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Poland has been one of the countries that has best adapted from the former Soviet model to the new market economy. Since 1992 Poland's economy has grown continuously at an average of more than 4% per year. Thanks to this, it has become an industrial power with poverty indicators similar to those of the European Union average.
However, beyond the Polish economy’s huge take-off there are other issues that are generating a lot of concern in Brussels: Poland maintains an increasingly authoritarian drift. The government's attempts to control justice and its harassment of minorities have set alarm bells ringing.
In this video we’ll tell you what’s happening in Poland.
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  • Carl Kocis
    Carl Kocis

    Poland is kicking out the old nasty commies who are judges and side with the EU instead of the people of Poland.

  • Carl Kocis
    Carl Kocis

    Poland is NORMAL. The EU and PC Libtards want to destroy God based Western Civilization. Harassment of minorities, the Nation that lost 20% of its population to the Holocaust? Go f yourself Mr. fancy shirt, bald head and Buddy Holly glasses! You are a lying GLOBALIST PIG. Love Poland, Love God, can't go wrong.

  • Bartek the trump supporter
    Bartek the trump supporter

    Shut up. This video shows how much you really know about Poland. For example, since it was in PIS' manifesto to fix the communist judge system, by voting for PIS, you wanted it to happen!! (I know this does not happen in the west as much because of corruption so it may come as a surprise to this bald cunt!) Therefore, the party will go to any extent to do what the voters clearly wanted them to do, which is to reform the judges!


    shut up bastard!!! you know its deserves for a new Polish order as a Death Penalty? Did you know the sacraments in Poland was punched at least 25 years of a prison or death penalty for mixing a meat added with a water in amount less than a 70 per cent to the Polish Sausage,??!! hehe..it comes a time to recover this add. at last, hehe..

  • F.P. Araújo
    F.P. Araújo

    Oh... So thats why i love Poland :)

  • Russell Strydom
    Russell Strydom

    You are stupid

  • Russell Strydom
    Russell Strydom

    Love poland

  • Maciej Laks
    Maciej Laks

    Are he german!?

  • Ewa Adam
    Ewa Adam

    The material should be considered biased ... the Polish government is nationalist (although in fact it is socialist)? Presenting greater power to this centralism in Brussels? Great Britain thanked us for this reason along with Germany's dominance over the continent. Is this a solution? Excessive power and centralization (by limiting freedom) is never a solution ...Greetings to every race, color and orientation - just hardworking and calm

  • Henry Layman
    Henry Layman

    The amount of braindead poles in this comment section boggles me. The fact that in the face of stone cold facts and research these lemmings can only chant, "poland good rest of Europe bad" or "lies!" Just goes to to show how little these cultists know about this subject. If they dont like being told the truth then can fuck off for all I care.

  • Jose DuBois
    Jose DuBois

    We in Poland don't need you talking down to us. You think diversity is all that matters. That's fine. We welcome in people from India, the Philippines and Ukraine because they want to work. We don't need self righteous asses like yourself who drone on and on while not really being able to accomplish much with their own life.

  • Qimodis

    white less so

  • Qimodis

    no, changing the economy is very hard many of the statistics are cherry picked or decieving

  • Qimodis

    not everything economically is succesful

  • Qimodis

    growth =/= 'prosperity'

  • armzngunz

    All the rightists in the comments proving the point of the video, "Poland isn't racist or against migrants, but..."

  • kai89tracid

    Schetyna is rat, courts are full of communists to get rid off it

  • FilmGOODPeople

    Apparently being very Christian is enough to have the EU membership, not the individual or social rights :)) Continue milking the cow! Poland :))

  • Archie

    Russia is not in EU and they are not Europeans .

    • Karol Pasławski
      Karol Pasławski

      What an racist idiot you are. Russia owns 39% of Europe surface, and most of its history whole of Russia was in Europe. Most of its population lives in European part and culturally they're one of the biggest contributors in creation of what we now know as European culture.

  • Archie

    yeah and hungary plus Poland is also the Place where the most zionist jews survived , it`s a fucking zionist nest , they pretend to be super europeans but fact is the least of them have roots in this country.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    Dear Simon, to understand Poland 🇵🇱 you must understand the history of the country and then compare with the liberal part of EU. This is far away from the truth. You know the joke of the snails 🐌, to see the other side of the road? You must be borne there... if you from a no socialist parents , can’t imagine how is to be from liberals 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️.

  • Noah 810
    Noah 810

    Hahahahaha thumbnail is behemoth, Poland rules🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • bart4jah

    Go Poland! Don't give in to decadence and nihilism!

  • bohne1978

    i fnkn troll

  • Vanilla Salt
    Vanilla Salt

    I love how the EU thinks that anything that isn’t liberal or globalist is undemocratic even if people vote for it

  • aradanat

    It's.. well, not very deep insight into Polish politics. First, you forgot that not everyone in that country is conservative. Society is very deeply divided in that case. Also, it's not that all conservatives are bad, it's extremists who are bad. Let me say, that Merkel's party, CDU/CSU, is conservative for example. That videos with policemen are also manipulation. It suggests like state is using police to political combat. No, it isn't. That's not Russia. Imagine, that those people, holding rainbow flag, were backed by them, they were allowed to march. You brought statistics about being pro-EU, but why you forgot about opinion of LGBT, or abortion? For that secound case, 40% of Poles are against, and 30% are for. 40% are for leaving concordat as-is, 40% are for breaking it. It's not like whole country is ultraconservative, like you said, isn't it? Coal - people here seem to don't see, that years of being huge producer of coal have gone. Also, miners' unions are quite strong here. There are two reasons of such a policy about coal. Yes, it's like current government seems authoritarian, but that's the only one statement that's, at least, rather true in your video. There are also many other things that they are making worse, they are very populist, but you have made not made objective material. And no, I don't fancy living under such a government.

  • Dżyst Zajenc
    Dżyst Zajenc

    Yeah, our goverment didnt let imigrants inside our country and I'm pleased cause of this because i see what hapoened in western Europe. I know that there are many people in need but there are also terrorist. Like its too big cultural difference. I dont want to things goes the same as in Kosovo =/

  • Darragh Ward
    Darragh Ward

    I absolutely love Polish people, and they are so kind. The only thing I do not like are their politicians, but there are a lot of unlikeable politicians in the world. They are so kind and peaceful. I won't lie, I am concerned by the government's actions, it feels like they are trying to restrict the rights of the people.

  • Kamil

    Yeah, I kinda reminded myself why I stopped visiting your channel.. As often you messed up the facts. Seriously, how can anyone claim that a society is homophobic when Poland NEVER prosecuted people for their sexual preferences? I believe Germany and England revoked their laws of prosecuting homosexuals quite recently... And they are going to teach people that never did it how to be tolerant.. Second, Poland accepted more migrants than rest of EU COMBINED, but i guess that Ukrainians and Russians are worse sort of migrants... Lastly, anyone who had any experience with polish justice system realizes that it needs to be reformed, as it operates on the same rules as they did during communist era. The reform implemented was supposed to be similar to the one already in force in Germany, but i guess german rules are not very european. Yeah, to sum up, same as always, let's bully Poland...

  • Emilia Shire
    Emilia Shire

    Omd ur fucking kidding me there is less stigma against lgbtq+ in Poland then there is in America and this is what u say about Poland. You’re wrong in the head you need to go to Poland and experience how people welcome you under their roof. So much negativity in one video get yourself sorted and stop offending Poland u just don’t know what hard work ethic is.

  • ClasheR's World
    ClasheR's World

    God Bless Poland

  • skaywalker20

    Can you guys have at least one video that isn’t so biased?

  • Omer H.M
    Omer H.M

    Mostly Poles are most racist, Neo Nazi, KKKonservative White supremacists among all EU, not all Poles are racist but most racist are Poles. If they fucking do not respect EU then fucking leave it and leave all the money also, fucking Poles are hypocrites.

  • Dariusz Klimiuk
    Dariusz Klimiuk

    The most disliked movie on this channel. @Simon maybe some correction?

  • Daquus

    All the young people emigrated and all its left is conservative boomers, who think they are right and no one else is

  • Duobatto

    NOTHING is really true in this video. The video is basicly a Marxist propaganda mixed with the fake news (or manipulated information; the mixes of truth with BS to make the whole picture credible). Wrong information and wrong conclusions especially about LGBT issue, the religion, the reform of the legal system, the economy issues. Money is the issue which causes the Poles like EU? Seriously? Poland pays (contribute) even more to the budget that receive from EU (and a lot of stupid EU regulations also cost a lot). Don't be a lunatic. The reason EU is popular is Poland is that the mob thinks EU equals Shengen (so they can travel more easily and work abroad). LOL

  • Grzegorz M.
    Grzegorz M.

    Poland is still fighting the communists. Brussels is ruled by communists, hence the conflict. Economic union yes - leftist and communist ideology no! There is no crisis of democracy in Poland, simply the communists completely lost power over Poland and they are looking for allies in the Union with the help of Russia. Today's union is no different from the USSR but Poland will change that.

  • Pekka Rousu
    Pekka Rousu

    This was easily the worst video ever on this channel. You say repetedly Poland shall obey what the EU Commission says. Just because you love what the elite in the EU says, not everybody does. Poland is a free country.

  • MineWit

    fake news alert

  • Diego Serrano
    Diego Serrano

    anything east from austria, germany, italy (except greece and finland) should have never been let into the european union, they have very different views about life.

  • janusz Czaplicki
    janusz Czaplicki


  • mcfj2

    The Law and Justice party is homophobic (not really against immigration, a lot of people especially from the east trvel here) and traditional and many people in Poland (including me) do not like it, but proposed one significant thing that bought all the votes they needed: the first real social poicies that polish people were missing for years (not saying that they are "good" but as for then it was the only option). Most people don't hate others that are non white and gay, they just want to get extra money for their kids

  • Ja'acob Losov
    Ja'acob Losov

    This video is totally biased, thoughtless and based on liberal propaganda headlines. Polish conservatism is introverted. Nobody harms or forces strangers to live like us. Read comments below, or ask anyone who came to Poland from abroad and lived here a bit. Then just appologize for this shit you just made. many friends keep asking me. Why do I care so much about headlines from the Polish left press. "They are written for internal Polish political propaganda, they support their parties cynically, so who cares" - I do. Because then a moron which pretends to be an expert in politics and societies of foreign countries, is making so unreal movie based on propaganda headlines and scraps.

  • Kaiser

    Poland stronk

  • steven king
    steven king

    Love to Poland. Good to know Poland are doing a lot to get rid immorality, hedonism and nihilism. This fucking presenter eat my shit. The Western Liberal Ideology is dangerous to the world. Love from London.

  • Ole Bull
    Ole Bull

    Unsubscribed. Poland is a great country.

  • Vladimir Braun
    Vladimir Braun

    I am an expat living in Poland and I have never met such welcoming and good-hearted people. This country kept its traditions and language through hell and high water, after occupations and attack after attack aiming to kill it. Poles know the real hell caused by "progressive"dreams and therefore cherish the truths that kept them alive through all of the ordeals they had to face. Shame to the detractors of Poland. God bless this country and may He allow it to shine as an example to those who are sunken in decay so they can also come back to themselves.

  • Darkson lolo
    Darkson lolo

    Poland is great, only the authorities have sucked for 5 years

  • Blueweek

    "Money Everyone Loves It" my quote of the day

  • The WildE GEese
    The WildE GEese

    load of crap

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr Dudała

    Please look up videos from expats living in Poland or tourists like this: kgsofts.info/hd/video/jpJ8oKqBZHW4xps - also, check Vox video on historical background.

  • Pillangó

    What? Just lies ... As a Polish I can say that there are many immigrants from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and not only and most people have no problem with them! Only sometimes there are exceptions ... More and more people, mainly young people, are atheists. And as for LGBT ... There are a lot of people who tolerate LGBT! After all, various equality marches etc. are organized, and most are definitely in favor. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are sporadic. It's not true that if you're homosexual you will be in trouble here! Yes, there will always be one that will be unfriendly, but soon someone else will stand up for you.

  • xikarra

    I see this video too gets brigaded by Moscow's clowns. "I am from X country. I went to Poland once. Poland is a nice place. I didn't see racism or nationalism. Therefore racism doesn't exist. Patriotism is cool. It protects from big bad immigrants. Poles are nice. Love from X country. Big bad channel." Rinse, repeat

  • Marcus Torent
    Marcus Torent


  • Witold Witkowski
    Witold Witkowski

    WHAT he is talking about ? The safest place in Europe, millions of accepted emigrants from Ukraine, he is using BBC news for objectivnes...... verry shallow one sided program. Poland joined EU for open trade between member's state, not for political interference from Berlin how to run it's own local affairs

  • Ed Powers
    Ed Powers

    What a pathetic video. The guy had a good video regarding Poland’s economic resurgence but this is an example of the corrupt characters we have in Western Europe and the Anglo-speaking world today. The guy gave a quote from the former prime minister about how Poland’s identity is simply Christian. Literally all good there. But he gives that as an example of extremism!!! Can you believe it, today in Europe is extreme to be Christian? Truly, the tables have turned in Europe. The new west is slowly becoming the East. Western Europe and the US is rotting from within and it doesn’t take a genius to see the writing on the wall. Eastern Europe learned hard lessons post WWII that the west has no idea about.

    • Karol Kowalczyk
      Karol Kowalczyk

      This film about Polish economic miracle is a bit of a legend and as a Pole I saw a lot of distortions there ... In general, I consider Poland to be a country of lost opportunities, despite the fact that economic growth is probably one of the largest in the world ... During the times of communism, for any manifestation of their own initiative, people in Poland were punished and this was the reason that the economy was at a low level. In 1988, the communist government decided to unleash the economic potential of people and that is the reason for this economic miracle. During communism you had great administrative restrictions when it came to running a business. After passing the "Wilczek Act" you could do what you wanted after 20 types of business activity (You could not trade wholesale quantities of medicines, weapons, fuel, etc ... nuclear without a license ...). This economic miracle caused inflation. Maybe not as high as in Venezuela today but 250% (1989) inflation hurts. Balcerowicz initiated a retreat from the free market, which continues to this day and, through ill-considered reforms, led to a permanent (so about 15 years) reduction in the living standards of Poles. One of his reforms, consisting of an extra-contractual increase in interest rates on loans, crushed the first wave of people who were becoming rich. Of course, you have to look at the matter in many aspects. Poles had to be robbed to enter the global market. 1992 Ukraine and Belarus were richer countries than Poland. This is a complicated issue for a brief comment ...

  • Adam eS
    Adam eS

    Two words in polish : pierdolisz chłopie !!!

  • Grzegorz Wyroślak
    Grzegorz Wyroślak

    This man is crazy, judges in Poland are from communist time and Poland has every right to remove them, but EU are communist organisation and want to keep them..

  • Fungustus

    So, at first o have to state that I dislike the law and justice party. That incident with lgbt was probably supported by government to encourage the xenofobes in our country to feel endangered so that they will go and vote for them. The opposition is not so good and most of the people that doesn't like PIS never go to vote because they think ,, they will lose this time. Only an idiot would vote for them". So that is the situation. And I have to add that PROPABLY without their leader ( Jarosław Kaczyński ) they wouldn't go that far because there is instability in the party and he is the only person that is preventing it all from collapse. Please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere and have a nice day.

  • HienoX XXX
    HienoX XXX

    YES WE WILL FIGHT. I don't like how VisualPolitik demonize Poland for everything that is done by polish government, don't spit on Poland, spit on the government!

  • Brisketbbq Bob
    Brisketbbq Bob

    They have Cd Projekt red. So 75% of their economic model is based on Geralt of Rivia

  • PolskaLover 2005
    PolskaLover 2005

    I luv u, Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇧🇬

  • dany dany
    dany dany

    min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="223">3:43</a> Romania is missing from your graph , Romania is a E.U member since 2007

  • your dad
    your dad

    So when does behemoth come into this???

    • Dziki z lasu
      Dziki z lasu

      On the thumbnail he is just very angry by calling him, as a Pole a Catholic bigot. He is a practicing Satanist, so there is no bigger offense for him. That's only mine interpretation, but who knows.

  • MrDudi42

    I want to mention one thing to the author, I am Polish and i don't like considering all Polish society as Facist by you, I agree that PIS voters are racist and hypocrits but the problem is that the lefthist party in poland is weak and have members who don't care in anyway for our country. I am very afraid because of my country, we have LGBT free zones etc. That is a huge problem, unfortunately EU don't support Polish lefthist but discriminate all Polish like you do, by pushing nuclear options etc.

  • PawelGBW

    Fuck German-Nazist-UE

  • ryjówka cała
    ryjówka cała

    Goebbels propaganda:)! Thanks for that, it means we doing good job!

  • Paul Keenan
    Paul Keenan

    Perhaps democratic liberalism is not the best economic model. Good for Poland-standing up for their identity.

  • Nikt Ważny Skarbie
    Nikt Ważny Skarbie

    Im A pole but im not a christian im kinda gay and i dont get in any trouble i would say That half of Poland doesnt care about religion but yes i agree with you they are *crazy*

  • Janusz

    ure shit head KEKW

  • gorbynr1

    Leftist Lies. Long live Poland. From a person who has seen first hand what leftist policies does to my own country, Sweden

  • Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
    Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Lies lies lies. You neomarxist asshole

  • Michał Schabowski
    Michał Schabowski

    Thanks for video, but I must to say - with all respect - that your knowledge about my country is based mostly on news highlights. And I am a man who see a lot of good and bad things in my country. I visited USA, China, and a lot of European countries - even former ones, so I have some kind of comparison. And this video is biased.

  • fuenteovejunasenor

    So, poland is doing great, good for them

  • Zybulon Bongfilter Jr.
    Zybulon Bongfilter Jr.

    Did VisualPolitik expect (envision) so many negative comments?

    • Piotr Dudała
      Piotr Dudała

      Well, there are actually few negative comments. Most are just setting some things straight, debunking the propaganda and doing other such insensitivities ;D

  • Krowa święta
    Krowa święta

    AND HEY! Its not like if youre gay, black and so on you might get punched in the face out of nowhere. CMON! You made us kinda hardcore fundamentalist society XD. You have demonized Poland A LOT MORE than PIS ever demonized gay (and i admit, those idiot conservatives do demonize gay community. Its just populism though. Kaczyński himself 10 years ago was saying that being gay is not a shame since a lot of great polish scientists, poets and so on were gay. Tbh there are rumors Kaczyński himself is a gay). I have both black, jewish and gay friends in Poland XDDDD!!!

  • Krowa święta
    Krowa święta

    Hey, VisualPolitik, you generalizing too much. I mean if you say were all catholics, keep in mind less than 20% attending christian masses. Like i dont know anyone who does this on regular basis. And so most of my friends are completely secular. Jarosław Kaczyński state that christian chruch is "part of our national identity" just to keep the most extreme catholics on his side. And since barely 50% of whole population and like 95% of catholics vote (were all got tired of political polish landscape), he has to keep nationalistic tensions to make those 95% ready to smash some lefite atheist gay cyclist vegan XD. So nah, we are not as catholic and conservative as you depicted.

  • neuroneun

    I need that shirt

  • Ewa Jodko
    Ewa Jodko

    What propaganda is this? Wonder who sponsors this video. Sad

  • paweł ko
    paweł ko

    why do you lie in this program

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