N.Y. Jets' Fitzpatrick & Son in Rubik's Cube Showdown
New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick races against his son Brady and WSJ’s Stu Woo to see who can solve a Rubik’s Cube the fastest. Photo: Carly Marsh/The Wall Street Journal

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  • Coolmig 3899
    Coolmig 3899

    Any cuber's here?

  • Martin Borgonia
    Martin Borgonia

    Ryan Fitzpatrick let his kid win just like he let's opposing teams win. lol

  • RagingStorm2K

    These guys should consider NOT getting a Rubiks brand if they want to be actually fast.

    • Matt Timms
      Matt Timms

      what's the fastest brand?

  • Alec3501

    Smart guy and smart sons

  • AaronsVids2

    What an awesome human being he is.

  • Brigitte Fedrick
    Brigitte Fedrick

    Ryan slowing down for his baby

  • Jeffydeastieywbssjjandbdnsn Etashsbehehrjrjff
    Jeffydeastieywbssjjandbdnsn Etashsbehehrjrjff

    He was in my school

  • ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი
    ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი


  • Modi Bros Productions
    Modi Bros Productions

    That's my boy brady

  • Adam Deltree
    Adam Deltree


  • Kathleen Connolly-Glitz
    Kathleen Connolly-Glitz


  • Alexos! MLBB
    Alexos! MLBB

    i race you my time is 1.16

    • G O
      G O

      Gamer_10622 i got 7.35

    • Alexos! MLBB
      Alexos! MLBB

      G O its 1 min. 16 sec now i beat it its 20 somthing sec

    • Ben Carlo
      Ben Carlo

      1 minute 16 seconds doofus

    • G O
      G O

      well, thats fake, considering the world record is 4.73

  • Bilal Powell is the GOAT
    Bilal Powell is the GOAT

    Ryan Fitzpatrick + Tom Brady = Brady Fitzpatrick. He will be a Quarterback for the Jets and Patriots. Calling it

    • Chancellor

      Bilal Powell is the GOAT that has to happen

  • Unknown

    Brady ....

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard

    Too funny

  • αηтωόή [A]
    αηтωόή [A]

    Lol I got 36 seconds

    • G O
      G O

      i got 7.35

  • Freddy GG
    Freddy GG

    My record is 21,81 seconds

  • Kareem Musaev
    Kareem Musaev


  • litty

    I did it min 29 sec

  • JD Ford
    JD Ford

    Competed against them 3 times. 1st time - 1:44, 2nd time - 1:39, 3rd time - 1:27

  • The Ultimate Grammar Nazi
    The Ultimate Grammar Nazi

    Buy a Moyu nubs hehehe

    • Samuel Roberts
      Samuel Roberts

      buy a gan nub

    • G O
      G O

      buy a qiyi nub

  • Kareem Musaev
    Kareem Musaev

    Im 8 and i can solve a rubiks cube i promise god!!!My time is 30 seconds promise god!!!

    • Work Less Play Harder
      Work Less Play Harder

      Well I'm 14 and my best is 18.07 I believe you though

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez

    I am a jets fan

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez

    I got the same shoes as Fitz Patrick son

  • Ryder Schumacher
    Ryder Schumacher

    Fitzy owning that rubic cube like he owned the pats

    • Coolmig 3899
      Coolmig 3899


    • Tony Micel
      Tony Micel

      Fitz obviously let his son win. he made 2 moves right after his son completed his.

    • Johnny B. Goode
      Johnny B. Goode

      +Ryder Schumacher .

  • Zdawg1029


  • Prachet Upadrashta
    Prachet Upadrashta

    LOL N00B

  • hipera


    • Tony Micel
      Tony Micel

      Fitzpatrick definitely Jets MVP this year. Brandon 2nd and Jets Defense 3rd.

    • poptropicaisgoat

      True dat.

  • Kyle Mital
    Kyle Mital

    Some people can solve it in 4 seconds

    • Jared S
      Jared S

      +Kyle Mital yea but they can't play in the nfl... probably.


    he is a hard guy to dislike, you can be average in New York, but if your liked on a pernonal level u will be loved. and forgiem more times then not

  • Nuwandax

    lol the little girl in the back just minding her own business not giving a crap about anything

  • Lucas Garri
    Lucas Garri

    Doesn't fitz have like 4 kids

    • Mister Af
      Mister Af

      He's got 5

  • Andrew Seiler
    Andrew Seiler

    it's young anakin skywalker

  • imaczech

    Well I think both of them can beat the kid... the kid is very good tho