Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Sam Darnold Highlights | NFL 2019
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Sam Darnold battled it out and fought to the final minute. The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Jets during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Lauren Libou
    Lauren Libou

    Jets sideline

  • Bubba Riots
    Bubba Riots

    For some reason it's hard for me not to like Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm a Falcons fan so he's never played for my team. I've just always been a fan

    • Shaquille O’Neal
      Shaquille O’Neal

      Ryan is to inconsistent for me his game play be like your bipolar u happy then your sad(good game then bad game)

    • The_Alaskan_Yeti

      He's the ultimate journey man, you can see he's decent but he never really had any talent to surround him.

  • 1,000 subscribers without videos
    1,000 subscribers without videos

    How many field goals do you want? Dolphins: Yes

  • Someguy1302

    Ah, yes. The greatest qb duel of the season.

  • boltz95

    You know it’s not good when the vids only 4:30 long

  • Jose Majano
    Jose Majano

    As a dolphin I’m happy with the performance, because I didn’t want to win to harm the draft spot and it was this close while Dolphins are trying to rebuild while the heat we signing big names. Tbh I was scared jets but then I realized that this is probably the most disappointing thing that can happen to them

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    absolutely Darnold was decent overall, Jets keep building around this young core, he may as well be their solid QB for many years to come.

    • T Powell
      T Powell

      bruce lau Same with Fitzpatrick I think this kid got what it takes

  • Jake Abjornson
    Jake Abjornson

    I was at this game

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23

    Ryan the future hall of famer. & the up Dallas slayer

  • muddymetel head
    muddymetel head

    You gotta love Fitzpatrick always playing his heart out, even when he’s getting smacked 👌🏻

  • Mr Psychometrics
    Mr Psychometrics

    Funt facct: Qbs dont play against other qbs.

  • P Don
    P Don

    Fitzmagic > Darnold

    • IDK Anymore
      IDK Anymore

      Kaleb Hd Did I ask you?

    • IDK Anymore
      IDK Anymore

      Sports Fan yeah your right

    • Sports Fan
      Sports Fan

      Kaleb Hd 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kaleb Hd
      Kaleb Hd

      @Sports Fan not only is he using old jokes but his profile is a dead meme

    • Sports Fan
      Sports Fan

      IDK Anymore that’s an old joke. So just stfu. And Darnold is better

  • Diesel Gaming
    Diesel Gaming

    Good game

  • MRTUPAC 28
    MRTUPAC 28

    Darnold missed some wide open plays, but he was decent overall. Keep building around this kids Jets management because you may have a solid QB for years to come. As for Fitzpatrick I wonder where he'll play next season.

    • RogerTheBandit8

      The Dolphins

    • Garenthal

      I feel like it’s worth noting in the first half Sam only had 5 incompletions 4 were listed as drops. In the third quarter his throwing hand got cleated

    • Jake Abjornson
      Jake Abjornson

      MRTUPAC 28 Dolphins Fitzpatrick

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    With the 5th pick In a 2020 NFL draft the Miami dolphin selects Jalen hurts QB from Oklahoma

    • tripp

      @Canadian CaCUCK the guy is a legend. I think most teams are going to realize he's worth the risk. He'll go 2nd overall

    • tripp

      @Jose Majano if you think Jalen is going to be better than Tua then all I can say is that I'm glad ur not a GM... Lmao

    • Jose Majano
      Jose Majano

      Hector Rodriguez I hope that we get the second or the third and pray the teams in front don’t pick up Chase young, then with the other two picks we get Jalen and a OL man. Then in second WR or RB

    • Jose Majano
      Jose Majano

      tripp no I really don’t want Tua he’s not going to fit the system I want someone with the never satisfied attitude and never celebrate unless it’s a championship, and Jalen is exactly that

    • Jose Majano
      Jose Majano

      12346 I hope the dolphins get Jalen, because bengals might pick Burrow

  • 3223MC

    Bum ass teams

  • Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu
    Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu

    Both teams suck

    • Lil_CC26 !
      Lil_CC26 !

      Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu yeah I totally CARE

    • Sports Fan
      Sports Fan

      Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu no one cares

    • Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu
      Wjwjeudj Jsjsjsusu

      Lil_CC26 ! U care

    • Lil_CC26 !
      Lil_CC26 !

      No one cares