Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS
Doctor Mike
You have been hounding me to watch this rockstar of a Doctor in action and boy is Doc McStuffins an absolute legend of a Doctor! This was surprisingly fun to watch.
Shoutout to the homie Z-DoggMD!
Check out his review here:
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Doc McStuffins / Real Doctor Reacts to Doc McStuffins . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • DAHLIA ando
    DAHLIA ando

    New title: watching the most annoying show in the universe LOL XD

  • Yeonhee Lee
    Yeonhee Lee

    Doc Mcstuffins taught me to wash my eye out with water if I get sand in it. Only used that advice like once in my life, but still lol.

  • lone pix101
    lone pix101

    Dr.Mike @ Doc McStuffins: Perfection. Glorious. Amazing.

  • Chita Llanes
    Chita Llanes

    Mike: Dinosaur Me: dragon!!!!!

  • bang bang
    bang bang

    Hi Dr.Mike! How about Osmosis Jones? Loved watching it with my kids

  • EpicNitro AAP
    EpicNitro AAP

    i love how when the show isnt doing any medical stuff doc. mike is just smiling enjoying the show😍

  • Humane Reformer 5
    Humane Reformer 5

    Even do u muted the vid for cipyright reasons the tune played on our heads

  • Sabina Kayla
    Sabina Kayla

    Doctor Mike: **has a medical degree** Also Doctor Mike: **mistakes a dragon for a dinosaur**

  • Foxes For life
    Foxes For life

    Mike: YOU NEED TO DO THE WHOLE EXAM Me: they are toys. 👁👄👁 *bruh*

  • Castiel Cox
    Castiel Cox

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> you do realize they’re toys-? They don’t have heart beats to listen to-

  • MrsCarol Yuen
    MrsCarol Yuen

    Remember when Disney junior shows were actually really good

  • Muffins the Cat
    Muffins the Cat

    I swear the writers went to medical school just to make an educational show. It's Disney! They have money!

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza
    Mr Pepperoni Pizza

    Doctor Mike just sciencefied a kids show

  • Laura Dorado
    Laura Dorado

    I love his expressions, its so cute! XD

  • Ween McWeen
    Ween McWeen

    This was the first video that I saw from Dr. Mike and I remember thinking, "I don't think that he is a doctor. Also, why the heck is he genuinely enjoying the show??" I do understand why I thought that he wasn't a real doctor...

  • Terra Asara
    Terra Asara

    So weird that adults actually enjoying a toddlers show

  • Diamond_Girl Forever
    Diamond_Girl Forever

    I loved this show when I was young but I got bullied at my birthday party that was themed Dos Mc Stuffens bc it was “a baby show” I was scarred for a few years 😭😭😭😭

  • Marcella VA
    Marcella VA

    Dr. Mike: “Wait, what about his heart? What about his lungs? That’s not a full check up.” Me: “Sir... they’re toys..”

  • Jenna Blaskey
    Jenna Blaskey

    We ALL love when big jacks hat kept bobbing up and down 😂

  • Trixta

    I missedthat show man

  • watermellon lv
    watermellon lv

    I think I had burnout before coronavirus....

  • Saanvi Sharma
    Saanvi Sharma

    Mike: that dinosaur.... Me: honey that's a dragon...just saying....

  • F in the Chats
    F in the Chats

    I would trust dr mcstiffuins with my life

  • mayette Rey
    mayette Rey

    Chil it’s a show for 2 year olds

  • eleanor Minneci
    eleanor Minneci

    I saw this one

  • Jillian Jackson
    Jillian Jackson

    Her mom is a real doctor

  • Robert Hrenko
    Robert Hrenko

    Doc mcstuffins: -better at diagnosing -a mechanic -can magically use the blowy uppy thingy without a stethoscope -genius -innacurate with the ear-eye stuff -makes mike happy 😊

  • Robert Hrenko
    Robert Hrenko

    Me: ~*reads the title*~ My brain: *doc mcstuffins... doc mcstuffins... don't let the nananana... the doc is in...* I don't know the words but I used to watch it •-• #chillysquad

  • JKJaylin and jess
    JKJaylin and jess

    Dr. Kevin explains Doe me so asthma

  • Rain Blooms
    Rain Blooms

    Lol nice!

  • Mackan S
    Mackan S


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    My daughter is 4 and she is already wanting to be a doc cause of Doc Mcstuffins. I'm grateful as she wanted to be a wrestler like I use to be 😆

  • Max Faulks
    Max Faulks

    Dr Mike, you're in good hands, Also Dr Mike, That Dinosaur (Has wings and sometimes sneezes cartoon fire)

  • Ward Alshalabi
    Ward Alshalabi

    It's so wholesome that he actually enjoys the show XD

  • Jovie Kozicki
    Jovie Kozicki

    Lol I’m sick and watching your videos BUT also getting exercise and trying to be as healthy as I can

  • Neeharika Desaboyina
    Neeharika Desaboyina

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> he does realise that big jack is a toy right

  • ChrisJadedChannelGaming

    I guess you can’t tell that the toys lack organs

  • Puji Lestari
    Puji Lestari

    Its not a real simtom

  • Darlene Lesmana
    Darlene Lesmana

    "What about his hear and lungs" HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY

  • Seth Smasal
    Seth Smasal

    Dr Mike: I know a secret, let me just share it with 2 million people.

  • Jada Wells
    Jada Wells

    You should watch more episodes. Your reactions to it is the sweetest ever 🥺💕

  • atty samm
    atty samm

    What a biceps

  • Sunflower Bean
    Sunflower Bean

    Why do I remember this episode,

  • Denys Yossell
    Denys Yossell

    I'm starting to think doctors made this show- He is agreeing on *MOST* of the medical stuff Doc. Mcstuffins says.

  • FatimaHagh

    This was his best vid by far :)))) loved it

  • Jolynn Martha
    Jolynn Martha

    I genuinely hated doc mcstuffins cause she freaked me out with her powers of reanimating

  • MonieLue78

    That was Adorable!!

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I think I might just start watching Doc McStuffins. It’s like the cutest thing ever. I probably won’t watch it often but once in a while maybe.

  • Sam Melson
    Sam Melson

    This show is so cute!

  • Tohru’s Sweet Omurice
    Tohru’s Sweet Omurice

    Plot twist: That show was made by Asian parents to hypnotise their children to become doctors

  • Soccer Girl 9698
    Soccer Girl 9698

    I love doc mcstuffins and have all the main stuffys and a bunch of toys this made my day and also have a lot of books

  • The Moriarty
    The Moriarty

    It's all upbeat until he's diagnosed with arrhythmia

  • Olivia Lansom
    Olivia Lansom

    Dr Mike: this dinosaur just gave good advice. Me: he’s a dragon! Don’t you see his wings!?


    *no vroom vroom otosis*

  • Iterialize _uwu
    Iterialize _uwu

    I remember watching this show as a kid. Aww so wholesome ^^

  • Scarlett Opalsister
    Scarlett Opalsister

    Sometimes, he's so smart, he gives me a headache.

  • Harrison Maurer
    Harrison Maurer

    She's more of an engineer than anything. She puts toys togethe, fixes them. I also remember watching this show until I was in 4th grade, I want to be a doctor. Dr. Mike teaches you in a fun way.

  • Chloe Ha
    Chloe Ha

    I used to watch this show a lot as a kid I am big brain >:)

  • Katya Perez
    Katya Perez

    I love that the car had a Accent

  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble

    My childhood 😯. I had the whole Doc McStuffins outfit, stuft animals and tool kit. My mom was also a doctor and I basically wanted to be Doc McStuffins

  • Pridesha Jayaprakash
    Pridesha Jayaprakash

    Dr.Mike: Complains about Greys Anatomy... Also Dr.Mike: Tells the treatment on toys are correct 😂😂😂😂

  • Mackenzie Grace
    Mackenzie Grace

    Fun fact the lady who voices the hippo was also in Grey’s Anatomy 😂

  • Rosa Kortebein
    Rosa Kortebein

    Everyone remember the time when we watched this...

  • Ada mations
    Ada mations

    I remember enjoying this show and being a doctor. But now with Covid-19 out, my mind change.

  • Sally Bech
    Sally Bech

    Its a dragon not a dino>:(

  • Sally Bech
    Sally Bech

    Do a nr 2 :)

  • Sukiyo

    Nobody: Dr. Mike analyzing a kids show:

  • PotatoLoverLexi Peterson
    PotatoLoverLexi Peterson

    my sister used to watch this all the time XD

  • Khalil Kor
    Khalil Kor

    IT IS A DRAGON !!!!!!!!!!!👹👹👹👹👹

  • noraa nehc
    noraa nehc

    Doc Mcstuffins: Just a sprained finger. Dr. Mike: mInOr MuScUlOsKeLeTaL cOmPlAiNtS


    Do a part 2 pls


    My mom is Gynaecologist and she’s a genius

  • Ella Waudby
    Ella Waudby

    Beewoop! the most iconic part of this video

  • Content Deleted
    Content Deleted

    Next up: Real terrorists react to bomb scenes in movies!

  • ur local Kpop addict poop
    ur local Kpop addict poop

    greys anatomy: that is incorrect, because according to the encyclopidia of mph pha puh... doc mcstuffins: This is some good sh-ow

  • Blocky _Playz12
    Blocky _Playz12

    Screw other doctors, Doc McStuffins is the new best doctor (it’s a joke don’t bully me)

  • jonathan Astro
    jonathan Astro

    The method that doctor mike uses is the same thing kidnappers use

  • TheSlimyNoodle

    Well now I know if I wanna become a doctor, I should watch doc mcstuffins

  • Dominic Diggin
    Dominic Diggin


    • Dominic Diggin
      Dominic Diggin


    • Dominic Diggin
      Dominic Diggin

      Thinks it is astoyle.

  • Marichard Shander
    Marichard Shander

    Doctor Mike: Dyspnea on exertion [doe] Me: Do’h!