The Bizarre Evolution of Ryan Fitzpatrick
The career of Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of improbability. A timeline of bizarre twists and turns that have led to one of the most unusual journeymen quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.
From Fitzmagic to Fitztragic to Fitzception, here is the story of the man who nearly got a perfect score on the wonderlic.
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  • Yahya Naseem
    Yahya Naseem

    He’s a national hero for what he did against the patriots.

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc

    @O:17, dudes head looks like a big toe. So the dude screams like a girl and had a giant toe head.

  • W M
    W M

    He literally is one of the strangest players to ever play in the NFL. I watched him play in Cincinnati and it was so strange to watch because you didn't know what Fitz would show up. One game he is making amazing plays and the next game you would think he was almost throwing interceptions on purpose. My buddy and I used to joke that because he was so smart in economics and was playing the QB position he could be betting and throwing games on purpose to make insane gains of profit. We were just messing around but I also feel like we will get a movie about this guy one day and how smart and crazy he was is going to be way deeper than we know, LOL.

  • Matty 24
    Matty 24

    The Kansas city game with the jets was hard to watch and I'm a Pat's fan, I don't know how you left that out.

  • Glock19ist

    I once traded Fitzpatrick for Brady once. I hyped him up so bad. Got the trade in fantasy. Then of course the commissioners shot me down. WTF!!!

  • The American Crusader
    The American Crusader

    The Amish Man Cometh

  • quigonkenny


  • Jeff Naslund
    Jeff Naslund

    We like him here in Miami lol

  • Victor HM
    Victor HM

    The worst QB best paid along with Brock Osweiler of all time...

    • Midevil Deth Kitens
      Midevil Deth Kitens

      The thing is that Ryan Fitzpatrick occasionally plays well, Brock does not

  • Camron Toney
    Camron Toney

    So bizarre, he grew a beard and is wearing sunglasses. Oooh man sooooo crazy

  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo

    He is either the best QB youve ever seen or one of the worst to play the game week to week. He is always signed as a backup and usually ends up starting anyways. He looks like a viking and sounds like a girl when he celebrates. I choose to believe that Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, made Fitzpatrick just to fuck with us.

  • kevdone w
    kevdone w

    Get paid to be almost good enough and move on

  • Phinal Flash
    Phinal Flash

    2:35 Kevin Curtis sighting.

  • PsychoPavilion

    Then there he goes destroying the pats

  • Tony Dobbs
    Tony Dobbs

    2019 season -3529 yds. 32886 career passing yards. 81.6 career passer rating. And the guy to be forever know as the great Fitzmagic. The guy who likely convinced Mike Flores & Miami to forget about the 2019 tank and ensure the beginning of the end of Tom Bradys career instead... Over $60 million earned. Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • Brylinn ScullawlTV
    Brylinn ScullawlTV

    Conor mcgregor wannabe

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor

    did he start out as sam darnold and evolved to a taller connor mcgregor?

  • Dynamex

    Fitzpatrick is the perfect backup quarterback

  • azmodanpc

    What's Connor McGregor twin, bigger brother doing in the NFL?

  • Joshua Hagelstein
    Joshua Hagelstein

    I watched that Texans game on TV when I was a kid. Instant Fitzmagic fan. Glad to see he's still around, doing what he does. His story has always kept me engaged in the NFL and he has always been a consistent entertainer, whether that's been intentional or not. While I'd imagine he's nearing the end of his career, I'd love for him to work his *magic* one or two more times before it's all said and done. Love the guy.

  • Riley Stromback
    Riley Stromback

    Fitzmagic love that guy

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch

    He has a pretty good completion percentage and his touchdown to interception ratio is good. Plays for shitty teams.

  • Brendan Adams
    Brendan Adams

    He’s conning teams by playing amazing to get a big contract then playing like shit so he can be 2nd strong and get paid to do nothing. He’s a fucking genius

  • Cant Mew it like me
    Cant Mew it like me

    You can see he is VERY inspired by other famous athletes.

  • Yukon Deighton
    Yukon Deighton

    who the fuck is this guy

  • Laurenz Ehlers
    Laurenz Ehlers

    Get this guy a sports psychologist

  • Brand X
    Brand X

    He screams like a teenage girl in a slash film lol.

  • Triskaideka thirteen
    Triskaideka thirteen

    You need to update this with his trip to Miami same deal pretty funny he does he plays lights out 1 week maybe two or three weeks in a row and then has a horrible game.. Fitzmagic

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch

      Beats Philadelphia. And New England.

  • ktat01

    Fitz is a damn maniac and I’m absolutely here for it!

  • Ghost

    Thought it was Connor mcgreggor

  • Greg 45
    Greg 45

    What's not to like about this guy? Smart, nice, funny, he doesn't seem arrogant. It's nice to see a non-ape with a brain succeed.

  • devildog1982z

    Anyone going to talk about how he screams like a girl?

  • Karter

    Only if my Vikings could have that good of a secondary this year

  • pantherfan 4055
    pantherfan 4055


  • Matt King
    Matt King

    I don’t get this guy. One week he an look like the second coming of Joe Montana and the next he is one of The Three Stooges. Puzzling.

  • The Guitar Guru Network
    The Guitar Guru Network

    Great video

  • 9inningsGod

    Fitzmagic is daddy

  • Loaneen Heimuli
    Loaneen Heimuli

    Connor McGregor plays football 😆

  • GundamGoku

    Miami about to bite too. LUL

  • LaBounti

    Oh how he keeps rising from the grave...... Still......

  • Captain Autism
    Captain Autism

    He looks like connor McGregor in the chest exposed outfit. What a boss.

  • Joshua Kovacic
    Joshua Kovacic

    Whose here after he beat the Patriots in week 17.

  • Robert Landa
    Robert Landa

    Fitzpatrick did well for the 2019 Dolphins season

  • Adam Schultz
    Adam Schultz

    the amish rifleman, almost forgot that mangold moment to lmao that was a fun season inbetween depressing ones as a jets fan

  • Boss Killa
    Boss Killa

    Ryan Fitzpatrick, the only QB too good to be a bench player, but not good enough to be a full starting QB yet deserves to be in the HoF imo.

  • MyworstEnemy

    Please don't pay him Miami.

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper

    Sam Darnold is a young Fitzpatrick

  • Anooradha Chandrashaker
    Anooradha Chandrashaker

    He got 1580 on sat.

  • tweeotch

    He did it again for Miami this year!

  • Christian Colarusso
    Christian Colarusso

    He’s played for 8 teams

  • Diesel Vlogs 1
    Diesel Vlogs 1


  • Factorable

    Dolphins are going to fall for it boys

  • Jack Christian
    Jack Christian

    Anyone here after he beat the patriots to knock them from the bye

  • Achilles94

    I heard about this test.. I guess Akili Smith was really low and he was a quarterback that got drafted in the early 90s by the Cincinnati Bengals. But I still think he had all the tools to be a really good quarterback

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez

    For Fitzmagic to work, a sacrifice must be offered to him. More often than not, it's the first string quarterback

  • Icy_Forgotten

    Little did they know he would upset the patriots with the dolphins with his fitz magic

  • C M
    C M

    He is the definition of a great journey man. He should only get 1 year deals for a reason and this video explains why. If you get 1 good year out of him that's great, don't expect more.

  • Donald Wilson
    Donald Wilson

    Morris claiborne lol

  • Nick

    This was funny as hell. I love Fitzy!!

  • Nicholaus Bell
    Nicholaus Bell

    This dude is an enigma