Ryan Fitzpatrick Gets 1st Win of Season w/ 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights
Ryan Fitzpatrick throws for 288 yards and 3 touchdowns. The New York Jets take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • opal johnsen
    opal johnsen

    Let's go dolphins

  • Matt

    No qb is more attractive than Ryan Fitzpatrick-Devin Z

  • Kyle Pham
    Kyle Pham

    i'm here after finding out he got a 1580 on the sat and went to harvard

  • Mason_Baller Videos
    Mason_Baller Videos

    2:19 did anyone else hear fitzmagic

  • Buttercookie Cinnamini
    Buttercookie Cinnamini

    Hahaha biggest scam in Football history is Fitz.

  • Ultimatecheezeburger

    2:18 "Fitzmagic over the middle"

  • Antonin


  • ChopstixBTW

    Man half the comments talking smack! Watch next year yall betta watch out FinzUp MaimiDolphins DolphinsForLife

  • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

    And the jets will moronically dump Darnold draft another QB and ruin his career and the cycle of football ineptitude continues for the next generation of sad sad sad jets fans.

  • ShrekLiveActionMovie420


  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias

    Dolphins GM was probably screaming at the TV like a Jets fan.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    Miami Dolphins still sucks and Ryan Fitzpatrick still sucks but great performance against Jets but I'm assuming that my draft a quarterback Tua from Alabama or hurts from Oklahoma

  • Javier Diaz Garcia
    Javier Diaz Garcia


  • coreyandy5

    The worst roster arguably ever assembled and Fitzpatrick had them with a shot to win 3 weeks in a row and the W today

  • Khristian James Calderon
    Khristian James Calderon

    And Just like that, Cincy gets Tua

  • Jackson Quinif
    Jackson Quinif

    They suck so bad they can’t even tank right🤦‍♂️🤢

  • BeautiColors

    We Dem boys. We goin to the Superbowl#phins

  • echavez1541

    Imagine FitzMagic returns outta nowhere cuz of this lol

  • Mr. Bear
    Mr. Bear

    Bengals vs Dolphins who will win Trash V Trash

  • Mr. Bear
    Mr. Bear

    Now we waiting for the Bengals to get a win...

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

      I’m sure ya will beat the browns the second time around they imploding before our eyes 👀

  • BronAintShit

    It’s even more hilarious that the Cowgirls actually lost to the Jets a few weeks back

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

      You still talking about Dallas tho? Can’t keep em out ya mouth loser

  • Isaiah Monroe
    Isaiah Monroe

    The jets fate was assured when sam darnold said the line "im seeing ghosts"

  • EY 19
    EY 19

    As a cowboys fan I am absolutely ashamed that we are the only win the jets have in 10 games 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay

    Dolphins beat their former coach 🐬

  • will chocolate
    will chocolate

    The dolphins going to the superbowl now 😂😂

  • Rocha House
    Rocha House

    Hey, at least we beat the cowgirls. Lmao

  • Frosted Ice Pharoah
    Frosted Ice Pharoah

    They won the game, but they failed in the Tank Bowl.

  • Loyal Philly fan
    Loyal Philly fan

    It feels good to see the dolphins win a game

    • BeautiColors

      Yup. Go phins

  • Anonymous

    9-7 🐬

  • Nick j
    Nick j

    Good stuff Miami

  • William Cheese
    William Cheese


  • lolwutyoumad

    Imagine losing to the team that lost to the dolphins. Must be a pretty garbage team

    • Ryan Shumaker
      Ryan Shumaker

      Giants fan here

    • Joozee

      lolwutyoumad skip bayless

    • SMITHFIELD !!!!!!!!!!!
      SMITHFIELD !!!!!!!!!!!

      *Cough* cowboys *cough*

  • Bay is Bae
    Bay is Bae

    Dolphins Owner on suicide watch

  • Ameya Pathak
    Ameya Pathak

    It’s alright guys they can still go 1-15

  • P Papperson
    P Papperson

    We still have hopes for the Bengals! Keep it up

  • J

    The Jets actually won by losing because they now have a better draft pick then the dolphins.

  • ineedhoez

    He gotta go. I thought they were tanking

  • RIPLemmyKilmister

    Even if the jets draft Tua he'll get just as smothered in the pocket with that pissant joke of an O line

  • SSG Ruler
    SSG Ruler

    Ryan fitzmagic gonna be cut he didn't stick to the rules😂

    • Larry Legend GOAT
      Larry Legend GOAT

      Too bad the they cant trade him

    • malcolm champion
      malcolm champion

      lmao 🤣

  • Manraj Singh
    Manraj Singh

    Imagine beating the cowboys but loosing to the dolphins

    • Yo Yo
      Yo Yo

      The cowgirls are trash so bad comparison

    • Lucas Nogueira
      Lucas Nogueira

      @Frosted Ice Pharoah they have a positive record

    • Frosted Ice Pharoah
      Frosted Ice Pharoah

      The Cowboys are pretty bad though.

    • Phins Up
      Phins Up

      Manraj Singh (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II


  • Nathaniel Brown
    Nathaniel Brown

    Payback to the jets! 😁

  • Jerry Junior
    Jerry Junior

    No Dolphins ya are NOT better than the Cowboys, this Jets loss still stings but we dominated ya in Week 3 so anyone still trying to roast us are only playing themselves, Fitzpatrick played well, plus they could’ve beaten the Steelers if they wanted to.

    • T C
      T C

      Haha cowboys ass. They really lost to jets

  • Vripper

    The dolphins are a elite quarterback away from being a super b9wl contender

    • darealliljable

      Fitzmagic is alot better than he lets on i believe, he's just got a unique business plan in motion dude is a super poised qb almost seemingly @ will.

  • Vripper

    Dolphins aren't as bad as people think. Preston Williams is the best rookie reciever in the draft.

    • Cam Lin
      Cam Lin

      He was not drafted

  • Bormannator

    Dolphins won the battle and lost the war

  • Honolu Western
    Honolu Western

    We've seen fitz do this. Hes gonna get a 2 YR contract get paid and disappear

    • darealliljable

      @Eric yes bro. You can tell this guy is actually really good. I bet his final year of playing he will play seriously just 2 win the sb then retire .🧐

    • Eric

      That’s that Harvard mentality lol.

    • Django_The_ Collector
      Django_The_ Collector

      Sounds like a good plan for the Phins then

  • MrUHOH415

    Way to ruin your own tank Miami.

  • Richard Arroyo
    Richard Arroyo

    Still here Fins baby 💪🐬✊

    • ChopstixBTW

      Atleast I got one Dolphin wit me! #FinzUp

  • Adam Moreira
    Adam Moreira

    The Dolphins still lost though! They now have one more win than the Deadskins and the Bungals.

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

      Well the Jets ain’t picking a QB with that pick. Or are they that stupid? Darnold is good enough they just need a better coaching staff imo.

    • J

      And the team they just beat will have a better draft pick.

    • Ramon Lovato
      Ramon Lovato

      Right now if the season ended then the dolphins would have the third pick. While the jets would have 2 and the bengals would have the first

    • Ben Kelley
      Ben Kelley

      The Dolphins lost to the Redskins, Bengals only one without a win

  • Edwin Adames
    Edwin Adames

    Finally a win 🙌🏽 GO Fins!! 🐬

  • Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club
    Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club

    So Cowboys Beat Dolphins, Jets beat Cowboys, Dolphins best Jets sooo that means Cowgirls are overrated

    • Jerry Junior
      Jerry Junior

      Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club overrated PERHAPS, but at the end of the day...WeDemBoyz!

  • GutPusher


  • Mike_ Z
    Mike_ Z

    Ive never felt so hopeless as a jets fan before in my life

    • TheBucketMan Johnson
      TheBucketMan Johnson

      @EY 19 hahahahahaha

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

      Any given Sunday bois that’s why we love football 🏈 but yeah I can’t imagine supporting a franchise like the jets

    • Armon Choudhry
      Armon Choudhry

      EY 19 DUDE we beat Miami not jets wtff

    • EY 19
      EY 19

      Mike_ Z believe me I’m ashamed we lost to a team like yours who lost to a team that’s winless this year

  • Go Gators
    Go Gators


  • Barry Macockiner
    Barry Macockiner

    Brian Flores: *you weren't supposed to do that*

    • BeautiColors


  • MRTUPAC 28
    MRTUPAC 28

    Jets defense made Fitzpatrick look like Dan Marino. Dolphins management are going to throw a week long parade for this win. This was their Superbowl and they won it 😂😂.

    • darealliljable

      I really believe he is alot better than he submits to honestly. He just purposely play terrible for business reasons. He looks wayyy too poised @ times just to be some nervous Nancy. Hes just a really smart and serious business man with incredible athletic ability, i bet he tries to win a sb toward the end of his nfl career just 4 💩's and giggles.

  • TornSphyncter69

    Beginning of a 9 game winning streak. Dolphins will get an afc wild card.

    • RJ Ante
      RJ Ante

      Dolphins are winning the Super Bowl, you heard it here first! They'll smack the Ravens, Colts and Patriots and beat the Redskins 2-0 in their revenge match!

  • Raymond

    So much for 0-16 😂

    • SMITHFIELD !!!!!!!!!!!
      SMITHFIELD !!!!!!!!!!!

      The Bengals still got a chance

  • King Waters
    King Waters

    No the Tank bowl my it rest in peace😭😭😭

    • Isaac Belluomini
      Isaac Belluomini

      And we still get redskins and jets

    • Isaac Belluomini
      Isaac Belluomini

      And we get part 2 in Met Life later this year 😂😂😂