Ryan Fitzpatrick Film Analysis (Explaining "Fitzmagic")
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  • John Linn
    John Linn

    Dude, Ryan is now 38 and the oldest Dolphin by 10 years. Yet, he's coming off a very solid year and loved locally. He's IDEAL as the starter/leader of the Fins while they bring in a talented young rookie like Tua. You may have not realized these facts when you made your video.

  • platovid4

    this year's video of Fitz's throws with the Dolphins in 2029 show him with hardlly any interceptions, even though he often threw into contested situations (two cornerbacks contesting and crowding his receivers). Time and again he was laser light precise. In the New England game, he and Devante Parker burnt a Premier cornerback. New Eng;land is famous for itts secondary. He had a superb year, no benching, no up and down patterns. And this with the worst offensive line made up of cast offs and rookies. and absolutely no runinng game. he ws able to avoid sacks and did marvels with his legs. are his receivers better than those he had in Tampa,;; hardly. Parker is a reclamation project, Williams got hurtt and did not lasst all year. his TE Gissicki had seemed like a draft bust the year before. under Tannehil. A rookie Isaiah Ford shone, Allen Hurns seemed resurected. i place the kudos on the receivers coaches one of whom has been offered and accepted a job with the Univeristy of Colorado. His assistant should be able to continue the job. I'm incensed with the lack of recogniitiom for Fitz's greatness. It won't be the first time that an almost all washed up athlete is able to put it all together. In Fitz's play last year, yu see the maturation of talent . I guess we'll have to wait till next year to quiet th nay sayers and cynics; they should admi te possibility that with a better offensive line Fitz can reach new heights. I am waiting for your analysis of the 2019 Fitz.

  • Colm Lynch
    Colm Lynch

    Sharing this.... great content

  • Charlie Bates
    Charlie Bates

    JAMEIS WINSTON PLEASE ....... Just found your channel and I like it! I have been a bucs fan since I was 5 (41 now) and they have a HUGE decision to make with Winston.... I think they should move on... What do you think?? I think it would be frikining AWESOME if you could do that!!

  • Julian Bell
    Julian Bell

    Fitzpatrick is the ultimate journeyman. No one fits the role better. Whenever a team is rebuilding and desperately needs a QB, our boy gets a short contract that lasts just long enough for a young franchise quarterback to develop and replace him. Every now and then he will have an unusually great game or couple of games, but he always falls flat by the halfway point of the season.

  • Luke Saulter
    Luke Saulter

    I think Fitzpatrick could function as a poor man's Aaron Rodgers.

  • Luke Saulter
    Luke Saulter

    Fitzpatrick the gambler

  • Joseph Kramer
    Joseph Kramer

    Normally like your videos. You are a great presenter. But this was a weak video imo. You repeat "Ryan Fitzpatrick" ad nauseum. You repeat that his throws are 50/50 balls ad nauseum. That was the entirity of the video.

  • Michael Wallen
    Michael Wallen

    This was interesting.. Id like to see an update video from this now that his 1yr in Miami has concluded...

  • azmodanpc

    This guy is trolling the nfl and us all. Making millions, getting paid and benching first stringers.

  • Nicholas Zaborowski
    Nicholas Zaborowski

    Dudes all balls, a true gunslinger

  • Connor H
    Connor H

    He looks good rn

  • S K
    S K

    For a guy who keeps getting called "smart" because he went to Harvard, Fitz makes some of the dumbest throws ive ever seen.

  • Dredrick

    wtf stop looking down. Jesus christ, do you have any idea what you're talking about? You know there's a camera on right?

  • Dredrick

    Why don't you study your material so you don't have to read a script the entire video? You're looking down for 60% of the recording time. Try reading the paper before you push record.

  • SwitcherooU

    So he's Case Keenum, mostly. Keenum succeeded here in MN because he threw a lot of 50/50 balls, and when you have Thielen and Diggs, you can count on winning those 50/50s more often than not.

  • Eric Hollaway
    Eric Hollaway

    I watched your video on Manziel and there is a common denominator between these two! MIKE EVANS AND HIS GREATNESS!

  • Doug Drew
    Doug Drew

    So Ryan Fitzpatrick is an Alright QB who occasionally plays like an Elite QB - as opposed to him being an Elite QB who occasionally plays just Alright. Good break-down - looking forward to getting some of your break-downs on Kyler Murray after the season begins and he gets some game starts.

  • Matt K.
    Matt K.

    Bucs fan here. I love Jameis as a person but in terms of the game? Fitzmagic >>>

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    This guy is incredible and exactly why i like sports not because of first take style drama nonsense. Love it

  • master cobra
    master cobra

    I'll tell you something that might be overlooked. He's statistically likely to have the highest IQ in an organization he's in, which is threatening and impossible to manage. Considering he would most likely be able to notice things they don't know to notice, so when he has no "expectations" AKA when they leave his ass alone he flourishes, then when they begin to be jealous, or want to attach themselves to his success, they have to "give him advice" "give him direction" fell like they're doing something when he's leaps and bounds ahead of them mentally which then hampers his success. I know this because, this isn't a football thing, this happens in every single organization regardless of what they're doing. It's a management problem, you have to give hyper intelligent people a goal and leave them alone, they'll solve it in a way no one else even knew was possible. Which is the whole point of getting smart people.

  • Darrell Kramer
    Darrell Kramer

    I'm sure he'll start three games and do great. I hope the Bills don't have to play the Dolphins before October because I'm sure they're going to lose. I don't remember the schedule. If they play Miami after September, I can rest assured there won't be a problem. Instead of calling him "Fitztragic," why not give him a monicker along the lines of legendary baseball player Reggie Jackson: Mr. September!

  • Disaster Vloggers
    Disaster Vloggers

    Love when talk about my team. Love your channel. 👍

  • Clifton S.
    Clifton S.

    Love your honesty at the end. I enjoyed the video. Good luck. Hope to see more.

  • Michael Pimental
    Michael Pimental

    Keep grinding your gonna get there man love the content keep it up man 💪💯

  • William, the Scottish Floridano
    William, the Scottish Floridano

    You play for the Bucc, you gonna suck. -this is what I’ve learned from my Tampa Grandpa whose been a lifelong TB fan. Go fins.

  • chance

    Fitz is a con man. He could have been a HoFer but chose to play it safe & make big $$$

  • Michael Lucas
    Michael Lucas


  • Ricky Ufret
    Ricky Ufret

    Love the content you post. Keep it coming.

  • skoozcoug

    So Ryan Fitzpatrick plays qb like how I play madden

  • Wolfsky9

    " Relies on his WR's " ! -----------This also explains why CK had such a good season with the vikings, 2 seasons ago-----& aming other things, why he struggled so badly with MY Team last year. AND, why he relied so heavily on our # 10------Sanders-----so obviously, & why he devolved so badly, when # 10 was injured. ----------That season with the Vikes , his WR's made some insane catches. -----In Denver, with young WR's , it was so very different. ----------------------------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o

  • RJ Wohlman
    RJ Wohlman

    This channel is really good. I like the way I am able to understand quarterbacking. Keep up the great work!

  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming

    Looking at these replays it looks like Fitz has two bad traits: 1. He tends to throw late. 2. He tends to underthrow passes.

  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming

    I guess Fitz had a 48 on his Wonderlic, and supposedly he has the highest IQ in the NFL. I’ve watched him on-and-off over the years and he seems to be “streaky.” His arm is actually underrated, in my opinion. But I looked at his stats and a few things stand out. He has around a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:2</a> TD-2-INT ratio for his career, plus or minus, and ANY NFL QB should be at a minimum of 2. Aaron Rodgers is off-the-charts at a career 4 - I believe highest ever - and Brady is around 3. Fitz’ QBR is usually a bit low but last year I think he hit around 100. And he finally had a decent completion percentage at exactly two-thirds, which is very good. Drew Brees has been over 70 for a couple years but Drew is an outlier. But is Fitz a starter? I believe he’s a very good backup mostly because of his risk taking which I believe gets him in trouble, and it’s odd simply due to his IQ. I believe that in general, risk-taking tends to be an inverse relationship with IQ but I don’t have statistics on that. (From reading about serial killers - a very different subject - I’ve learned a lot about Psychology which was outside my major. But supposedly, sociopathy has been linked with increased risk-taking. But it probably is the case that, show me a psychopath and I’ll show you most likely an elevated risk-taker. But show me a risk-taker and I can’t necessarily show you a psychopath as it’s not an equivalence relation.)

  • Karl Pineiro
    Karl Pineiro

    Will help you as soon as I can love your channel keep up the gd work.

  • 712dal

    Mad respect for Ryan Fitzpatrick..... I mean he has has a long career as an Ivy leaguer and despite his flaws he is still in the league and has decent, NON-Hall of Fame numbers

  • StringGene

    Irrelevant... this is like analyzing the WWE:) The NFL is not a "sport", it is "entertainment", specifically registered that way so they can legally decide the outcome of games and put whomever they want in the Super Bowl... it's all a big joke:) College is moving that way as well, but it is the mafia controlling that.

  • usclaxx10

    Simply amazing commentary. Will u answer all if my fantasy questions come the season?

  • billjohnson1111

    Fitzpatrick does well when no one expects him to, but as soon as the team is on his shoulders he crumbles. He needs to work on his mental game hard core.

    • Nate Sumimoto
      Nate Sumimoto

      It’s probably a little too late for Fitz, man has a hell of an arm and will always have job opportunities in the NFL but is probably too old to be a long term QB for anyone

  • Jay Moo
    Jay Moo

    Fitxmagic giveth and taketh

  • bryan joiner
    bryan joiner

    If you look at his career stats, he just isn't that good.

  • Pedro Thevenard
    Pedro Thevenard

    Everybody knows that you hire Fitzpatrick as a free agent for 1 year and he plays amazing than you offer him a contract and he sucks, it's always the same, if I needed to hire him I would make a week to week kinda deal, you play well you get paid more you suck you're gone, that would make him hall of fame material, he would destroy every team in front of him, no questions asked, I'm actually a fan of him the guy rocks when he wants, when he plays well he's so fun to watch that it's inevitable to like him.

  • Westin Mcclister
    Westin Mcclister

    Fitzpatrick is the best worst player in the NFL, absolute comedian

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong

    lets see you do a Patrick Mahomes Video

  • whysosyria1

    Our o-line sucks

  • Andrew

    Subscribed! Sharing with my friend, maybe he'll sub too! Awesome channel, clearly a lot of effort put into this, and that effort definitely translates into great analysis. Keep it up!

  • Zach Faust
    Zach Faust

    Mike Evans is so underrated

    • Frank Dux
      Frank Dux

      Remember how good he made Johnny Manziel look in college?

  • Ashton Burgess
    Ashton Burgess

    For a bad qb ... most int and most yards

  • Spherituality

    Give me Fitz over Dak Prescott every. single. time.

  • tyler ortiz
    tyler ortiz

    Who will start week 1??

  • Widgy Adea
    Widgy Adea

    These fucking new KGsofts commercials bro 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Josh Clow Show
    Josh Clow Show

    I hope Ryan Fitzpatrick can at least go 2-2 or 3-1 in the beginning of our hard schedule.

  • Spherituality

    Please do a video of how wildly overrated Dak Prescott is, and how he is absolutely awful presnap, how he can't make reads, how he cannot read the coverage, and cannot go through his progressions.

  • Anthony Nathaniel
    Anthony Nathaniel

    They have Josh Rosen now. What happened? Ryan Fitz has done this his whole career dude. He plays good, gets money and then sucks. He's nothing but an above average backup.

  • lelz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> i'm just impressed redbox is still around and apparently advertising in an NFL stadium

  • Peyton Desoto
    Peyton Desoto


  • FMA Bincarim
    FMA Bincarim

    Watching the Steelers game all of those picks were on Fitz. 1. Fitz doesn't read the pressure doesn't find a passing lane and doesn't just eat the ball and save a FG 2. Fitz slides up then sails the ball. 14 year in the NFL you can't make that mistake 3. Fitz sails a short pass hand Steelers first and goal. Those are game losing plays

  • chogathsnutsack

    Fitzpatrick is probably a good mentor for Josh Rosen to be honest. Josh Rosen plays football like it's Madden-- he really reads the field like an AI or something, only throwing passes that the concept tells him will be open. Fitzpatrick has a natural feel for the capabilities of the actual players on the field and is willing to trust his arm to fit tight windows, essentially a born gamer (even with his flaws).

  • Trey Gregory
    Trey Gregory

    On that first INT against the Steelers. It was absolutely a missed assignment. But shouldn’t Fitz have seen that, and thrown the ball away? Or at least thrown it away from the LB right in his face? Ryan looked right at the guy. He had time to throw it over everyone’s heads out the back of the end zone. Not an ideal outcome, but way better than a redzone pick.

  • Jaimie Knox
    Jaimie Knox

    A Mahomes review would be tight

  • Raxalth

    I remember watching a pretty basic sack to Fitzpatrick, he was having one hell of a game, not to mention a great short streak, and afterwards he was out for a lot of weeks... he's a genius with these type of career moves. Somehow has managed to stay relevant after all these years.

  • Thirdy Sy
    Thirdy Sy

    keep doing your thing dawg. Good shit

  • moistmeterfan69

    Best qb ever

  • Ubermentsh

    Ryan Fitzpatrick. The best quarterback who ever played the game..... Sometimes

    • King Quan Gaming
      King Quan Gaming

      @That’s fucking illegal went over your head

    • That’s fucking illegal
      That’s fucking illegal

      Well he’s never one a Super Bowl soooo I disagree and he’s a journey man who’s been on team after team season after season 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Philip Meisterl
      Philip Meisterl

      Ubermentsh man he looks as if he sometimes wants to play (then hes the goat) and sometimes he just doesnt want to and then hes obviously great

  • Whittaker Dunn
    Whittaker Dunn

    I love the energy in your call to share this video. So glad to see someone with passion being honest about it. Am definitely sending your stuff to my friends.

  • Lochricolife

    So glad Miami let Tannahill go 🎉

  • Jared Lorance
    Jared Lorance

    You suck so bad. Please give up.

  • conorlauren

    It's an interesting thing that a Harvard dude with a Wonderlic of 48 makes mental errors. It's the thing about football - a QB can overthink it. On top of that his footwork isn't good.

  • crosbonit

    Good stuff, Zach. Suggestion: Cut the length down to 7 minutes or under. Most times, a point can be made in 7 minutes or less.

    • Trey Gregory
      Trey Gregory

      No! There are tons of cut-up mini breakdowns for ADD kids out there. Some of us want longer, more in-depth content.

  • GodGivenInsanity

    Quality as always :)

  • Edwin Dundas
    Edwin Dundas

    He has a bad throwing motion.If he had a quick release like Brady,Rodgers,Marino and practically every consistent “Pocket Passer”ie.no windup,he would no longer be hot and cold.He’s got the brains,athleticism,heart,decent arm,leadership and other intangibles.Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith are two almost great QB’s with the same problem.When the pass rush is fierce that baseball windup costs you too much time.Watch Brady,almost every throw is the same quick efficient motion.He uses his whole upper body in unison not just his arm,always gets a high release and is on top of the ball.That consistent motion means he rarely throws an inaccurate ball,he may make a bad decision or a mistake but he doesn’t miss very often.I think the difference in accuracy is “ catchable” balls vs strikes in key situations.You can blame the receiver for missing the high and behind throw on third down but guys like Brady rarely make those kind of throws.Those little problems of split seconds in the pocket and reduced accuracy add up over the season especially in those pressure packed “Big”moments in the game.

  • D0omC0okie

    I like how detailed your analysis is and even the explaining of what different plays are, that's cool i don't think I've ever watched a video where someone explained What a hitch was Edit: dang, flats too? my Madden skills just leveled up

  • norli walcher
    norli walcher

    Thanks Zach! Best sports show out there. Greetings from Europe!

  • hotvision

    Great podcast dude! You should do a "Legends" feature and breakdown the best of the best - Brady, for starters.

  • MURF8393

    He'll do great. Hes on a short deal hes back on

  • Boredoftheuniverse

    Set up a Patreon

  • Keith Quackenbush
    Keith Quackenbush

    I'm going to dispute the idea that the wide receivers didn't want him to be the starter for game 4 against the bears. DeSean Jackson made multiple statements directly to the media emphatically supporting the decision to make Fitz the starter. He even gave Fitz a really flashy suit to wear at one of the post game press conferences after a win, sort of as a joke, making him look like a flashy, boastful, starting QB in the NFL. Clearly DeSean Jackson liked him a lot.

  • David Ogden
    David Ogden

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has been doing this since he was with The Rams

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn Bidness

    Pretty sure the team wanted fitz after 3 games. I think they got tired of him hitting their feet.

  • Charlie

    Nice video, bro. I've always thought NFL-KGsofts analysis was kind of weak compared to NBA. You've earned my subscription that's for damn sure!