The Art of Being a Journeyman NFL Quarterback
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Journeyman QBs have become a more and more common role in the NFL as the league continues to raise its use of passing year after year, but the nickname has been around for decades of signal callers moving from team to team in search of a long-term contract. But for some quarterbacks, they're destined for a life on the road, often to be used as a placeholder for future draft picks or signings. This video aims to take a look into the type of players that end up in this life of travel and some of the most interesting careers that have been created as a result.
The QB School:
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  • Cody Stacks
    Cody Stacks

    Fitz is by far the best.

  • muddfoot69

    Come back to Tampa Fitzmagic

  • FITBIT Seagull
    FITBIT Seagull

    Love Ron

  • Tommy Thompson
    Tommy Thompson

    ...wandering Jets fan here, just avoiding Butt-Fumble and I Wanna Kiss You videos...don't mind me...

  • Moises Lamas
    Moises Lamas

    Ah Fitzmagic. It’s why I’m hesitant to play DSTs when he’s starting against me. Other notable QBs in the league now: Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, Blaine Gabbert, AJ McCarron, Drew Stanton, Matt Schaub, Matt Moore, Geno Smith and the now legendary Nick Foles.

  • Hiatt Purcell
    Hiatt Purcell

    whyyyyy is that turkey burger analogy so confusingly perfect

  • BB3

    I played Ryan Fitzpatricks kid this year. I’m a corner and that guy is a lineman and D end. It was cool playing him though lol

  • x AJVB3
    x AJVB3

    You should do a video about Lamar Jackson

  • The Vanilla Godzilla
    The Vanilla Godzilla

    No Derek Anderson 34 eh? 60td/64int. 6 starts 2011 thru '18. I thought I saw him coaxed out of retirement. 4576th pick 2006.

  • Skippy

    What about Steve DeBerg? He played for a bunch of teams including Tampa 2 different times and backed up some hall of famers as well in his 21 years.

  • Keegan •
    Keegan •

    Sup cleanprincegaming

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis

    Cant forget Jim Plunkett. Dude was the definition of journeyman AND career back up before Testaverde was even in the league. He was also a #1 overall pick, and he even came off the bench to lead his team (the Raiders) to a Super Bowl. Twice.

  • Carter Munderback
    Carter Munderback

    Please do a Mitch trubisky episode, that situation is getting more interesting

  • Gary Benites
    Gary Benites

    Rex Grossman, Don Strock, Terry Hanratty, George Blanda (except he was a great kicker also)

  • m Win
    m Win

    New subscribers here...What's the instrumental is in the background?

  • Colton Schramm
    Colton Schramm

    Sam Bradford

  • Marcus Barnhart
    Marcus Barnhart

    Love me some Jack O’Sullivan and Josh McCown

  • First Last
    First Last

    I'd be happy to be a Journeyman QB like Fitzpatrick. Pay me millions per season to sometimes start. I don't care what the couch potatoes call me, they can watch me make a shitload of money of Sunday and return to their 9 to 5, $52k a year job on Monday when I just made 4 times that much sitting on the sidelines not hearing a word they say.

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H

    You missed Earl Morrall, the greatest journeyman qb of all time. Played 21 seasons for 6 different teams, 3X Super Bowl champion, 2X Pro Bowl, 2X All-Pro.

  • Trap Radio
    Trap Radio

    What about Jeff Garcia???

  • Zaiden DoubleT
    Zaiden DoubleT


  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson

    My favorite journeyman was always Steve DeBerg. Arm talent for days but you could pretty predict exactly when he was gonna throw a ball into the flat for a pick 6.

  • Dylan Hagen
    Dylan Hagen

    gotta remember matt flynn

  • Coleen Smith
    Coleen Smith

    do a video on what teams could use kaepernick! and how it might go!

  • Osama Bin Joe
    Osama Bin Joe

    Ay fellow parks and rec fan

  • Mason Hill
    Mason Hill

    I really hope he lasts longer then Brady. Then the Pat's can sign him and he will of played for the entire AFC east.

  • maxkeif4420

    We all know this would have been kaep if hed have been in the league these last 3 years. Probs be backing up Lamar or Flacco rn. Also how did you not mention nick foles one time? The ultimate journeyman story. Fuck, one of the ultimate football stories.

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah

    Do one on Christian Mcaffery

  • Derek Norris
    Derek Norris

    No jon kitna? Matt Moore?:

  • Frederick Schulze
    Frederick Schulze

    7:39 Oh, so like Eli Manning?