Stunna 4 Vegas - Boat 4 Vegas ft. Lil Yachty (Official Music Video)
Billion Dollar Baby Ent.
Stunna 4 Vegas - "Boat 4 Vegas"
Social Media - @stunna4vegas
Directed by @reelgoats
Edited by @ricodidit

  • Lesley skater
    Lesley skater


  • Thairish

    Hot Garbage.

  • datonefatkid

    They made a kid beat up someone 😂

    MONEY MARV check out hot shit 🔥🔥

  • Trill Still
    Trill Still

    Yachty dressed like that one white dad swear he black. Eminem cd's on his car floor

  • Guarana

    Why he look like icejjfish and 21savage

  • Tumelo Mxolisi
    Tumelo Mxolisi


  • Adam

    0:44 my fav part

  • Rextinq Wavyy
    Rextinq Wavyy

    Dude tell me y’all didn’t see street bud In this music vid but boat dressed like he just got out of goof wheel and is somebody uncle going to a party smelling like Newport’s and sweat

  • Caleb Mykal
    Caleb Mykal

    If anyone can tell me where Stunna got his colorful coat I will give ya a slug tomorrow

  • Patate Royale
    Patate Royale

    Streetbud in DaBaby channel ??!!

  • BeBe Kids
    BeBe Kids

    Dis shit trash

  • Ke'anthony McNeil
    Ke'anthony McNeil

    Stunna 4 Vegas is the hottest rapper out like DaBaby said


    pause at 0:25 when your stepbrother starts giving you head

  • Louis Stipe
    Louis Stipe

    Beef wit us it gets spooky..i felt that damn 👻

  • Wurkgang 1000
    Wurkgang 1000

    Big ass Pants on wtf 🚢

  • Cadi llac
    Cadi llac

    It's only missing Dr. Suess!

  • Alexus Fritz
    Alexus Fritz

    That was a clean ass line. The money still young. Bedrock. 😂 young money- bedrock

  • anonymous

    "Fuck a nigga" ~stunna 4 Vegas 2019

  • Dakeyvion Thomas
    Dakeyvion Thomas

    Street bud

  • It'sMiki GMC
    It'sMiki GMC

    Your pepe will grow 22cm Like to activate

  • litfamEC

    i think he tried to take juice wrld part but yacht club will always be better



  • dinerøø


  • ImSo4ChinIT

    When you cum and she still sucking 😂😂 2:01

  • Hip Hop Fanatic
    Hip Hop Fanatic

    I Peep Street Bud In Da Background 😂🔥💯🤘🏾

  • Peggi 18
    Peggi 18

    Worst song I’ve heard all year, this is why I stay away from American music

  • Aliloswag

    Only niggas with big shlongz can like this 👇🏽

  • Talk Siick
    Talk Siick

    Apple Music -.- better be available soon lol

  • Rxes. sky YT
    Rxes. sky YT


  • Mikalah Watson
    Mikalah Watson

    (• . •) he’s gained | _|)))))) /\

  • Gearedup Tiger65
    Gearedup Tiger65

    Yachty already a uncle in the rap game and that’s what’s crazy.

  • OhSo DREA
    OhSo DREA

    Stunna baby 👶 daddy 😍

  • Tywan Mathis
    Tywan Mathis

    Why did he take out the Megan the stallion line🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Deemoney Green
    Deemoney Green

    :25 secs in 😂😂😂👊get out!

  • Jose Leija
    Jose Leija Share!! In Spotify, Apple Music, Etc!!🙏🏼


    Lmao dababy dope for dropping his homies shit but he needs chill I keep thinking he dropped new shit

  • Case Dawg
    Case Dawg

    Why can’t you get this song on Apple Music or Spotify?

  • Rakib Sidik
    Rakib Sidik

    Put this on Spotify

  • tastywaffle gameing
    tastywaffle gameing

    I’m a fan but ngl this is trash

  • Yugioh Meta
    Yugioh Meta

    Yo why is stunna wearing dababy chain ?

  • M O B’S Kapital Gaming
    M O B’S Kapital Gaming

    This nigga yatchy said “ I use to sleep on mattresses”... well what tf he sleeping on now

    • Nicole O
      Nicole O


  • David Dahlgren
    David Dahlgren

    This dude needs a feature for every song because otherwise he wouldn't be shit

  • Fattass Vids
    Fattass Vids

    Lil boat is getting chuncky

  • dezmo 125
    dezmo 125

    Is it me or is lil Yachty growing a beer belly🤔

  • The One N Only Cousin
    The One N Only Cousin

    “ she say she ain fucking then make her walk “ DONT TELL THESE NIGGAS THAT 🙄😂

  • Red Ex
    Red Ex

    lil yachty looks a lil thicc in this video...

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    I have been in a wheel chair for 10 years until this came on the radio and I got up to turn this trash off, thank you so much! Much love God bless! Xoxxoxox

  • Shontees TV
    Shontees TV

    When you let yo niggas shine w/o you , dats real right 💯 BIG 4X

  • YaLLa Killem
    YaLLa Killem

    wtf is dababy dead or what bcz i dont see him in his fucking youtube channel

  • Savage Gang
    Savage Gang

    F yo sister I want yo grandmother dat had me sayin wtf

  • Brian Mullins
    Brian Mullins

    Monty Carlow

  • Brii Li
    Brii Li

    New music on my page - listen and Drop a comment

  • Jason Ragland
    Jason Ragland

    Why aint this on Apple Music?

  • Hanah Smith
    Hanah Smith

    I’m hpv don’t let me in

  • Julia Parker
    Julia Parker

    what jacket is stunna 4 vegas wearing that shit look fire as hell

  • myuia

    Lil boat look like juice world now

  • TheMrSauceBoss

    This is fucking awful

  • Blue Santana
    Blue Santana

    in conclusion, yachty's pants don't fit him :)

  • Luis Agustin Gabriel
    Luis Agustin Gabriel

    If u r a blood and not a crip pls like or u r a crip

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