Poland | Europe's Most Underrated Travel Destination?
Poland could be one of Europe's most underrated travel destinations. On a continent that has so much tourism, and so many amazing countries, Poland is overlooked by many travelers, but not for long! Join Alex The Vagabond and Carrie Rad as they explore Poland, beginning in Warsaw and taking a road trip to the beautiful lake district of Warmia- Masuria.
From ancient villages with beautiful architecture, fascinating history, and jaw-dropping nature, Poland has something for everyone, and it's waiting to be discovered by you!
This video is sponsored by the Polish Tourism Organization. Find out more on their websites!
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  • AlexTheVagabond

    This is was so much fun to make!!! Hope you all enjoy it!

    • Chasing Crista
      Chasing Crista

      Heartbroken by the fact that Alex already has a fiancé. Huhuhu but happy for you guys tho! 😭🤪😅

    • gdanski72

      Love your work, discover few websites and thanks to you guys I did save some $$$, when you revisit Poland, don't forget about Gdansk .... II WW started few miles from my house and Solidarity movement began in Gdansk which led to fall of Communism first in Poland and then rest of Europe. It's a birthplace of Fahrenheit and one of the best museum in Europe. Best of luck.

    • vagabrothers

      Next Saturday :)

    • Melbling

      @vagabrothers when will part II be uploaded?

    • Leo F
      Leo F

      Amazing. I was in Poznan last May and loved it.👍👍

  • Szater

    Mazury > Warmia

  • poli friedman
    poli friedman


  • theredline

    Another thing about the canal it was built when. That area was occupied by Germany that area became Poland after the war

  • Tomasz Falkowski
    Tomasz Falkowski

    The more carbon dioxide = more tree growth Trees-all plants, in fact-use the energy of sunlight, and through the process of photosynthesis they take carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and water from the ground for energy and growth ... In addition to the CO2 that trees capture and use, they also help soil capture significant amounts of carbon. Plants need CO2 but Humans are more worried about their own survival not Trees & Plants.

  • I hate snakeu
    I hate snakeu

    Wow I'm in love with your videos they are so beautiful and cinematographic :) Glad you visited our country! P.s. If you want to explore more of Poland Tatry and Bieszczady mountains are also cool =>

  • Miss Medulla
    Miss Medulla

    Do they understand english? Is it easy as a non polish speaker to communicate there?

  • Parvez Hasan
    Parvez Hasan

    I want to go Poland

  • MinigirlXOXO

    Ja jestem z Polski I rozumiem ze jest bardzo wadny kraj!!

  • Dr Nikhil
    Dr Nikhil

    Lovely video. Awesome presentation and presenter

  • Soyokaze

    Warmia and Mazury not Mazuria, Mazurya🤣 or whatever... Y in Poland is not like in English. You in Poland sound "Ju" so Y sound different. English G sound Dżi Dży or Gy 😉

  • Pranabjyoti Kalita
    Pranabjyoti Kalita

    Can you help me


    I am a chinese student.and I have been to Warsaw and Wroclaw. . I feel Poland is a very poor country. . The street is broken, there is no QR code in the supermarket, the salary is low, and the house is very old. . . But Polish girls are beautiful

    • loland stump
      loland stump

      I saw Chinese villages and a deep province, there are no such neglected and poor areas in Poland. The average Polish salary is 1200 euros, prices are 2x lower than in nearby Germany, so the real difference in purchasing power between a resident of Germany and Poland is not large, and we are talking about the world leaders in terms of wealth and quality of life. You don't have old houses, because your houses would not last even 100 years, you are known in the world as a synonym of cheap trash, in Poland only a madman would buy a Chinese car, despite the fact that it costs half the price of the European equivalent. By the way, the average Polish family has 1.5 cars.


      Yep sure : ) . J bet you are rather stupid moron who dont like Poland from some propagand reason not from reaon you ever visit Poland

  • Andy CowBoy
    Andy CowBoy

    I Love you’re Videos! You are totally wrong!! Climate Change is a Fraud! It’s all about Big Government and Higher Taxes€£¥$

  • Bardhyl Buzuku
    Bardhyl Buzuku

    Poland is Germany forever

    • Bardhyl Buzuku
      Bardhyl Buzuku

      @I am poland is Germany forever

    • I am
      I am

      Poland will never be Germany remember it forever.

  • wla lng
    wla lng

    nice view

  • Z Tourettem Przez Świat
    Z Tourettem Przez Świat

    U should come back to Poland now, during winter. To the mountains ! Regards

  • cnb ost
    cnb ost

    Did you guys have any ice cream at Smolej's Cafe (Łukta)? These are the best home-made ice cream on this planet. Cheers from Ostróda!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Nice place

  • Владимир Иваненко
    Владимир Иваненко

    Poland is responsible for mass kilings in WW2 they try to conceal it, not good ifea vizit them

    • franek kimono
      franek kimono

      Kacapek sie zaplul.

    • 27th

      Way don't you give us a list of this mass killings Poland is responsible for ? kgsofts.info/hd/video/mHqGn9qfj5qSy6s

    • SaR 77
      SaR 77

      You mean 15,000 Polish officers murdered by Russians and Jews? Have 25,000 Polish priests murdered by Germans in agreement with the Russians? Or maybe 200,000 civilians murdered by Germans during the Warsaw Uprising? Or maybe 150,000 Poles murdered by Ukrainians at the behest of Germans and Russians?

    • januszim

      you are idiot.

  • F Moreira
    F Moreira

    matt d'avella is you?

  • Katie Sowell Purvis
    Katie Sowell Purvis

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  • Aneta

    Marco is playing polo 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • RainyWolf

    Is Poland underrated? Absolutely! I hope that it stays that way:))) Joking. Everyone is welcome to Poland. Polish people are very genuine and friendly. Also, food is good and nature is beautiful.

  • Cash K
    Cash K

    Leave the 🐌 🐌 alone don't eat them let them leave ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Michał Parzych
    Michał Parzych

    Poland Strong!

    • lolman 13
      lolman 13


  • Mysterious Man
    Mysterious Man

    kgsofts.info/hd/video/rZqEhtqDmJ2uqnk Gdzie to jest w polsce 🇵🇱

  • Pierogi UwU
    Pierogi UwU

    *Thx /Dzięki :)*

  • Maneta Polska
    Maneta Polska

    I'm so proud to be Pole.You need to visit polish mountains and cities like Kraków, Gdańsk!

  • krzysztof p
    krzysztof p

    Well, I have to say that there i s good time for Poland if people vlogging from in the middle of nowhere. Show me some Montana and North Dakota

  • вася федя
    вася федя

    Hmm, Poland is an enemy country now of cause but intreresting anyway, well I just like Anjey Sapkovsky books) They all translated into Russian already, it seems:) "Ведьмак", "Башня Шутов", то сё:)

    • 27th

      Poland is an enemy of Russia ?? If you are so convinced in this believe, I'm wondering what your government is saying about Poland on your TV. Thanks for shearing this totally surprising "enemy" info and liking Polish books :)))

    • Poljski Perun Slavko
      Poljski Perun Slavko

      Enemy? Why?

    • krzysztof p
      krzysztof p

      Poland is not your enemy.

  • ranjit bakshi
    ranjit bakshi

    Poland notoriously practice xenophobic culture in their households. ONLY AMERICANS (ESPECIALLY HIGH CLASS) are welcome in Poland...

    • 27th

      You are an idiot, and this is the only reason why you wouldn't be welcome in any country...

    • Poljski Perun Slavko
      Poljski Perun Slavko

      Because we don,t want to be like shitty western states.

  • Alicja Marczak
    Alicja Marczak

    Ostroda is my home town. Thank you for such unique pictures and movie from my region. Greetings from London

    • vagabrothers

      Beautiful town!!

  • Maciej Bogdan Stepien
    Maciej Bogdan Stepien

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> OK, now, since you entered the woods, here's a Polish saying that is rarely spoken, and almost no foreigner knows about it: "Nie było nas, był las. Nie będzie nas, będzie las." Which translates as "There was none of us there, but the forest WAS THERE. There will be none of us here, but the forest WILL BE."

    • vagabrothers

      Amazing!!! Love that

  • aiden seprepes
    aiden seprepes

    Poland vs wonderfull Indonesia

    • lolman 13
      lolman 13

      What??? That didnt even make sense

  • Camel1991

    Słoneczna Polana=The Sunny Forest Glade/Clearing

  • Jerzy Blinowski
    Jerzy Blinowski

    Krasicki was Poet Archbishop Prince of Varmia. What vampir you need in hotel organized in place named after the Archbishop.


    Mate!! you'll get 100 tausend cheeks, yeah!, hehe...

  • akuswik81

    I came back to Poland after 15years in UK to find work life balance here in motherland and I have to say although I never regretted living and working in the UK, I find it more natural and relaxing to live back in Poland where turbo capitalism is still at its beginning and people haven't gone crazy as much about the money yet.....just hope it will last.....

  • Learn Russian & Travel
    Learn Russian & Travel

    Oh a beautiful country 😍 And you guys are so beautiful too 🤗

  • Lupo XXX
    Lupo XXX

    If you like nature you should visit Bieszczady Mountains in Poland:)

  • Lupo XXX
    Lupo XXX

    If you like nature you should visit Bieszczady Mountains in Poland:)

  • Docentino

    To all who haven't been to Poland yet - That, There is almost exactly how we all live here! Except maybe.. We eat better fish and drive better boats. Other then that, Grreat review Bud!!

  • bloodyis yt
    bloodyis yt

    I'm from poland

  • Jaroslaw Konczylo
    Jaroslaw Konczylo

    Alex, thank you for visiting and video in Poland👌 I am proud that we can hear Vagabrothers our beautiful country🖖 When I watched your destinations I missed Poland🏰 We invite you again. My TOP5 locations in Poland: 1. Krakow, 2. Gdańsk, 3. Bieszczady, 4. Lublin, 5. Wroclaw. Stay curios & keep exploring. We will see you on the road✌️ kgsofts.info/hd/video/jXSdosyhnZ7drqs

  • Vic

    I"m glad you guys enjoyed my homeland! It is easy to fall in love with it... :-)

  • Dandoy Alger
    Dandoy Alger

    Cultured snail?? There are a lots of snail In the jungle of the Philippines..

  • Uber Dost
    Uber Dost

    Hiw can i apply

  • G P
    G P

    I fom Poland hej czy ktoś też z Polski?

    • lolman 13
      lolman 13

      @Gola- Golka po co ty piszesz po angielsku i po polsku 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Gola- Golka
      Gola- Golka

      GP Ty nie jesteś GP tylko WB meaning wsiowy burak.

  • Little Sparrow CHannel
    Little Sparrow CHannel

    Beautiful places. Definitely is on my bucket list .great video , so glad you shared this video.👍👍👍🎉

  • Peter Magro
    Peter Magro

    I've been to Polish cities twice. Will go there again. It's a nice country to visit :-)


    Just random pick a video about travling but so supprise about the content and the quality of it. It's really nice, quality content and message. I think it must be invest a lot. Great video and helpful for me. Thank

  • Monika Marciniszyn
    Monika Marciniszyn

    Under one condition- you are not a Muslim. They are not welcome here

    • Comdo

      No Muslims, no people holding incorrect political views, no people with wrong skin color... Only idiots are welcome here.

  • Joshua Spieker
    Joshua Spieker

    The audio cut to the proper names towards the beginning of the video wasn't so slick. Hahahahha

  • Jana Elizabeth Sekelski
    Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    That spa looks compfi :)

    • vagabrothers

      It was so nice :)

  • malk

    This made my day úwù I’m happy someone visited my country 😎

  • YEP

    It is good that someone finally made a film about Poland and say something about Warmian and Masurian region because everyone has forgotten this region which has very high tourist potential especially in summer. By the way Joanna Jedrzejczyk from UFC is from Olsztyn capital of Warmia and Mazury :))

  • Anieto Sainz
    Anieto Sainz

    Hay que ir a Polonia, merece la pena,

  • LUNA TIC シ
    LUNA TIC シ

    Im from Mikołajki 🙈🇵🇱


    Bardzo fajnie że podoba ci się w POLSCE

  • nikka00

    You have a twin in Poland :D Google Maciej Dowbor :)

  • Vodkila

    May be, but not for a long time ! and Warsaw bill belong to the top 3 in the short coming years, no doubt about it :-)

  • michał Hrdje
    michał Hrdje

    Thx for showing my city Olsztyn, and greets from here :)

  • Mariush Arian
    Mariush Arian

    My Beloved Poland.

  • quiet adammexicanian
    quiet adammexicanian

    Nice!!!Thank you!!!

  • Piotr Piotras
    Piotr Piotras

    poland its my coutry. i love

  • Cisak

    This is also the country of Poland. Turow's Polish mine was supposed to end in 2020 but they want to mine by 2043. There are low-quality coal lignite and coal is burned in one of the largest Turow power plants that emit a lot of co2 into the air. Stop TURÓW. kgsofts.info/hd/video/pYqEj7OndYG4wo0

  • Tomasz Romanowicz
    Tomasz Romanowicz

    Bullshit you never been on Masurian Lake District. You was in Warmia and Upper Prussia. Mazury is something different and far east from Warmia and Upper Prussia. Learn it. Sorry but I'm very negative about your vlog now. I'm from Masurian Lake District so... again Bullshit.

    • LightY

      No to nie zesraj się i żyj w tych swoich Mazurach. Jprd człowieku zostali zaproszeni zrobili promocję regionu a jak zwykle jakiś dumny lokalny burak bd się wykłócał. Dobrze człowieku, że ty jesteś nieomylny. Co za wstyd taki komentarz zostawiać z tak błahych powodów no ale pewnie masz ograniczony zasób słownictwa angielskiego i nie wiedziałeś co napisać poza bullshit.

  • RealPoland

    Thank you for showing the Elblag Canal! The cruise is great! Our Polish Delight tour participants say it's a very unique experience.

    • vagabrothers

      Thank you!

  • Love always Wins
    Love always Wins

    I just return from Krakow . So underestimated town ! People if you like Praque and Budapest you will also love Krakow as much !!! What I noticed is something that may sound stupid but important. The lighting of the buildings . Nothing ! In Budapest in the night it’s magical . Mainly of the lights . I believe if they give attention to the buildings lighting the city in the night will look as magical as Praque and Budapest.

  • Ritu yaduvanshi
    Ritu yaduvanshi


    • 27th

      When statement like this comes from such total ass hole like you it is very, very, very hard not to be proud of it...

    • gdanski72

      And you have been in every country in the word, right ?

  • Hassan's Family
    Hassan's Family

    i am muslim. can i visit poland for few days?? i have a friend there her name is ewa sonnet. am i welcomed??

    • LightY

      No but you can visit your friends Trolls caves.

  • Passionate

    All guests from all over the world, especially from the USA are welcome in Poland. You must remember that we also have beautiful mountains and the coast :) If anyone needs help, let me know

    • Hassan's Family
      Hassan's Family

      i am from pakistan. am i welcomed??

  • sundep gurung
    sundep gurung

    I have some Polish friends....they're awesome ! Would love to visit Poland someday

  • The Lonewolf
    The Lonewolf

    Who said poland is underrated ?

    • The Lonewolf
      The Lonewolf

      Hassan's Family pffffttt.....😒

    • Hassan's Family
      Hassan's Family

      jonathan said that 🙄

  • ramiz ahmed
    ramiz ahmed

    I love you Poland forever

  • Magdalena Sielużycka
    Magdalena Sielużycka

    Hi Alex, Great channel! I love the way how you show my country :) peace xxx

  • Christopher Navarro
    Christopher Navarro

    Love it..❤

  • oxygen

    Wow so cool you are exploring my region of Poland

  • Colorful Star
    Colorful Star

    About the trees Nowadays people trying to fight somehow will global warming protesting against CO2 is just a waste of energy because we consume too much anyway, we contribute to it. But there is simple solution and everyone can really make it. Plant a tree. Forests are decreasing rapidly but we have to remember they are cooling the climate.

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