One Crew Over The Crewcoo's Morty
Lots of twists and turns this time Broh. Wear your helmets.

  • Nicolás Joya Alvarado
    Nicolás Joya Alvarado

    Wait… the whole point of this episode were probing that rick got friends? Feel even more confident that I disliked it.

  • Jasmine Grooms
    Jasmine Grooms

    "Catherines Alpha through Omega Jones's" oh my god

  • William Hurt
    William Hurt

    This is glorious! By far my favorite episode I watch it all the time now, I don’t understand how I can hate someone because of how stupendously awesome it is. This is gold.

  • Avid YouTube Viewer
    Avid YouTube Viewer

    So was Elon Musk seriously in this episode?

  • A Zed
    A Zed

    With a little help from some friends

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green

    Dude, who else caught Elon making the classic Grandma's Boy stoner dinner?😂 That podcast is gonna haunt him forever...

  • LograrDreams

    LMFAO "what's the job?"

  • CoAndCoLaptopAccount

    This is perfect.

  • two N's no D
    two N's no D

    I'm out I quit! Who's kidneys are these?!

  • Garety Wooddick
    Garety Wooddick

    Why does their sky look like ours

  • Mikevillimikevilli Cruz
    Mikevillimikevilli Cruz


  • The Florida Man
    The Florida Man

    The heist dude looks like Freddy Mercury

  • Jeremiah Goodwin
    Jeremiah Goodwin

    fuck you Jerry

  • vpr od
    vpr od

    I like that cotton candy randy is glar

  • Johnny Hammersticks
    Johnny Hammersticks

    Activate "anti booby suits" 😂😂🤯

  • Jon Adamich
    Jon Adamich

    I know Elon was unexpected, but can we get some love for Pam Adlon quest starring?

  • Plentix

    I programmed you all to think that you didn’t want to subscribe to my channel, because in reality you thought you did but then realized I programmed you to do something you didn’t want to and rebelled and went and subscribed to my channel

    • Aaron Morrissey
      Aaron Morrissey

      i won't succumb

  • Chase Moffett
    Chase Moffett

    So where the heck is the next two episodes...

  • Imagine Existance
    Imagine Existance

    20:48 Hol up

  • katy wagner
    katy wagner

    Sooo episode 4 aired last Sunday. Today is the next sunday when episode 5 comes out. Why isnt episode 4 up here yet???!

  • t millz
    t millz

    Sickkkk episode

  • Isaac Matson
    Isaac Matson

    Rick passively destroyed a whole world just to crush a dream Morty had...

  • Dagreat

    Nice $1.99 worth it. XD

  • Kareem Tabsh
    Kareem Tabsh

    Rick created a machine that killed >57,000 aliens (including little alien kids) as part of a plan just meant to keep Morty from selling a heist movie script to Netflix.

  • John Steffen
    John Steffen

    Brennan Broderburgh wants to know your dimension.

  • Noxen

    I definitely think the sequence at the end with the storm coming has to be symbolic for something big and dark coming.

  • Caryn McKenney
    Caryn McKenney

    Why am I still waiting for episode 4? It's been half a week!!

  • Thomas Acosta
    Thomas Acosta

    The day after this premiered it was revealed there was a heist at the Dresden Castle in Germany.

  • Jess G Reacts
    Jess G Reacts

    You son of a bitch I’m in

  • Cody Allison
    Cody Allison

    Seriously though, when is the new episode gonna drop?

    • Danax

      Next Saturday i think maybe monday depends on where you live

  • Andrew

    ... And I programmed YOU to believe that

    • Andrew

      MrMinecraftsman and I programmed YOU to believe that

    • MrMinecraftsman

      Because I programmed you to believe that!

  • Your Lord and Savior
    Your Lord and Savior

    I know that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland aren't doing this for the approval of the Lord, but Rick and Morty is factually my favorite show.

  • mrspandasoft


  • Kendon Harmon
    Kendon Harmon

    Wheres episode 4?

  • Remorseless One
    Remorseless One

    Love this so tusking much!

  • Frosty

    Rick planned on you to buy this episode btw

    • Mac Loud
      Mac Loud

      _I’m in_

    • xa 95
      xa 95

      that son of a bitch

  • Max Bossen
    Max Bossen

    anybody else notice that morty turned the same side of the rubiks cube over and over with only two exceptions on the opposite side of the cube?

  • Burton Barnes
    Burton Barnes

    Rick murdered an entire planet to sabotage Morty. Damn

  • Zach p
    Zach p

    I can't belive this

  • Zach p
    Zach p


  • Lidong Yang
    Lidong Yang

    I think I have been secretly recruited by Randotron, because I have been randomly watching Rick and Morty clips.

  • Cody Allison
    Cody Allison

    When are the new episodes dropped?

  • Danax

    when is next episode?

  • I am anonymous
    I am anonymous

    Where tf is episode 4???

    • AK SLICK
      AK SLICK

      I am anonymous nigga they skipping a week before dropping 4 it’s next Sunday

  • 1000 Subscribers no videos challenge
    1000 Subscribers no videos challenge

    do you think whoever wrote the script for this or story boarded it was tripping major balls?

  • Ryan the Irish
    Ryan the Irish

    Fuckin love it as always. Elon way to fn laugh @ urself makes u wat u are.

  • Blake Benson
    Blake Benson

    If that's what you want😈

  • Carlos Alberto Magadan
    Carlos Alberto Magadan

    4:39 "Rip off dr.strange" whaaaaaat

  • Car Soup
    Car Soup

    I love the physical plot armor they get in the beginning

  • Intellectual Ammunition
    Intellectual Ammunition

    The last scene with mister pee pee poopy pants made the entire episode worth it this was my least favorite Rick and Morty of all time except for the last like five sentences

  • dg rabbit
    dg rabbit

    I was eating and you're dirty

  • Liesmith

    Oh hey, they finally got around to letting us watch the damn episode we purchased.

    • Liesmith

      @53589793238 I wonder if it's regional; I'm in the western US. When I first noticed that the episode wasn't up, I went to the comments of the previous video, and saw comments from other people with the same issue.

    • 53589793238

      Liesmith Not for me, but that doesn’t really help you though.

    • Liesmith

      @Jaron Dove Posted, but not shared. The upload date shows that it was uploaded at the correct time, but it was almost a full week before it was available for viewing, even from those of us who purchased it.

    • Jaron Dove
      Jaron Dove

      Every episode has been posted just moments after airing.

  • Isaak Franklin
    Isaak Franklin

    was that a wu-tang reference in the after credits scene?

  • ACMJ 2
    ACMJ 2


  • Deric Russell
    Deric Russell

    I think this is my least favorite episode in all seasons. The pilot to this season was epic tho.

    • Deric Russell
      Deric Russell

      Jason Seipler interesting, well I guess it’s good that they did some variety then

    • Jason Seipler
      Jason Seipler

      Weird. I thought this was the best of the season so far, and found the first one so-so.

    • Jaron Dove
      Jaron Dove

      I agree

  • BeelzeBoB

    You son of a bitch , I’m in!

  • Keltoridell

    Not sure I like this season it's really weird but not Rick and Morty .. idk how to explain it

    • AK SLICK
      AK SLICK

      Keltoridell Mk ultra

  • Baal Phaoton
    Baal Phaoton

    This has honestly been the only episode I didn't like. I can't quite place why I don't though. Anyone else?

    • AK SLICK
      AK SLICK

      Baal Phaoton cuz it’s Mk ultra mind control episode

  • Bored.In.California

    Wait so the WHOLE thing was just so Morty would lose enthusiasm for his dumb dream?

    • Avid YouTube Viewer
      Avid YouTube Viewer

      @Bored.In.California It was part of the sub plot.

    • Bored.In.California

      @Avid KGsofts Viewer What?

    • Avid YouTube Viewer
      Avid YouTube Viewer

      Nope. It was to fool Evil Morty into joining Ricks crew.

    • Mark Green
      Mark Green

      Nailed it!

    • Lisandro Gallegos
      Lisandro Gallegos


  • Sean Vosler
    Sean Vosler

    I like heist twists tho.... uh oh