Miss Teen Poland 2017

  • Juan Calle
    Juan Calle

    I am going to watch this until I learn how to count in Polish 😊

  • Blueniter

    do anyone know the song that plays from 4.00 ?

  • Hank SH
    Hank SH

    Why don't you take a seat right over there?

  • jim

    Dont interrupt me while I'm cleaning my room

  • Tv2079 Valenti
    Tv2079 Valenti

    The easiest model wins.

  • Дмитрий Петров
    Дмитрий Петров

    Сочные целки

  • Евгений Исаев
    Евгений Исаев

    Одни малолетки.

  • Gorongar MORTIGEN
    Gorongar MORTIGEN

    Tanrım, dünya güzellik ortalamalarını bu kuzey ülkeleri yükseltiyor yemin ediyorum şunlara bak kafayı yicem.

  • Станислав Праздников
    Станислав Праздников

    Одну из них видел на объездной...

  • freshapplejuice

    Poland needs to participate in the global interbreeding. It's the only way to stop conflict and it's the future anyway.

  • XX XX
    XX XX


  • Urban Stuff
    Urban Stuff

    Poland: a country who told the EU to shove it on third world muslim immigration and they they want to remain POLISH. How racists?...

  • Philip Holmes
    Philip Holmes

    There are some beautiful babies in there !!!!

  • Alexssandro Roberts
    Alexssandro Roberts

    Poland, well done!! Now export this to around the world.

  • Enforcer

    After many years on exile in Western Europe, I'm finally coming back to Poland

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    Sure, I'm not proud that I watched this but damn Poland is awesome!

  • Evan Blair Whitfield
    Evan Blair Whitfield

    I’m just here to do some research, on, er, umm, damn I forgot now...

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White

    I felt guilty enjoying this

  • Alex

    High level FBI sting.

  • jani vaare
    jani vaare

    They all are incredibly cute ant tight bodied

  • Hor Ror
    Hor Ror

    Ile mięska

  • David Moore
    David Moore

    Poland seems damn awesome

  • JuergenGDB

    God Bless POLAND!!! Stay free and tell the EU to FO!!

  • E W
    E W

    Is this what paradise looks like?

  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
    Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

    I am a former best model man, but our girls are all beautiful from each other and attractive wonder you are the most important parts of the fashion world, if you were not someone could not talk about fashion modeling and beauty as the most important factor that should be seen in this world, girls, I love you harishkasınız way open luck, all of you wonderful girls in the meantime don't forget to subscribe to my channel

  • John Long
    John Long

    I just want to thank the lord for making so many beautiful women at once...lol...

  • General Caeser
    General Caeser

    "I am Chris Hansen. Please set the pizza on the counter. What are you doing watching this video? No you can't pause the video or slow the play back speed! What are you thinking?

  • Joe Penn
    Joe Penn

    Very Beautiful Young Women, I wish them all well and a very Happy Life

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt

    I don't really care how many of them it takes to screw in a lightbulb. I would watch.

  • Samuel Seidman
    Samuel Seidman

    Hey look it's the girl you hired to be the babysitter

  • ray gxr
    ray gxr

    It’s gotta be between #5 and #15 Who won?

    • Hlaine Larkin
      Hlaine Larkin

      12 won

    • Judah DuBois
      Judah DuBois

      @ray gxr I figured that was what you meant I was just being a smart alec.

    • ray gxr
      ray gxr

      If I was in the judges panel.... 1st place would go to either #5 or #15

    • Judah DuBois
      Judah DuBois

      "between #5 and # 15" so anyone from #6-#14 huh?

  • Napoleon Meow parte
    Napoleon Meow parte

    They're pretty but nothing jaw dropping Same old same old


    Can I get a greyhound bus ticket one way to Poland from Idaho 🤫🐧🦌🐐 I think I would like the weather there because people wear swimsuits...

  • Alon Dadia
    Alon Dadia

    Lots of candies

  • aztekkthundergod

    These chicks look older than the age on the screen. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">04:28</a> looks 18 at least

  • letsseeif

    some say Beauty Pageants aren't PC in this era, but I for one, think that this is a misconception.

    • letsseeif

      It's Miss Teen Poland, not Miss Conception.

  • claudinei muchiutti
    claudinei muchiutti

    Huaaauuu !

  • Patty Pumpkin
    Patty Pumpkin

    Polish women are all beautiful

  • Stephen

    How much I got couple bucks.

  • Balazs Tal
    Balazs Tal

    Who is still for diversification?

  • lurch321

    Re: the #8 model: misread "Lat, Biodry" as "Dat Body." Whoops!

  • Chewy98TA

    The age of consent in Poland is 15 but I'm pretty sure these girls have higher standards than me.

  • Kelsey Yoshikami
    Kelsey Yoshikami

    I wonder what they'll look like when their in their 30's???

  • chaosfive55

    In case nobody else has mentioned this, the legal age of consent in Poland is 15. Fun fact for everyone who has commented below!

  • Omer Dalma
    Omer Dalma

    todas son flacas, altas y hermosas

  • michgoblue43

    Is this the last year they did a choreographed dance at Miss Teen Poland?

  • Mocking Bird
    Mocking Bird

    FBI come out, i know you are there hiding some where!

    • E W
      E W

      FBI guys are too busy spanking it.

  • DarkSatan

    Is it just me or did i just spot Kristen Stewart at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>? xD

  • Iron Fang
    Iron Fang

    I booked my flight.

  • megaonewinged



    Why not at least a black woman ??? Racist

    • Judah DuBois
      Judah DuBois

      Because they'd validly lose!

    • T C
      T C

      Not many black woman live in Poland, I'm not even polish but didn't one black person while I was there in 2014

  • Andreas Hecht
    Andreas Hecht

    They all look the same! 🤨

  • carlos calle
    carlos calle

    im coming here because they siad they made a good asrm... were is it???

  • frank hughes
    frank hughes


  • xGARIDx

    Is that filmed on heaven? where is those angles?

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    FBI open up!

  • Flaming360Spider

    I need to go to Poland 😍

  • whoopdiddydo

    Could they at least have worn heels?

  • Ernest Caballero Lloris
    Ernest Caballero Lloris

    Angels do not born in heaven. They're born in POLAND!

  • Boaz 77
    Boaz 77

    Christjesus loved us died for us, rescued us from death

  • housemill1

    Election for the don trumps new First Lady?

  • Dont subscribe if you are gay
    Dont subscribe if you are gay

    All those men in the crowd must be really "stiff"

  • shinokakkoi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>😀

  • Come to Besiktas
    Come to Besiktas

    Polish girls are best in europe exactly 👍


    Hands up who would?

  • James Orman
    James Orman

    I cannot decide, gives everyone grand prize

  • John Gable
    John Gable

    don't understand why this is in my recommendation's or why i watched it twice,i'm going to hell

    • keke pepe
      keke pepe

      Nothing to be ashamed of my fellow horny brother

  • Chiko _walo
    Chiko _walo

    madre mía y yo como llegue aquí...soy menos de edad, me tapare los ojos para no ver...XD

  • OK Boomer
    OK Boomer

    It took me three time of watching this but I figured out you all are perverts.

  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
    Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

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  • Caleb White
    Caleb White

    So many amazingly worthless whores in one place

    • T C
      T C

      lol so cold xD

  • The Rab
    The Rab

    Gotta love a culture that pimps it's youth...

  • Prophet 52
    Prophet 52


  • Dwight Clark
    Dwight Clark

    That's it! I am moving to Poland!

  • Anton Boludo
    Anton Boludo

    Very nice :)

  • ShadowCatGambit

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a>

  • Shoel Daniel
    Shoel Daniel

    Poland here i come

  • Foma Kiniayev
    Foma Kiniayev


  • Krunchy Klown
    Krunchy Klown

    Ok, 6, 8, 13 and 15. I am available (sort of, don't tell the Ms) Are you coming to US or am I coming to Poland? Either way destiny wins out.

  • Aslak Bjørnerstedt
    Aslak Bjørnerstedt

    Sometimes being 15 really has its benefits