Ryan Fitzpatrick Shows up to Press Conference in DeSean Jackson's Flashy Outfit | Bucs Presser
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick spoke to the media after the Week 2 win against the Eagles about starting the season 2-0.
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  • Fisk Clan
    Fisk Clan

    If I was a reporter I would’ve yelled ok hasselhoff

  • Cyrus Moini
    Cyrus Moini

    Before there was Grier, dare aye say...Dennis can draft Best one since JJ And you gotta have a pair

  • Danny Agundez
    Danny Agundez

    Conor McGregor look

  • Zyptic

    The strongest first 3 games in Bucs history was with a backup QB that looked like a ghetto Conor McGregor

  • JT Watts
    JT Watts

    He said we gotta stay humble!😂

  • Matthew Marquess
    Matthew Marquess

    When you realize that a Harvard graduate dresses up like a gangster

  • Craig Chapman
    Craig Chapman

    This is why he one of my favorite players ever

  • Six

    And.... this was the end to an awesome beginning. Great job dufus

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin

    This man needs an accent 😂

  • K W
    K W

    What the fook!!!’

  • Olivier Toussaint
    Olivier Toussaint

    This look actually makes him look cool .

  • ratfoot

    Absolute legend

  • Keith Lawrence
    Keith Lawrence

    The day we started to sink! Remain humble!!

  • Jack Stevenson
    Jack Stevenson

    Fook Jameis Winston

  • Naturedrex31

    Madden 20, anyone?

  • Dreyden

    SNL has a spot for him when he leaves NFL.

  • None Yea
    None Yea

    The only thing missing is a toothpick

  • Chuck Norriss
    Chuck Norriss

    And they have a problem with Alvin Kamara wearing his nose ring at press conferences. Smh.

  • someone

    “Ahem I went to Harvard but I’m wearing silly clothes”

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    That was not funny, arrogant, and they got what they deserved. Thinking he's arrived and then throws three consecutive passes for interceptions against the Steelers.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    This was the end of the 2018 Bucs. Idiots thought they were something.

  • Silkk2413

    ..."the chest hair is mine"

  • Adam Nordmark
    Adam Nordmark

    This man is the goat

  • Adam Malec
    Adam Malec

    Welcome to miami boss

  • Dylan Jimenez
    Dylan Jimenez

    I hate everyone in n press is laughing what he wears no respect so what people ask dam question s move on

  • Shea White-Toney
    Shea White-Toney

    everything went downhill from here

  • Ty Drnach
    Ty Drnach

    5 months ago I had hope

  • Darrel Cole
    Darrel Cole

    The chest hair is mine lol

  • Doofus Rick
    Doofus Rick

    Who da fook is Jamies Winston

  • Angel Feliciano
    Angel Feliciano

    Dumbest decision ever.

  • The Storm
    The Storm


  • Iris Manahan
    Iris Manahan

    Hey don't blame him he has 5 kids

  • Gabe Grattan
    Gabe Grattan

    FitzTragic, none of you should've trusted this

  • Antonin

    Can someone do a Fitzmagic highlight with the song Magic by Robin Thicke?

  • zombietwinkies44

    What an amazing creature this man is

  • MadroxMonoxide777

    This guy is the "oh no! We need a somewhat competent quarterback!" guy. He looks good when he's playing for his contract, then he plays terribly.

  • The Real Gamer 37
    The Real Gamer 37

    What a joke. He looked like a clown against Chicago’s defense

  • Wesley Brumley
    Wesley Brumley

    2 fookin belts!

  • Liam O'Rourke
    Liam O'Rourke

    Who else picked him up in fantasy?

  • slamdeathgrindmachine

    UFC match of Conor McGregor versus Ryan Fitzpatrick make it happen

  • Roy Sears
    Roy Sears

    What did this clown wear to this week's Press confernce?

  • Sergio Omar
    Sergio Omar

    Maybe he should keep his mouth shut and stay humble, the bears just murdered them

  • Grigori Rasputin1990
    Grigori Rasputin1990

    fitzmagic is gone i guess

  • Christopher Kimmel
    Christopher Kimmel

    When they asked him about his next opponent he should say they will do nothing or who's those bums

  • Michael Rood
    Michael Rood

    fitz conor

  • Steven Carter
    Steven Carter

    Fitz in a fit.

  • Guadalupe Serna
    Guadalupe Serna

    How's Noah?

  • Gavin Klein
    Gavin Klein

    Didn't know wheeler walker played for the buccs

  • For Bros
    For Bros

    oh we got a badass here

  • richard head
    richard head

    Dont put the crab leg groper back in he cant stand up to the bearded one!

  • wutdafeezi

    It’s Fitz all the way!

  • AARON FRANK Kingdomsgate
    AARON FRANK Kingdomsgate

    Lost tonight against the Steelers . Couple of mistakes big deal .I watched some incredible passing by him in the game .Brett Farve even had bad days .This guy fits the team .I think in time everyone will know each other better and learn to play on the field .The team has unbelievable receivers. This interview was one of the Most classic ever.You gotta love the guy .😃😂🤣

  • mai doan
    mai doan

    How old is he

  • Leonard Shelby
    Leonard Shelby

    this guy has played for just about every team in the NFL. it's cool to see him finally shine. just wish he would of done it when he played for the titans

  • felix pabon
    felix pabon

    Fake mcgregor

  • marylain69

    Best postgame interview ever "We just have to stay humble" lmao!

  • Doolin Danger
    Doolin Danger

    Arr Matey!

  • James Forcum
    James Forcum

    "The chest hair is mine." LMAO

  • David Lackey
    David Lackey

    Can’t believe OJ is playing again

  • David Lackey
    David Lackey

    Build the wall MAGA

  • Nate

    Reporter “what do you think about the opposing defense?” Fitzpatrick “they’ll do nuttin”

    • Jake Horan
      Jake Horan

      Nate 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo

    Is it me or does Fitspatrick resembles "The Notorious" Conor McGregor????

  • msg238

    The anti-Brady. How can anyone not root for this guy?

  • R. Castillo
    R. Castillo

    Fitzpatrick went from “I’ll have her home by 9!” To “Even your wife calls me daddy”

  • Tony Diablo
    Tony Diablo

    Foook! Jameis Winston!

  • Conor Mcgregor
    Conor Mcgregor

    Who da fook is that guy

  • Clifford Driver
    Clifford Driver

    This is what a man looks like, I dare you idiots to remove him, once the selfish cigarette smoking Winston, returns with his cancer and all.

  • Gene Gimono
    Gene Gimono

    Jameis Winston is going to take several seats for a while. I hope Tampa wins today

  • the last emperor
    the last emperor

    Tampa Bay will get a taste of reality today.

  • Grand Paradox
    Grand Paradox

    This man went to Harvard, remember that.

  • newton lowery
    newton lowery

    Fitsy Montana

  • Rebellen007

    Cool dude

  • Karl Krause
    Karl Krause

    He looks like connor McGregor lol

  • R2KBA

    I would to see Fitz Money from here on out. But Fitz being Fitz......not likely.

  • CGarcia7

    Lol Fitz with the gold chains and taco meat 👍🏼👍🏼🤣🤣

  • Joe O'Malley
    Joe O'Malley

    Fitzpatrick, Fitzmagic..how about Fitzcool.

  • Frank Strange
    Frank Strange

    Conner mcgragor strikes again

  • bulldogs7177

    Remember when RFP was the guy they used as a reason why kapernick should still be in the league. This dude is humble and a leader. He brings no distractions to the locker room.

  • ray sanchez
    ray sanchez

    please bucs, dont let winston start

  • dmat2000

    It's impressive listening to him describe certain plays and how it developed. Smart guy.

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