Pillow Fort NERF BATTLE - Ten Minute Power Hour
The Grumps
War.... war never changes.................
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#10minutepowerhour #nerf #pillowfort

  • atomic mercury
    atomic mercury

    10:22 the civil war

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith

    Dan gets me rock solid and this video is no exception

  • Sotsu

    Dan: “shhhshsUT UP” *launches Orno at them*.

  • Jessy Starr
    Jessy Starr

    Okay, not trying to be weird but Allie is heckin cute.

  • Lyndsie Wyckoff
    Lyndsie Wyckoff

    1:13 to skip ad

  • dodiswatchbobobo

    Who’s the short fat guy? His confidence and fun loving attitude is very sexy to me. Also his face

  • GoldenGengars

    Dan gives me good music and Arin gives me el funny laugh

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor

    Please do another episode of this!!

  • Julian Angulo
    Julian Angulo

    Uu=uUhh..why are their eyes crossed out?probably shouldn't use those maybe...lol. I'm not too sure so maybe take it with a grain of salt...

  • Julian Angulo
    Julian Angulo

    hi. I hope you're feeling alright at least ... and I hope you're relaxed/chill... do you know what people mean by chill??no offense .I hope you're not offended. Love U or least I try... Have a great one(day or night) and I hope you have a great life. I hope to talk to you all again...someday...

  • Bruce Watkinson
    Bruce Watkinson

    Note to self: I need to get me a NERF Gun.

  • Gabriel Smith
    Gabriel Smith

    who knew that a bunch of adults acting like a bunch of choldren could bring me so much joy

  • Anthony Wurdock
    Anthony Wurdock


    • Anthony Wurdock
      Anthony Wurdock


  • Writers Blank
    Writers Blank

    This was a mess

  • Captain Banner
    Captain Banner

    Dan's a sexy widdle baby... Edit: You can't escape Dan. I remember, the internet remembers. We won't stop until you say it again! Any video, any media, you! Are a sexy widdle baby.

  • Not Lucy
    Not Lucy

    I've played games as an adult where we had to pick teams like this and let me tell you: EVERYBODY ALWAYS HATES IT


    Everyone else in America an the world: Wow, look at all of this rain Us Californians: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FALLING FROM THE SKY!?!?

  • Panda Max
    Panda Max

    Bort is yellow Orno is orange

  • Chris Tuten
    Chris Tuten

    I'm still waiting for them to whoop each other with pugil sticks.

  • LegacyOfCrimes

    1:39 *The Vrasing of Aaron’s comment was confusing.. weird*

  • TMSGoodSir _
    TMSGoodSir _

    8:57 I call it: DANdalf

  • The Versace Life
    The Versace Life

    Ahhhh so many white men for me to watch

    • J N
      J N

      Wtf lol

  • bloodthirstydemon87

    War, war never changes

  • FireStrikeAnims

    Ninja Brian looks like Arin but 20 years older

  • Sister Fister 69
    Sister Fister 69

    Sometimes its hard to believe Ninja Brian has a PhD and worked as a researcher at colleges like Harvard, and then gave all that up top dress as a ninja and play in a band

  • Tirks _
    Tirks _

    Can i just say that dan looks fantastic in a tank top

  • Sean of the Dead
    Sean of the Dead

    Throughout this entire video I have, laughed, then choked on popcorn, then shot root beer out of my nose, then I laughed till I cried, then thought about my life, then laughed some more. Perfect. Thanks Danny and Arnold.

  • Notsure


  • Tricity the inkangel
    Tricity the inkangel

    Im srry but.. *I love this guys shirt* 6:10

  • xXWinterMoonXx

    G o d i e

  • Jojo L.
    Jojo L.

    That seal is so cute

  • doubleblade

    Ninjas arnt supposed to reveal there face if they do those who see need to die I guess ninja brian needs to kill all the comments

  • Mister Dizzy
    Mister Dizzy

    I ain't gay but Dan Avidan is Dan Avidan.

  • Johnathan Keeney
    Johnathan Keeney

    Eric look like Arins second cousin

  • Larz Blalock
    Larz Blalock

    Where can I get Dan's tank top

  • Lindsey Follansbee
    Lindsey Follansbee

    The 300 people who disliked don't like CHEATERS, DAN ;P

  • Keiberry

    The "O!" I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight 8:31

  • WonkaSweet

    I want more pillow fort content

  • Erin Thomas
    Erin Thomas

    Arin lookin SLIM THICC in this video. Good for you dude

  • Ben McCoy
    Ben McCoy

    im dead as hell

  • Jaelon Olson
    Jaelon Olson

    Greg and Eric are discount Dan and Arin. Change my mind.

  • Angryeddie14

    Kaws bort and orno?? Ok ok I see y’all

  • Baron Von Kek
    Baron Von Kek

    Ally be lookin' hella cute in this video tbh

  • Gonzalo Cornejo
    Gonzalo Cornejo

    the same thing but with paintball or airsoft... uff, that would be awesome, to watch some real pain (not much, but some

  • ThatShopOnThe Corner
    ThatShopOnThe Corner

    accidentally paused at 4:52 and it looks like a damn renaissance painting

  • PerfectCell71

    What’s her name ? Allie?! She’s a smoke show

  • ree balamaka
    ree balamaka

    Me: wait who won? My dog: Yip.

  • Jessy Palmer
    Jessy Palmer

    jory has a nice buttttttt

  • Fandom Smoothie
    Fandom Smoothie

    I laughed every time they said "Bort" and now everything hurts

  • chintsy

    This...is amazing fun. I want to try!

  • Jade Winney
    Jade Winney

    I fucking love Ben oh my god

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz

    A popular game theory is that the sound quality dropped because Matt and Ryan’s former boss has a penis problem where his penis has a terrible scent and it actually eroded the sound proofing

  • ModernC

    They replaced Matt with texas Matt

  • michael

    This is like those kids that make nazi zombies nerf videos

  • DrLipkin

    Idea for a Power Hour. Spend $100+ on lotto scratch tickets. Keep track of how much you win.

  • Deadlined

    You know I never really considered the idea that dan has a house, I just thought he existed at the office permanently

  • MightyNighty7

    Aw tails shirt

  • The Verbal Asymptote
    The Verbal Asymptote

    “It hasn’t rained here in eight months” WHAT?!? 80

  • ArmyofMomiji

    I like Danny and Arins dollar store stunt doubles.

  • TheDoc

    "So what did you do today?" "I watched a group of grown-ass men fight to the metaphorical death in a 'Pillow Fort Nerf Battle'."

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