Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV
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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

  • Robszone


  • becca queen
    becca queen

    The move like a snake def derived from that slide around video

  • Velour Bratt
    Velour Bratt

    Man me and Kayla lived the same life 😩🥺

  • Velour Bratt
    Velour Bratt

    Omg I used to always get into it with friends 😭 only ppl I ever used to fight

  • meaah gaston
    meaah gaston


  • GabBy’s WorLd
    GabBy’s WorLd

    do one w anitone !

  • Jada Collins
    Jada Collins

    Who all clicked supa fast cause of Kayla was doing a mukbang with her❤️❤️

  • Maya Harris
    Maya Harris

    “A lot of white people” 🤣🤣

  • The Slayin Family
    The Slayin Family

    she laughs like the taylorgirlz

  • Maya Harris
    Maya Harris

    I am the joke 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Slayin Family
    The Slayin Family

    let’s have gotdamnzo next

  • The Slayin Family
    The Slayin Family

    let’s have b simone and pretty vee next ( both of them at the same time because they’re funny together )

  • Demetrius Lowe
    Demetrius Lowe

    I love Kayla she reminds me of myself goofy

  • Gavin S
    Gavin S

    Now i need her as a serial killer in a movie😂😂

  • The Slayin Family
    The Slayin Family

    blove needs to not talk as much lol kayla was tryna EAT

  • Rere Isme
    Rere Isme

    love ur vids and u guys both are so pretty💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤ i love ur muckbungs

  • aretha anderson
    aretha anderson

    Kayla is very humble.

  • Shanty Alysia
    Shanty Alysia

    The beginning(intro) took me out 😩😭


    Kayla need a acting gig she’s so funny naturally

  • Nicole Stephens
    Nicole Stephens

    I see you got kalya with you

  • Kesha St_ Louis
    Kesha St_ Louis

    This probably the best collab video. Kash doll was good too!

  • Spirit Donkey
    Spirit Donkey

    Does she ever shut up)

  • Chanel Brown
    Chanel Brown

    guys like comment and subscribe and turn on the notifications bell guys and you may never know what you’ll get or anything and then say done and get them views up for this video

  • Whitney Morris
    Whitney Morris

    would be so awesome hanging out with you!!!

  • Victoria Hawkins
    Victoria Hawkins

    9:57 is me😂😂

  • Abigayle Cha Hakyeon
    Abigayle Cha Hakyeon

    Close your damn mouth when you eat.

  • Bunny’s World
    Bunny’s World

    kayla is so funny

  • Alesha Jená
    Alesha Jená

    Blove looking like Tina Turner in this vid 😂😂

  • FakeMaknae

    Now I know why this iconic queen is next to an iconic quEeN

  • Lisset Claudio
    Lisset Claudio

    why she bite the corn like that?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Monica Arredondo
    Monica Arredondo

    The faces Kayla makes 💀💀

  • kknalay Reeves
    kknalay Reeves

    Ya'll should do a challenge do what ever gloves do for 24 hours

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R

    Blove look like nicki Minaj in this video 😂

  • My life Daily
    My life Daily

    And if ya seen ha when they was playing

  • rebekah dinnall
    rebekah dinnall

    Anyone else loose count of the “mhmm’s” lool love you Nicole

  • Qveen. MJ
    Qveen. MJ

    She kept saying mhm to everything😂 that’s how you know the food was bussin😂😂😂

  • Brandy Tv
    Brandy Tv

    I’m blove too

  • dare devel
    dare devel

    SNatch her wig

  • tina . wing
    tina . wing

    “Everything 😳”

  • Tauvia Whitlock
    Tauvia Whitlock

    I love y’all 💙❤️💚💕😘this was 😍😊🔥🔥😄🤪🤟🥰💯😆💥💥😋💦🤤🥵😌😉😱😂☺️😁🥶🤗👌🤣💀

  • Aaliyah Carson
    Aaliyah Carson

    Move like a snake

  • Jb Squad
    Jb Squad


  • Ashlyne Henderson
    Ashlyne Henderson

    “I am the joke”🤣🤣

  • Maygen martin
    Maygen martin

    Yes l know move like a snake and like Y’all nails so much

  • Natasha rafeal Gadd
    Natasha rafeal Gadd

    9:57 the way she bit the corn omgg 😂😂😂😂and looks at bolives like nothing happened

  • CinnamonsAnimations


  • Malahn Damon
    Malahn Damon

    My mom was like let put on my song she puts on move like a snake 🐍😂😅😂

  • The Lexy Chantel
    The Lexy Chantel

    Best interview yet !! Who else agrees??

  • Prettyface_faye

    She was trying not to be herself in this video

  • Dajana Green
    Dajana Green

    Omg I love you Bloves💯🤘🏾

  • Princess Smith
    Princess Smith

    At 15mins when Nicole bit that crab😆😆😆

  • JaKiyah Bolden
    JaKiyah Bolden

    Move like a 🐍 🐍

  • Queen mani
    Queen mani

    Rock yo hips to this

  • DeeDee Squad
    DeeDee Squad

    Nobody: Kayla: MoVe LiKe A ssssssNaKe

  • Breylee Johnson
    Breylee Johnson

    Miss b love sauce be good

  • Jailah Smith
    Jailah Smith

    I’m so proud of myself I watched this video without skipping

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz


  • India Wagner
    India Wagner

    I died at this intro😭😂😂

  • Kennedy Grant
    Kennedy Grant

    i'm a big fan of Kayla nicole I listen to move like a snake all the time love ya'll

  • not my name
    not my name

    Bloves is like that cool aunt you can do everything with😭❤️