• Singh Surma
    Singh Surma

    ANyone here after the NE Loss / KC Win?

  • Jorge Machado Fernandes
    Jorge Machado Fernandes

    just beat the pats, dude is legendary

  • ryan blomquist
    ryan blomquist

    Biggest Enigma in NFL history.

  • James Keyser
    James Keyser

    The persona of idgaf imma do me lol

  • Carlos Perdomo
    Carlos Perdomo

    He is garbage

  • Oscar_J Juarez
    Oscar_J Juarez

    Magic don’t exist 🤷‍♂️😂

  • Hunter

    This is cool to me because I'm friends with Fitzpatricks son and know him personally

  • 49ers faithful 2019
    49ers faithful 2019

    The most Tampa bay music ever

  • Perpetual Student
    Perpetual Student


  • Make YouTube YouTube Again
    Make YouTube YouTube Again

    FitzMagic has always been serviceable and has had both good almost great years, and terrible years, he’s been around for a while has played on many teams and now at 36 has been sent to play for a team with a rookie head coach in his 30’s with no hope. Sound familiar??? It should!!! Because at 33 Rich Gannon with an almost identical career to this point was thrusted into almost the exact same situation, and at 36 same age as Fitz, won NFL MVP!!! All in for Fitz, they’re winning the whole damn thing, quote me!!!

  • rin win
    rin win

    The only nfl game that I've ever been to, Texans vs Titans, Fitzmagic threw 6 TDs and 358yds on 24/33 passes. The last TD pass was to JJ Watt, and everyone knew that it was going to him. It was a great experience

  • If u reading this u r alive
    If u reading this u r alive


  • If u reading this u r alive
    If u reading this u r alive

    Oh oh no it’s tragic oh no

  • Duncanator

    Holy fuck Dolphins are going all the way this year!

  • David Kolb
    David Kolb

    Well, Fitzception brings his Fitzmagic all the way down north in Miami. Hopefully he doesn’t head up north to my jags anytime soon..........

  • Chris Demarco
    Chris Demarco

    Isn't he going to maimi, ooooooooooo! so another season with that rappie guy....fuckin great

  • Jayden Albanes
    Jayden Albanes

    2023 Oh my bad It’s 2019 March xd

  • Jd Donmoyer
    Jd Donmoyer

    He is smarter than the nfl

  • The slightly more offensive Mel Gibson
    The slightly more offensive Mel Gibson

    Maybe Miami will have enough Fitzmagic to reach the playoffs

  • luckylouie522

    Puttin on the FITZ Welcome the Magic to the Magic city MIAMI....

  • Batman Pop's
    Batman Pop's

    Just here looking at random highlights doesn't matter that I'm a dolphins fan that's not why I'm here so just let me be here in denial in peace thank you all so much👍😅😒

  • Bill Burns
    Bill Burns

    Heya A Lil Help Please!.. So I'm Wondering What YOU Actual BUC'S FAN'S Thought About-of R.Fitzpatrick???- & IF You'd Actually Be Happy To Resign Him in Free Agency???. (A Curios Dolphins Fan! Now that we Have Signed Him).. Any Comments appreciated, Thanks! & Good Luck To You Bucs Fan's & Your 2019 Season👊🙂❗.

    • Dats Dope
      Dats Dope

      Bill Burns I know I’m a little late but here’s my take on him. Ryan fitz Patrick at his worst is still better than jamis Winston. The thing is ryan is either going to go off or completely fall apart there is no in between. Another thing is he always had either d Jax or mike Evans to throw to. You guys don’t have as good of a receiving Corp as we do which will force fitz to be more of a QB and he won’t just be able to throw it deep to mike Evans or d Jax. If it was up to me I’d want to resign him but he’s not capable of a going anywhere in the post season. Us Bucs fans made a big deal out of hum because he’s so much better than anything else we have or have had in recent years😔 All of this aside I hope he goes off with you guys wish the best for him and goodluck in the 2019 season

  • Bill Burns
    Bill Burns

    @DouglieDoWrong Hell Maybe IF We Can Get THIS Version of Fitz + IF He Can Connect with Our #11 Like The Bucs!? We May Just Do Pretty Good!?!?🤔...👊🙂⁉ #WhutChuTinkDoug

  • BUBBLES 18
    BUBBLES 18

    Welcome to Miami bring some magic this season please 🤠

    • 8ballboi 118
      8ballboi 118

      @Joey Turncoat *cough* they were tanking *cough* *cough*

    • Joey Turncoat
      Joey Turncoat

      lol he didn't


    PHINS UP!!

    • If u reading this u r alive
      If u reading this u r alive


  • d12 polo
    d12 polo

    Welcome to Miami i think he will bsll hard

    • G Boii
      G Boii

      This comment has not aged well

  • Paul Hotaling
    Paul Hotaling

    Sup dolphins fans?

    • If u reading this u r alive
      If u reading this u r alive



      F u

    • Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?
      Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?


    • Jaden Foreman
      Jaden Foreman


    • Batman Pop's
      Batman Pop's


  • F M
    F M

    Welcome to the Miami Dolphins. SUPERBOWL HERE WE COME

    • EarthToApollo

      Bro are you deadass retarded

    • EpicShowDown

      We gotta wait for tua

    • Thanos

      You fucking stupid ass this guy is bad and streaky anyways we are not gaetting any superbowls anytime soon

    • jorge al
      jorge al

      Nooo😞 ....tua here we come

  • Bas


    • If u reading this u r alive
      If u reading this u r alive


  • Death Hound
    Death Hound

    Phins up🐬🐬🐬

  • Estevan Jr
    Estevan Jr

    Welcome to miami!

    • Monore

      Thomas Benedetto999 you were saying..?

    • Thomas Benedetto
      Thomas Benedetto

      Jr Salazar why the fuck would you draft a qb when you got the best an in league

    • Jr Salazar
      Jr Salazar

      Thomas Benedetto999 what are you talking about ??? Were still taking a qb in the draft regardless to compete and fitzpatrick can tutor him

    • Thomas Benedetto
      Thomas Benedetto

      If fitzmagic shows up they ain’t gonna he drafting a Qb

    • BIGRAT42

      Estevan Jr phins up

  • Khalil Al Khayr
    Khalil Al Khayr

    Browns back up qb

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    He’s coming to Green Bay y’all 🤘🏻

  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks

    For about 4 games he looked like the best qb in the league lol

    • Thomas Benedetto
      Thomas Benedetto

      illmatic tony true though

    • illmatic tony
      illmatic tony

      @Thomas Benedetto plz stop lol

    • Thomas Benedetto
      Thomas Benedetto

      Joshua Ebanks he didn’t wanna break all of Tom Brady’s record so he had to stop

  • Ryan Andrew
    Ryan Andrew

    I really like how you put this together

  • Ben Last name
    Ben Last name


    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy

      Ben Last name dumbass

  • Phon Xieng
    Phon Xieng

    winston dick rider claim Oline block for fritz but not their overrated groper. but when i watch these clips i see fritz getting the ball out fast while mr crab legs holds on to it and stares down 1 receiver

  • Orlando Colon
    Orlando Colon

    That song is funny for him

  • Tucker Gray
    Tucker Gray

    Part 2 coming soon

  • rocko17171717

    Do one with all of Winston’s turnovers..that would be a long video! 😂😂🙄

  • Dangit don
    Dangit don

    They're dumb for letting Winston play again.

  • A A
    A A

    Hes way cooler than Conor Mcgregor.

  • AllenJD4Life Productions
    AllenJD4Life Productions

    Buccaneers fan since 97 haven't been this excited in a long time

    • yVigilante


    • John Gotti
      John Gotti

      AllenJD4Life Productions why be excited for last place? People like you confuse me.

    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy

      AllenJD4Life Productions OOF

    • Sam Federman
      Sam Federman


    • Kcchiefs081

      AllenJD4Life Productions LMAOOO

  • Jaime Quiroga
    Jaime Quiroga

    Then jimmeson will drop them back out the playoffs

    • Alexander Pochily
      Alexander Pochily


  • Jaime Quiroga
    Jaime Quiroga

    Fittpats will come back down to earth proly week 6 or 7

    • Zak Keister
      Zak Keister

      Maybe, probably, but hes gonna chuck 50 50 balls up, and if the bears have one weakness its CBs and prince is out

    • Entrenched Trader
      Entrenched Trader

      No worries , Bears will bring him down this weekend...

    • Zak Keister
      Zak Keister

      No doubt but man its hard to not root for the guy!

  • Sac kings
    Sac kings

    Why is this so halarious to me lol...but hey he's getting the damn job done

  • baylinr_02

    "Oh oh oh FITZMAGIC!!!!!"

    • Batman Pop's
      Batman Pop's

      Good song right here😃👍

    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy

      Baylin Rios MEGA WRONG

    • Rebecca Higginson
      Rebecca Higginson

      @baylinr_02 Yes its magic again!

    • baylinr_02

      Back to chorus 😂

    • CaughtTag2016

      Never believe its not sooo

  • Chris Anders
    Chris Anders

    I'm so happy for Fitz and hated to see him go when we got Hoyer. First it's Case Keenum now Fitzmagic. I wonder who will be the next ex Texan QB to break out. I would hope T.J. Yates.

    • Dan

      fitz broke out before he ever even played for the texans

    • Blake Brewster
      Blake Brewster

      Forget about tj Yates lol

    • David Pitts
      David Pitts

      Ryan was really good for y’all. 6-6 record not bad. 2,500 yards like 17 tds 95 passer rating. If he didn’t get hurt for y’all i think he was really starting to find chemistry with the Texans

    • Jaime Quiroga
      Jaime Quiroga

      Keenum wuz always gonna be good texans just didn't give him a good chance we had horraible O line that year and i thought he still player descent

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore

    Fitz don't give a fuck

  • JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy
    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    Ima bucs fan now

    • F X
      F X

      @Clay Geiger hah! As I read that I have flashbacks of red faced drunken fans screaming obsenities, I'm a bucs fan since a pup, this just made me laugh. I'm an asshole on game day

    • Matthew Williams
      Matthew Williams

      By the way love the new shades!!!! Harden G.q. ing It

    • Matthew Williams
      Matthew Williams

      Glad you joined us for a Fitz majical year! It's gotta be the beard! Go BUCS!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    • Gunshine State
      Gunshine State

      @Clay Geiger every was talking mad shit about our team constantly think we are laughing stonu3

    • Clay Geiger
      Clay Geiger

      Kevo TB dude be nice we are classy fans not annoying and mean fans

  • Jaime Quiroga
    Jaime Quiroga

    Daymn Fittpats is savage this year he got weapons and he see open field he takes off he not hesitating on any throw or any play thay dont even need Winston if he gonna do this all year

    • David Pitts
      David Pitts

      Jaime Quiroga man I love this guy, he’s a gunslinger for sure, not afraid of any throw and believes he can make any throw in the game. On a team with an o line, great talent, that’s very very dangerous

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