Martin Lawrence Reacts to Kendrick Lamar Walking Out of an Interview for Him
Martin Lawrence teaches Jimmy a punch combo from his boxing past, reveals what it was like working as a telemarketer with Salt-N-Pepa before they were all famous and explains what motivated him to play so many characters on his hit series, Martin.
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Martin Lawrence Reacts to Kendrick Lamar Walking Out of an Interview for Him

  • PeekaBooo08

    You have to thank BET and VH1 for running Martin episodes. That reporter had no excuse for not knowing that show.

  • Frances Jean Louis
    Frances Jean Louis

    Absolutely love Martin Lawerence!

  • Ronald Fuller
    Ronald Fuller

    Thisa Campbell is doing the remake of the martin show what that tell u about sexual harassment law suit she had. If you sexually assaulted someone your ass is not going to be around them. That shit what the people doing about everyone women hollaring sexually being harassed is not true. But she messed this guy up with his show over that crap. But she want to go back and hug and love stuff on the show. I am not going to watch it. But i love my boy martin

  • homieheartable
    homieheartable This really pays check it out

  • amademann

    Don’t sleep on the Martin episode, “DMV Blues.” Sherman Hemsley, Old Lady, I did study and Almond Joy. F’n classic!

  • blazewrecker

    Ab-soul is out of it 😂

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez

    Martin so talented. Bad Boys for Life is so damn GOOD!

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    1:23 Jimmy: "a couple of black eyes" Martin: "I had a big eye"

  • Erica Gabriel
    Erica Gabriel

    Martin is so sexy 😍

  • Abdul Ali Muhammad
    Abdul Ali Muhammad

    The Marva Collins true story right here in this so call great country so much for material freedom.

  • Rashad Anthony
    Rashad Anthony

    I been could tell he had hands when he was fightin the puppy thing on vacation lbs


    The reason he walked out is deeper than the fact the she doenst know "Martin" he walked out because if she doesnt know that show she most likely dont even know about black culture but trying to do interviews with a black artists smh

  • Caps on Time to play
    Caps on Time to play

    She must of lost her job never seen her again

  • L T
    L T


  • Shoot1st

    Lebron's greatest ball player living?????? When did Jordan pass away???


    Martin is the best show ever

  • Mateo Perez
    Mateo Perez

    If you dont know the show Martin, you werent raised right lol..." I know Fruity Pebbles" lol

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham

    Dammit Martin We want black knight2. You Inna battle arena lions & shit wth

  • Jorge McFarlane
    Jorge McFarlane

    The Black Knight was underrated as well

  • Leandros Amarantidis
    Leandros Amarantidis

    Every fucking short guy with the “fighter” background....🙄

  • Truth B. Told
    Truth B. Told

    Martin was Kevin Hart before Kevin Hart was Kevin Hart !!!!

  • Basahin Mo
    Basahin Mo


  • K Lynch
    K Lynch

    Nice to see Martin back on the big screen. Bad Boys for Life was a good/entertaining movie!

  • Pamela Foreman
    Pamela Foreman

    Where can i get a pair of those sneakers?

  • Zenia Watts
    Zenia Watts

    Damn millennials lol

  • Martymard B
    Martymard B

    Who here feels martin was better than fresh prince of bel-air ?

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    We need a new Kong’s if comedy where the old heads are passing it over

  • Reginald Lovely
    Reginald Lovely

    So funny 😂

  • Crissy San
    Crissy San

    If y’all don’t know Martin y’all are missing out MARTIIINNNN IM THE MAN 🎤😃 who else sang the them song 😚

  • Elisha Williams
    Elisha Williams

    National security is my favorite Martin movie

  • Lil Rara
    Lil Rara

    Sendin niggas home w a 3 piece

  • Harlem Mack
    Harlem Mack

    Martin sold out to be funny is that? #He used to be with us

  • Spidey The Guy
    Spidey The Guy

    54? Lol more like 35

  • Moneymakingmac

    My nigga Marty mar gotta squabble

  • FillerUp001

    I would have walked out on her a$$ too👍👍👍

  • 1 Quezzy
    1 Quezzy

    The Goat Hands Down

  • OmgItsKia

    I love me some Marty Mar!!! 😍😍😍

  • Nikki Mc
    Nikki Mc

    Role's should be reversed, Martin should've been host of the Tonight's show..way more funnier!! than Fallon

  • SexxyNetta Sweetie
    SexxyNetta Sweetie

    I love Martin every movie he was in he was funny... The Martin show. A thin line between love & hate. Boomerang House party Big Momma's House Bad Boys Nothing to lose "Life" and coutless MORE, he's the best.. I love Martin

  • Audrey Myers
    Audrey Myers

    Jimmy is such a FAKE!

  • marsha white
    marsha white

    Whatzzzz Uppp?

  • Just Suzie
    Just Suzie

    I didn't know about the Martin shoes

  • Ayinde Hiss
    Ayinde Hiss

    Shout out to 🤣 trying to interview a future black legend in hiphop culture...amd you have no clue who MARTIN is? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tayler Odell
    Tayler Odell

    We need more of Martin this year!

  • TATERS 73
    TATERS 73

    Old thunder cat

  • Adrienne Adams
    Adrienne Adams

    I like those Martin shoes

  • Mr Editz
    Mr Editz

    Martin is a Goat like Chappelle,don't even try

  • original Truth
    original Truth

    That how you do it salute to kendrick

  • Anmerie D'abreu
    Anmerie D'abreu

    Martin is awesome..bad boys for Life!

  • Jay

    5:05 thank me later

  • Ed Adedeji
    Ed Adedeji

    Kim Chee: “my lights are about to get cut off....” Dragonfly Jones: “Silenceeee....if you studied your arts, you’d know your way around the dark”

    • Charlemagne Da Fraud
      Charlemagne Da Fraud


    • Bridgett Sledd
      Bridgett Sledd

      Best character of the Martin show!

    • Jonathan Castor
      Jonathan Castor

      Yeah man !

    • Creative Life
      Creative Life


    • ten4r


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll


  • S B
    S B

    I still remember his first televised standup.......THE FLY routine was hysterical!!!!

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love

    Insane Martin Payne!

  • TheFirstLadyHisMrs.

    "Gina you killed my Momma bird!!!🐦😂🤣🤣

  • 5 X Flyer
    5 X Flyer

    When Kendrick holds his ears to describe who Martin is to the dumb interviewer 😆😆😆

  • cindy alvarez
    cindy alvarez

    Dumb girl “ who’s Martin “ BABOSA

  • William Runs Atlanta
    William Runs Atlanta

    Statements people say that make you know they’re rich “ yeah I did wear them one time”. What normal people think when we hear sh*t like that, “you wore them one time what you do with them where the hell they at now”.🤔😂

  • Monica Meyers
    Monica Meyers

    Tommy finally got a job, he’s an angel! #RIH❤️

  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C

    Those sneakers are dope!