The Art of Being a Journeyman NFL Quarterback
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Journeyman QBs have become a more and more common role in the NFL as the league continues to raise its use of passing year after year, but the nickname has been around for decades of signal callers moving from team to team in search of a long-term contract. But for some quarterbacks, they're destined for a life on the road, often to be used as a placeholder for future draft picks or signings. This video aims to take a look into the type of players that end up in this life of travel and some of the most interesting careers that have been created as a result.
The QB School:
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  • May I take your hat sir
    May I take your hat sir

    Who else is here after McCown played in his first playoff game?

  • BroncoBrody

    Yeah, it's pronounced journeyman, not journey man.

  • Jesse Deleon
    Jesse Deleon

    You forgot Rich Gannon man was a stud under Gruden and I believe mvp?

  • JBar

    Case Keenum will be next, five teams in seven years so far

  • Vincent B
    Vincent B

    It was under possibly the most awful circumstances imaginable, but Josh McCown, at age 40, finally got to play in a playoff game.

  • Ruth Johnson
    Ruth Johnson

    I love Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s at least entertaining.

  • 81casperflip

    Could you do a video on Ryan Fitzpatrick's top 10 games of all time?

  • Tom Green
    Tom Green

    Jeff garcia ????

  • Theo Henry
    Theo Henry

    Vinnie testaverde

  • Connor H
    Connor H


  • Kamryn Phillips
    Kamryn Phillips

    holy fuck I didnt know josh mccown was so fuckin hot

  • Austin Molina
    Austin Molina

    Tannehill, Foles, Mariota, Mayfueld.

  • Dwight Cook
    Dwight Cook

    Hey they made millions. Barely got hit in the head. I see this as a win.

  • Wilhelm Heinrich
    Wilhelm Heinrich

    Big 🍆 Nick!

  • Tim Polidor
    Tim Polidor

    My man really out here disreapecting Colt McCoy

  • troy smith
    troy smith

    Sullivan? Never heard of him and I'm a life long 49ers fan

  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas

    Back up QB is the second best position on the team a football team.

  • Josh Slinkard
    Josh Slinkard

    "journey-man" - it's pronounced "journeymen"

  • thebigtoboggin 69
    thebigtoboggin 69

    Ryan Fitzpatrick needs a documentary/30 for 30... By far my favorite player and he's never even played for my team

  • long-time listener , first-time caller
    long-time listener , first-time caller

    *steve deburg? jim mcmahon? dave krieg? ... i see how you are :-\*

  • Ken Burks
    Ken Burks

    Fitz just cause it's Fitz will be in the hof

  • KC Luu
    KC Luu

    Jon Kitna, Alex Smith, and Ryan Fitzpatrick come to mind for me.

  • 17 XV
    17 XV

    Josh McCown was pretty great against the Seahawks. Around Philly, people are praising the guy for his presence on & off the field, his dedication to the sport & his talents as a mentor & coach.

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S

    Is anyone else experiencing KGsofts commercials that just keep running with no way to see the video you clicked on, I had to go to this sights home page to bypass the commercials

    • Hunter Keefer
      Hunter Keefer

      download an extension for your browser that blocks ads... that is a very deceptive advertisement scheme and should not be rewarded.

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt

    Ryan Fitzpatrick be like "I can't play too well or I won't be able to complete my quest to play for every team in the league"

  • azmodanpc

    FitzCeption is the GOAT JourneyMan. Master troll of the NFL.


    Two come to mind: Earl Morrall and George Blanda

  • Saif Quraishi
    Saif Quraishi

    Ah Fitzmagic, the man who destroyed the Patriots Super Bowl hopes by taking their first round bye. Epic dude, but quite a depressing moment

  • Mark Ocampo
    Mark Ocampo

    McCown will always be my favorite bears quarterback.

  • micah_lee

    Atleast ryan beat tom brady.

  • bonn1771

    you forgot Steve DeBerg

  • skins189 lbs
    skins189 lbs

    Jt O'Sullivan's KGsofts channel is impressive. He's smart as fuck and been around. He's analysis it's always great

  • crispy

    I'm a Fitzmagic Fan, his games are always entertaining, I watch his games specifically every week - cause you never know what you'll get. He's never had a good O'line, gets swallowed up so fast in sacks it's a wonder he is still walking and is lucky to have a healthy WR. Most of his intercepts are dropped passes/rebounds or trying to play a game when his defense allows 20 something points in the first qtr. At the time of writing this, Miami just knocked the Patriots from their No 1 playoff berth to a Wildcard No. 6 - all on the last game of the season. and he did it in Fitzmagic style, - a final 2 min touchdown drive to win the game against Bellichek and Brady. All kudos too him - I want to see him develop into an OC, he definitely has the brains, plenty of experience and knows the methods and playbooks of at least 8 other NFL Offensive Co-ordinators.

  • Adam Schultz
    Adam Schultz

    fitzmagic!!! definetly wont forget the amish rifleman...legendary underdog lol

  • a random user
    a random user

    And Fitzpatrick beats tom Brady and the Patriots

    • Josh

      a random user letssss gooo

  • Bryson Michael RC
    Bryson Michael RC

    Jeff Garcia... Had a promising career.. taking over for young... then brought a few different teams to the playoffs. never was trusted as a starter after the Niners but always played great when given the chance.

  • Yousir Cantknow
    Yousir Cantknow

    I imagine everyone is too young to remember Jeff George.

  • Nick S
    Nick S

    Who’s gonna @the qb school

  • Johnny Woo
    Johnny Woo

    "Making hundreds of thousands", are you joking? Try 2-5 million a year. I have been saying for years this is the best position in football. You just have to have one good year or fill in for a injured starting quarterback and play well, not great. That will set you up as a backup for a decade in the nfl if you do not go off the rails. Teams are looking for experience backup quarterbacks in a break glass in case of scenario. You are not taking the hits and probably in the top 10 of top salary players on the team. Your body and bank account will be thanking you in the future.

  • Joe Schizoid
    Joe Schizoid

    I hate these in video Seat Geek ads. Please find another way to make money.

  • Jack Me-Hoff
    Jack Me-Hoff

    Good Ol Vinny GreenBalls

  • James Helms
    James Helms

    I feel bad for Rosen. He’s got the skills to be a starter, but he got drafted by the absolute worst team in the league. Then, he got traded to the second worst team in the league.

  • Cody Stacks
    Cody Stacks

    Fitz is by far the best.

  • muddfoot69

    Come back to Tampa Fitzmagic

  • FITBIT Seagull
    FITBIT Seagull

    Love Ron

  • Tommy Thompson
    Tommy Thompson

    ...wandering Jets fan here, just avoiding Butt-Fumble and I Wanna Kiss You videos...don't mind me...

  • Moises Lamas
    Moises Lamas

    Ah Fitzmagic. It’s why I’m hesitant to play DSTs when he’s starting against me. Other notable QBs in the league now: Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, Blaine Gabbert, AJ McCarron, Drew Stanton, Matt Schaub, Matt Moore, Geno Smith and the now legendary Nick Foles.

  • Hiatt Purcell
    Hiatt Purcell

    whyyyyy is that turkey burger analogy so confusingly perfect

  • BB3

    I played Ryan Fitzpatricks kid this year. I’m a corner and that guy is a lineman and D end. It was cool playing him though lol

  • x AJVB3
    x AJVB3

    You should do a video about Lamar Jackson

  • The Vanilla Godzilla
    The Vanilla Godzilla

    No Derek Anderson 34 eh? 60td/64int. 6 starts 2011 thru '18. I thought I saw him coaxed out of retirement. 4576th pick 2006.

  • Skippy

    What about Steve DeBerg? He played for a bunch of teams including Tampa 2 different times and backed up some hall of famers as well in his 21 years.

  • Keegan •
    Keegan •

    Sup cleanprincegaming

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis

    Cant forget Jim Plunkett. Dude was the definition of journeyman AND career back up before Testaverde was even in the league. He was also a #1 overall pick, and he even came off the bench to lead his team (the Raiders) to a Super Bowl. Twice.

  • Carter Munderback
    Carter Munderback

    Please do a Mitch trubisky episode, that situation is getting more interesting

  • Gary Benites
    Gary Benites

    Rex Grossman, Don Strock, Terry Hanratty, George Blanda (except he was a great kicker also)

  • m Win
    m Win

    New subscribers here...What's the instrumental is in the background?

  • Colton Schramm
    Colton Schramm

    Sam Bradford

  • Marcus Barnhart
    Marcus Barnhart

    Love me some Jack O’Sullivan and Josh McCown

  • First Last
    First Last

    I'd be happy to be a Journeyman QB like Fitzpatrick. Pay me millions per season to sometimes start. I don't care what the couch potatoes call me, they can watch me make a shitload of money of Sunday and return to their 9 to 5, $52k a year job on Monday when I just made 4 times that much sitting on the sidelines not hearing a word they say.