Ryan FitzMAGIC || 2018 Bucs Highlight Mix
Ryan Fitzpatrick has been Magical so far in the 2018 season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All rights reserved to the NFL. Like and Subscribe for more videos every Monday!

  • MrPanda3G

    I'm honestly a tad envious of Fitzpatrick's career trajectory. Early on, yeah, it must have sucked slowly realizing you were a journeyman, but the last couple seasons? You can tell the guy is just out there to gunsling and have fun and he's making money to do it.

  • Kenny L Garrett Jr
    Kenny L Garrett Jr

    Such an underated quarterback.

  • Nico Castillo
    Nico Castillo

    fitzpatrick would be goat if he had a solid coach when he first got into the league.

  • theproperenglishman

    the true GOAT. Pats trolls will say Brady. But can you IMAGINE Fitz in Belichick's system? GAME OVER NFL.

    • Clifford your big red God
      Clifford your big red God

      theproperenglishman Yeah it’s pretty clear that Bill understands football at a high level and it’s been attested to by literally everyone who’s ever worked with him. Fans nitpicking specific statistics from his long career is reductive to say the least. For example, they went 11-5 in 2008 and only missed the playoffs because of a tie-breaker with the Dolphins and Ravens. Only two teams have ever missed the playoffs with that record. Brady has longevity from a position that has had longevity manufactured into it. He’s never been close to being the greatest arm talent in the league when it comes to strength or accuracy, he has stiff legs, it’s really hard to say that ONLY he could’ve been a QB who won those SBs. Pretty much every one they’ve won except the Atlanta one we’re defensive games anyway.

    • theproperenglishman

      MCQ37 Highlights its obvious to anyone with a brain. Only pats homers can’t handle reality.

    • MCQ37 Highlights
      MCQ37 Highlights

      @theproperenglishman never seen a better comment, you are a true football scholar my friend

    • MVP Material
      MVP Material

      -Went 5-11 in 2000 -Started 0-2 in 2001 then Bledsoe got hurt -Belichick was handed the defense built by Pete Carroll and Bill Parcells during the 2000s -Had a roster that went 16-0 in 2007 but didn't made the playoffs in 2008 when Brady was injured the year next with that same roster from 2007 -Has a mediocre coaching tree. -Had the worst defense in the NFL in 2011 and 2017 but yet Brady led them to a 13-3 and 14-2 record with both super bowl appearances -People who say Belichick made Brady seems to constantly forget that he's a "defensive mind" head coach -Brady worked with 3 different offensive coordinators over his career and still didn't changed how the way he plays. -Brady led a bunch of no name receivers to the superbowl and won against the eagles that same season. -Had the worst supporting cast of receivers in 2013 and led them to the conference championship. -Apparently the combination of a great head coach and quarterback makes the quarterback a system qb

  • Alec Bennett
    Alec Bennett

    0 dislikes

  • Geoffrey Tacinelli
    Geoffrey Tacinelli

    Those games were fantastic! Good for him!

  • Nevdawg Gnarlypants
    Nevdawg Gnarlypants

    Unfortunately his turnovers out weighed his highlights🤔

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Ryan Fitzpatrick graduated from Harvard and has been n the league for 15 yrs having fun and making bank!!!!!!! Nobody on the planet can say that he's not a success!!!!!!

    • Clifford your big red God
      Clifford your big red God

      Kyle Garner he also plays less. But Jameis is a turnover machine. It’s hard to imagine someone other than him leading the league in TOs, although Baker is pretty good at it. Lol

    • Kyle Garner
      Kyle Garner

      Nevdawg Gnarlypants not compared to Winston. His numbers are the worst in the NFL

  • Jordan Lea
    Jordan Lea

    I hope he does well with the Dolphins

  • Danto Tavo
    Danto Tavo

    He's maybe an average QB but i will take him everyday over Brady... Why?...cause he have heart

    • john bailey
      john bailey

      @tallflguy Have to agree

    • tallflguy

      Then you are dumbest person on the planet.

  • Jamil Johnson
    Jamil Johnson

    who care this guy still can't get to the playoff give you 6 good game that mean nothing in the long run.

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Jamil Johnson take ur negative ass on outta here. No offense intended pal. I'm sure u might b a good person. But nobody likes hearing that negativity. Give the guy props. He graduated from Harvard for one. And for two he's been n the league for 15 yrs! Having fun and making bank!!! He is a success!!!!!!! His life is a success!!!!!!!

    • Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness
      Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness

      Before you insult anyone, learn proper english? Thx

  • nedar giordano
    nedar giordano

    The phins are tanking next season, the 2020/2021 season will get interesting.

    • Clifford your big red God
      Clifford your big red God

      Matheus Lemos Lol.

    • vic mackey
      vic mackey


    • nedar giordano
      nedar giordano

      @Matheus Lemos Hes tough, but the phins are tanking next season to get a young quarterback from the 2020 draft

    • Matheus Lemos
      Matheus Lemos

      fitzmagic will lead the to playoffs

  • xXOOMYXx25

    Love this mans heart. He plays with such intensity and positive attitude.

  • Buc Wild
    Buc Wild

    Do MM8 for he is BALLIN so these jameis lovers can see exactly what we’ve missed not having him🤷‍♂️

  • Steve Dhi
    Steve Dhi

    awesome go ball today.....

  • Rachelle Army Bratt
    Rachelle Army Bratt

    A true Bucs fan never Quits,never Surrender!! Let's Go...let's get this

    • Steve Dhi
      Steve Dhi

      Rachelle Army Bratt look at you ....

  • Phon Xieng
    Phon Xieng

    More highlight than crab legs

  • benjamin limback
    benjamin limback

    It is missing some of the other plays, like 2nd half vs steelers. last 10 minutes vs the browns or bengals.

    • Trenten Chalfant
      Trenten Chalfant

      benjamin limback do u not see the date

  • King Jacob
    King Jacob

    This is great 🙌

    • King Jacob
      King Jacob

      David Pitts Yes hopefully Dirk gives him a longer leash this time. Every game for the rest of the season if very winnable.

    • David Pitts
      David Pitts

      King Jacob we would at the very least be 4-3 with him the whole time. But I would bet we would be 5-2. Now he comes back in at must win game. Playoff hopes very much alive, only 1 game back of Seahawks but never should be in this situation. I think if this team comes together, and just has some defensive help, the bucs will win at least 10 games, go 6-3 down the stretch. Gotta get this win at Carolina tho