  • m cc20
    m cc20

    Running in circles the whole time

  • Humzah I
    Humzah I

    Standing real square when he was shadowboxing

  • C Dreezi
    C Dreezi

    This nigga has 0 reflexes if ksi is a speed demon it’s wraps lmao

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover

    U know everyone there was bored af

  • Like A Sambu D
    Like A Sambu D

    Stop making these faggot vloggers famous