Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS
Doctor Mike
You have been hounding me to watch this rockstar of a Doctor in action and boy is Doc McStuffins an absolute legend of a Doctor! This was surprisingly fun to watch.
Shoutout to the homie Z-DoggMD!
Check out his review here:
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Doc McStuffins / Real Doctor Reacts to Doc McStuffins . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • Julie Hawkins
    Julie Hawkins

    Could you react to this video? How would you handle the patients in this video if they came to you with their complaints?

  • Layla Akthar
    Layla Akthar


  • Samikshya Panda
    Samikshya Panda

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Dr Mike: *"I'm really proud of Doctor McStuffins here! "*

  • Literal IdiotTM
    Literal IdiotTM

    *Did the creators research their stuff?*

  • Bella M
    Bella M

    My daughter loves doc mcstuffins💕💕💕


    Superb show... superb review by superb dr mike. Loads of luv....wish i could knw u in person.... u mst b too cool yet innocent n genius of a person. Luvvvv n respect!!!!

  • gwnfan

    This was one of the first kids' shows that my wife and I showed to our firstborn. The show does an excellent job focusing on so many holistic health issues. I am a big fan of a show that has as much diversity as it does, genuinely fun characters, and then solid content! My wife and I laugh at all the diagnoses though! Not everything is inflammation...! So, Doctor Mike, here is a question for you on the realm of kids' shows. Do you have any fun runs that you support which are fund raisers for pediatric health issues? Did you read the study about how recipients of Make-a-Wish are genuinely benefiting health wise (and financially!!)? I genuinely see a connection between emotional and physical health :)

  • Ashley Zuleta
    Ashley Zuleta

    “That dinosaur is right”........ you mean Dragon?

  • Jean Gutierrez
    Jean Gutierrez

    This is the cutest ❤ happy birthday Dr. Mike

  • Kitty 129
    Kitty 129

    ...I just watched a grown man who’s a professional doctor watch a stupidly accurate kids tv show. AND IM LOVIN IT

  • tinkerbelljcs

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of Dr. Mike! Omg ☺️

  • Kitty 129
    Kitty 129

    Wow Doc McStuffins is incredibly accurate.

  • araci ferreira
    araci ferreira

    Why is the red car hispanic? XD

  • Subscribe to pewdiepie
    Subscribe to pewdiepie

    I remember cussing at this girl when i was young And now i feel bad

  • JinxLove

    I remember this episode lmao omg!!!

  • Gallo 22
    Gallo 22


  • Elysha Verano
    Elysha Verano

    This is my fav tv show when i a kid

  • Soong Eason
    Soong Eason

    How to become a doctor? doctor mike : first....WATCH ALL EPISODES OF DOC MCSTUFFINS

  • Muhammad Annas bin Mohamed
    Muhammad Annas bin Mohamed

    Dr mike : he is like having DOE Me : NOPE, it only need lubrications / charge Also me : aaaaaahhhhhhhhh he is Dr Mike

  • Star __Lighte
    Star __Lighte

    I will break all my bones just to see him

  • Nis Sa
    Nis Sa

    I can't believe that this cartoon is more accurate than most medical shows, it was really surprising to me too Dr. Mike. I loved the fact that you analyzed a kid's show, and the fact that she stole your idea about stickers is hilarious 😂 😂 😂😂

  • xiitheone

    Do you know by chance Paolo Ballesteros?

  • carol yapjy
    carol yapjy

    but you didnt listen to the check-up song :(

  • The FutureGamer
    The FutureGamer

    My first crush

  • Ish-kun

    Me a Kid and I now know the Secret to all doctors now! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Maggie Mags
    Maggie Mags

    Aww there's no song? Time for your Check up!

  • Koyu Waghe
    Koyu Waghe

    Awwwww he is soooo cute and sexy

  • Loranne Zoe Tejones
    Loranne Zoe Tejones

    Doc Mcstuffins has been a real role model for my child brain :V maybe it's because of her "hospital supplies" and how it looks

  • Roblox lover 0654
    Roblox lover 0654

    *SeCRets SnAtCheD!!*

  • Cassia Duglio
    Cassia Duglio

    ugh I've known Scooby Doo forever but I just can't get over is cringey voice

  • General Dogsbody
    General Dogsbody

    I feel doc's psychoanalyzing a children's TV show a little too much 😂

  • Athia Dev
    Athia Dev

    Bow she's not a cartoon children she's a cartoon doll

  • Rósi3

    4:11 *did he just-*

  • Tora Lights
    Tora Lights

    Is it weird to want more Doc McStuffins reacts?

  • Fortune

    i want more of this. idk why i just do. I love the reaction videos

  • Depressii Spaghetti
    Depressii Spaghetti

    Alternate title: well known, intelligent Doctor watches children's cartoons in a room, on his own, for nine minutes straight

  • Jay Sozi
    Jay Sozi

    ANYONE would be playing if they said my girl doc stuffins wasn’t a good doctor. you can not talk to her anyhow!!

  • Ugly potato
    Ugly potato

    6:21 Say it louder for my parents at the back

  • Anastasia Miracolix
    Anastasia Miracolix

    2:16 He's a dragon, doctor mike

  • Livvy Castro
    Livvy Castro

    That “dinosaur” is a DRAGON and his NAME is STUFFY

  • daisy- belle
    daisy- belle

    I love doc mcstuffins its one of my favorite shows

  • White Beast
    White Beast

    That show is very very very very stupid

  • Laurie Christman
    Laurie Christman

    Imagine going from your doctors appointment and watching him on KGsofts

  • Jackie Hill
    Jackie Hill

    So cute, with excellent vocabulary and thoughtful messages. What’s not to love!!

  • Heather Pettigrew
    Heather Pettigrew

    My niece was obsessed with this show when she was younger!!! Now my daughter is getting into it. Glad to see its pretty accurate but explained in a way kids can understand. I love when my child can learn good life lessons from her shows

  • LalisaDragQueen


  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose

    Doctor Mike watching Doc McStuffins is the most adorable content I've come across in a while.

  • Renita

    This is a new level of crush, watching Dr. Mike watch Doc Mcstuffins. This is too adorable! .. Until he started fact-checking 😂 You realize she's a TOY doctor, right?! I used to read the same Doc Mcstuffins book soooo often when I watched one of the kids that I nannied.

  • XxSin DragonxX
    XxSin DragonxX

    You literally just explained my porblem I guess I have DOE

  • CloudZ D.
    CloudZ D.

    I actually loved this show before-

  • papayas wearpajamas
    papayas wearpajamas

    I was so stupid when i watched doc mcstuffins as a kid i heard it as don makes muffins

  • If I get 1000 subs I’ll Go back to my family
    If I get 1000 subs I’ll Go back to my family

    Doc mcstuffins Okay James, it seems you have fingersprainedotis! And Andy, you have the sniffle wiffles! And Amy, you have the fluey tooey! And Derek has cancer

  • Patricia Kappeller
    Patricia Kappeller

    Blue dinosaur is a DRAGON

  • DerpsTheKitten

    When I was younger we had a presentation on what we wanted to be and of course, me, obsessed with Doc McStuffins, said I wanted to be a doctor or vet. So, I gathered up a bunch of toys, got a stuffed animatronic cat and showed everyone how to do a physical on a cat. It was the best presentation of my life and I still remember it to this day.

  • Aqua The Wolf
    Aqua The Wolf

    Wow.. "shirt-gear-stucko"...some family had it..they were left with ripped shirts. Tragic outcome, really


    oh my god when i saw doc mcstuffins a huge part of my childhood opened up

  • Alicia Molloy
    Alicia Molloy

    Doc Mcstuffins is a really good show

  • Candii A.L.
    Candii A.L.

    I'm no doctor, just training to be a Medical Lab Assistant and this is the first of your videos I've watched and I'm already hooked. Gonna watch for for sure

  • Sprinkelle

    (‘•^•)7 Solute to our doctors

  • Anna Morle
    Anna Morle

    Aww. That genuine smile 😊