ludacris - we got (feat. chingy, i-20 & - Chicken-N-Beer
1. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - blow it out
2. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - stand up (feat. shawnna)
3. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - rob quarters skit
4. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - splash waterfalls
5. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - hard times (feat. 8 ball, mjg
6. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - diamond in the back
7. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - screwed up (feat. lil' flip)
8. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - t baggin' skit
9. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - p-poppin' (feat. shawnna & lil
10. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - hip hop quotables
11. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - black man's struggle skit
12. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - hoes in my room (feat. snoop d
13. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - teamwork
14. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - interactive skit
15. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - we got (feat. chingy, i-20 & t
16. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer - eyebrows down (feat. tity boi
Rock hits for free ludacris - we got (feat. chingy, i-20 & t - Chicken-N-Beer

  • Jamaal Davis
    Jamaal Davis

    This shit was hard imagine if bone was on it

  • BigCoVideoz

    That beat doe!!!!

  • Tru Payne
    Tru Payne

    And chingy had the hardest verse 🙌🏾🔥🔥 🔥

  • Tru Payne
    Tru Payne

    This song was so underrated back in that time. This should've been hit over million views. Oh did y'all know that was 2 chains rapping AKA titty boy. . . . 🔥🔥 🔥

    • BigCoVideoz

      U think dey slept cause they was use to luda makein funny, comical, party radio hits .... Or his fast tounge rhyming flow, him Makin guns songs maybe people didn't find it believable

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez

    Your lies made up like ugly hoes with makeup😂😂

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez

    Bruh this was tha shit in H.S. Chingy was the sickest on this song

  • sf tales
    sf tales

    What happened to I-20

  • 2PAC Karb Sté Lab
    2PAC Karb Sté Lab

    The Beat 🥁===> 💣💥💣💥💣💥

  • kinihart1

    And Luda

    • kinihart1

      Luda kills errbody too

  • kinihart1

    Chingy made this jam a classic

  • Kellie Haney
    Kellie Haney

    Best track from Chingy

    • BigCoVideoz

      Y u dat ??? Honestly doe

  • Joshua Berry
    Joshua Berry

    2 chaniz been dope since these days his sound just changed same flow!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Coigeccino

    36 Mafia! All love to Luda tho.

  • Etson Pierre
    Etson Pierre

    I liked the back ground coughing😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Wendy Howard
      Wendy Howard

      Etson Pierre thanx to dj paul/juicy j

  • Adrian Chamberlain
    Adrian Chamberlain

    Chingy!!🔥🔥🔥💯💯 dope ass verse!

  • Daunte Redmond
    Daunte Redmond

    Ludacris Ate This Shyt 💯

    • BigCoVideoz

      Especially 3:06 - 3:18

  • Errordemn6

    2 Chainz came off on this too...

    • BigCoVideoz

      Luda ripping tho 3:06 - 3:19

  • Joe Montana
    Joe Montana

    swallow a hollow make em digest a 50 caliber your future not looking so good tomorrow's not on your calendar

  • illusive_nezzy88

    who the fuck said luda don't got barz???!!!?

  • illusive_nezzy88

    chingy took the fuck off!

  • reggie miller
    reggie miller

    2 chains was ahead of his time with that whack shit

  • paul anthony heard
    paul anthony heard

    chingy killed yhe whole song real shit

  • Saving Genocide
    Saving Genocide

    my Shit. keep coughing

  • Captain Carnage
    Captain Carnage

    bought this CD in Target when it came out



  • king jay
    king jay

    the lyrical content on this song is amazing and underrated.

  • Babys D
    Babys D

    Mgk on this shit

  • Renaldo Stewart
    Renaldo Stewart

    This is still fire!!! Chingy killed his verse!

  • Yung JJ
    Yung JJ

    this goes dummy hard still

  • RiPP2_The_Core

    been trying remember the name of the song. had this song stuck in my head for like 5 years now lmao 😁😁😁😎

  • G-BABYx2

    i wish 2 chainz still rapped like this. his verse was 🔥🔥🔥

    • G-BABYx2

      Derrick Williams yes it is, I forgot to mention that

    • Derrick Williams
      Derrick Williams

      george allen Chainz verse on I-20's Fighting In The Club is classic too.

  • Andrew Logan
    Andrew Logan

    get back yall for real, for real

  • POP


  • Deandre Robbins
    Deandre Robbins

    come on and test dis ma gun I'm having sex wit shit

  • Sean Hellard
    Sean Hellard

    the only really dope line chingy had in his verse is "my wrist Rocky like Sylvester Stallone/so therefore you should invest in a vest for your done."

    • Sean Hellard
      Sean Hellard


  • Casey James
    Casey James

    chingy killed it..

    • Kellie Haney
      Kellie Haney

      One of the best from Chingy, where's he now??

  • crounit20

    Tomorrow's not on your calendar

  • Daily Cam
    Daily Cam

    Who want they day fucked?!!!

  • Demond Holley
    Demond Holley

    I listened to this while playing gta 3 tearing shit up.

  • Manyle Goodman
    Manyle Goodman

    Got them bananas for your ass and i ain't talking about fruit..... Luda came hard

  • simon makinde
    simon makinde

    Is there a version of this which cuts out the first 12 seconds?

  • Morgan Putman
    Morgan Putman

    My brothers and I used to play this song on repeat when we played call of duty on Xbox 360. What memories..

    • crounit20

      sooo dank

  • John Juliano
    John Juliano

    just a reminder that at one point 2chainz could stand his own on a track with ludacris.

    • crounit20

      solid shit on this song

  • freedomandliberty93

    The beat sounds like its coughing.

    • Ryan Rodriguez
      Ryan Rodriguez

      Lmao took awhile for u to catch on

    • SchrockStar

      and Luda mentions it at 03:37

  • Jus Me
    Jus Me

    2 chainz was so forgettable...chingy had that bone flow for a minute

  • Kevin Gervais
    Kevin Gervais

    peel ya cap back, wit the black mak, til ya back crack, cock the gat back like ....(drumroll) .. clack clack clack

    • 2Sweet

      I loooove that drum roll.

  • matt c
    matt c

    I liked 2 chainz better when he was tity boi. its like once his name changed his flow changed. SMH

  • Mateusz Lewandowski
    Mateusz Lewandowski

    The hardest verse Chingy ever spitted.

    • iLove2 HUSTLE
      iLove2 HUSTLE

      They should have done an official video for this track.. The coughing, gunshots, & Chingy (WHO KNEW!!..😂😂) makes this track go tough.

    • Ms. December
      Ms. December

      Literally !!!!

    • Mitch Bove
      Mitch Bove

      "I shoot up ya'll white shirts till ya'll look like dice" Hardest line ever


      Mateusz Lewandowski he deff killed it ! DTP

    • Sean Hellard
      Sean Hellard

      also best verse I-20 ever spit

  • Tommy Keyes
    Tommy Keyes

    Tity Boi

  • Scarecrow Keyser Söze
    Scarecrow Keyser Söze

    got damn Tity Boi was actually pretty dope when he was Tity Boi, when he changed to 2Chainz dude got wack as fuck. This song is part of the golden days of DTP. I miss that shit. Second concert I ever went to...First was Tech N9ne in 03 or 04

  • d

    i was aying at this time he was tity boi not 2 chainz that is all

  • DivxRipPimp

    Tauheed Epps (born September 12, 1977), better known by his stage name 2 Chainz (formerly Tity Boi),

  • d

    its tity boi not 2 chainz lol

    • Dee Roberts
      Dee Roberts

      Ctfu it definitely is the same person

    • Alicia Kasmir
      Alicia Kasmir

      tity boi =2 chainz = same guy

  • markschillin

    hes on a different level on this 1

  • T2LSYN

    I always skip past the first dude in this song to Chingy....that's when this track starts for me. Chingy followed by Luda is the hardest 1 2 knockout of a track I heard in awhile.

  • Trajik Johnson
    Trajik Johnson

    I forgot all about this jawn. Luda definitely killed it. And I didnt even realise 2 Chainz was on here. He changed up so much.

  • xbox875

    everyone had a good verse 2 chains killed it and chingy killed it harder than 2 but then ludacris destroyed it with that cap back shit

  • Jay Bax
    Jay Bax

    LOL... Bro u ain't lieing ....

  • xbox875

    LUDACRIS killed everyone

  • marhar101

    Got this knockin' in 2013...So much love to Chingy in this one ;)