Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE!
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Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!
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    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

    • Matthew Sullivan
      Matthew Sullivan

      Rex Gomez Kusuo is at least moon level, possibly plant level. Tatsumaki better lose.

    • Matthew Sullivan
      Matthew Sullivan

      So mob was already on par with tatsumaki at 100% then entered a form that was shown to be infinitely superior to 100% in every possible way many, many times over and still lost. REALLY?

    • Skelter; Alter Baron
      Skelter; Alter Baron

      While I am kinda mad that my boy Mob lost this one,I can't really stay mad,cause Well The facts are right there Tatsumaki had the clear edge and advantage in this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Rex Gomez
      Rex Gomez

      DEATH BATTLE! Tatsumaki vs Kusuo Saiki

  • Jaaden rOss
    Jaaden rOss

    Here's a thought. If mob wanted to kill her instead of immobilize he would have twisted her neck instead of her arms and back. And as far as I know she's not immortal

  • Kitty

    guys. the fight scenes are just an artistic representation where they try to show all of their abilities.

  • Jondan Toh
    Jondan Toh

    I don't know who is Mob, but he looks awesome!!!

  • Explorer Delicate
    Explorer Delicate

    I think mob is batter

  • Lonwabo Plaatjie
    Lonwabo Plaatjie

    Dear deaths battle who could win between goku vs mod

  • SoulandLogic

    And here we see the end of Tatsumaki's career as a hero

  • a z
    a z

    I want see Saitama kick superman ass

  • Sidharth

    I think tatsumaki's win is fair but what about her head injury ?? It is said when she gets that injury she can't use her powers properly

  • Jasper Culannay
    Jasper Culannay

    Mob: Do you know the directions the middle schools here? Tatsumaki: *so be it*

  • Melee e
    Melee e

    Wow who would've guessed that the most powerful psychic from a show about ridiculously overpowered super heroes would beat the most powerful psychic from a show about a middle school kid who has incredible latent psychic powers but doesn't want to use them to hurt anyone.

  • Emmanuel Gapud
    Emmanuel Gapud

    It's always a sad day when the one with a terrible attitude wins.

  • The God-killing Spear
    The God-killing Spear

    Killing a middle schooler asking for directions...😂

  • argo

    Much more experience my ass, Mob went toe to toe with his worlds most powerful esper who's power was probably continuing while they were an evil spirit, and also literally wiped the floor with a grown man who's had at least 30 years of experience with a natural killer instinct AND stocked up his energy for "20 YEARS NON STOP" as Toichiro said himself. AND MOB WAS ONLY AT 100% THE WHOLE TIME, meaning he never even went ???% mode. And speaking of his ???%, ONE said if mob was serious, we wouldnt know who would win but we dont know if that includes his ???%. And in that same fight we see that Mob goes through multiple 100% explosions one after another, which is something im not sure that is shown in the fight. And also, mob's "limit" were only the things we've seen in the manga and the anime, just like saitama, we don't know some of their limits for certain, but we can only base it on what we've seen, but that can be innacurate. Meaning Mob's reaction speed to the lightning, or his limit of absorption with the broccoli may have not been his actual limits. I think that's all I have to say, and sorry if I said something that was already pointed out in the video, I only watched the death battle and the post-explanation, if anything I said was already canceled out please tell me. And sorry for being so in depth about this but I'm just a sucker for detail I can't help it.

  • Moses Caleb Gutierrez
    Moses Caleb Gutierrez

    Terrible tornado: causes magnitude 8 earthquakes Diglet: uses magnitude 10

  • Moses Caleb Gutierrez
    Moses Caleb Gutierrez

    What's with the sassy lost child

  • Max Ellison
    Max Ellison


  • Max Ellison
    Max Ellison

    Guess what she warned mob the metro which he could dodge

  • Fish_Kid_420_Blaze

    I make a prediction deadpool will win

  • whyimhere ?
    whyimhere ?

    Saiki kusuo definitely is stronger than both of them

  • Jaeden the chickenmcnugget
    Jaeden the chickenmcnugget


  • liams dark gacha life storys remake
    liams dark gacha life storys remake

    Also you shouldn't be able to move your hand when you arm's are Broken

  • liams dark gacha life storys remake
    liams dark gacha life storys remake

    Aydens not wrong wtf?!

  • M0e Jo3
    M0e Jo3

    This ending is bull. She isn't immortal, as soon as she was twisted like a tube she would be dead. Honestly I think I am going to unsubscribe from them because of this stupid move. Dang Death Battle didn't know you could be so bias.

  • Kenneth Satria
    Kenneth Satria

    One thought woman suits her XD

  • Trần 218 Khang
    Trần 218 Khang

    tomioka gyuu vs kochou shinobu pls

  • dynos1999

    Alright, but now have her fight Saiki K

  • 02 RK
    02 RK

    My boi MOB would never lose to her.

  • MexicanKano

    Stop making videos

  • Molon Labe
    Molon Labe

    Gee, that was unexpected, but somewhat welcome

  • Da JuiceBox
    Da JuiceBox

    seriously, what professionals animate this stuff. they're good

  • brij singh rana
    brij singh rana

    mob is stronger when unknown awakes even its creator says that.. so this video is wrong from my point of view

  • Jacquilend Galo
    Jacquilend Galo

    Excuse me death battle Mob doesnt hurt woman or a ladie pls watch the episode of Mob pycho 100 2

  • Miranda 1
    Miranda 1

    Mob wins I don't care what you say HAHAHA

  • Neil Relampagos
    Neil Relampagos

    Killed by a meteor fall? Hahaha... it was so dumb it makes all the intro about them pointless... and the reason.. mob was slow? I mean mob might not have the physique but hes not dumb enough not to notice a huge falling rock from its shadow above him.. and honestly.. mob psychic power is not his true power.. but his the ending should be mob scolding at tatsumaki at how she uses her power and makes friend with her.

  • Lanz Ravan
    Lanz Ravan

    Can you do Tatsumaki vs Kusuwo Saiki or Saiki vs Mob?

  • king jumel
    king jumel

    You guys said he survived 8 gigatons

  • Oscar Rose
    Oscar Rose

    Her physical status is bad so she would die by the first hit of 100%

    • Oscar Rose
      Oscar Rose

      But she was more exp

  • Kyle Halstead
    Kyle Halstead

    One punch man vs superman

  • ouch potato
    ouch potato

    Deamon child's destroy continent by acident