The Bizarre Evolution of Ryan Fitzpatrick
The career of Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of improbability. A timeline of bizarre twists and turns that have led to one of the most unusual journeymen quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.
From Fitzmagic to Fitztragic to Fitzception, here is the story of the man who nearly got a perfect score on the wonderlic.
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  • MrFunez Productions
    MrFunez Productions

    So in madden mobile I played szn mode n in that time ryan fitzmagic was my best QB n in that time when I was playing as him he played in a mvp level not bc I was playing as him but bc he had an arm n then my team went 15-1 n then in the divisional round we were against the falcons n I played shii as ryan fitzmagic I threw 3 picks n 2 of them were pick 6s i was frustrated n we lost 24-14 against the Falcons I was playing bad n now idk what to say I feel like someone is gonna make fun of me😂

  • MrFunez Productions
    MrFunez Productions

    Hes a great QB but hes in the nfl to screw a team not to win a Lombardi trophy

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    He’s a mediocre quarterback who makes mediocre teams a little less mediocre

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    His career is a movie script

  • Jaylen Barnes
    Jaylen Barnes

    Wow!!! Congrats on 500k subscribers KTO keep up the great work

  • czxly lxn3
    czxly lxn3

    Fitzpatrick has successfully beaten Brady with each team in the AFC East, Jets, Bill's, and Dolphins

  • Itsme Itsme
    Itsme Itsme

    Fuck the Haters Fitz is a mad man.. LONG LOVE FITZ

  • Real American Studios
    Real American Studios

    I think he could be a great QB Coach/OC

  • Viction

    Honestly this guy deserves to be in the hof😂😂

  • I like train
    I like train

    Whoo half a million

  • idoj654123

    So what's with the get-up? 70's Disco Night in Tampa after the game?

  • Sola Scriptura
    Sola Scriptura

    Please, please, please: Do NOT come to my Falcons. 80% of the fanbase already looks for every little thing to hate Matt Ryan for, already.

  • James Hartman
    James Hartman

    Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to amaze us

  • weakestlink20

    I fucking love that Nick Mangold jump scare lol

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan

    The dirtiest of all smart badass mics. I wish I had a beard like him.....

  • Christopher Chen
    Christopher Chen

    bro, please make a vid on the 2019-2020 dolphins and how they somehow managed to win games with their god awful team. I just think that it'be a wild story to tell

  • Emilio Quintanal
    Emilio Quintanal

    Honestly I’d love to have a carrer like fitzmagic. Like he’s had a good carrer!

  • pp slayer
    pp slayer

    Who else grew up with Fitzpatrick on A a new team every year

  • Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees
    Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees

    McGregor ????

  • we the people
    we the people

    I thought the 2018 was Conner McGregor

  • Kool Kids Klub
    Kool Kids Klub

    He is the best worst player

  • Chris Allbright
    Chris Allbright

    This is just a typical conceded athlete. They all fucking change into “celebrities”, not into better athletes or better people.

  • KomodoDragon 906
    KomodoDragon 906

    You should do an updated one next season, so you can talk about his time with the dolphins

  • Jacob Tafoya
    Jacob Tafoya

    Thought this was Connor McGregor

  • Chester Micek
    Chester Micek

    He was good enough & smart enough to make more than $60 million dollars as an NFL player.

  • RebelSandGaming

    Hes gonna end up with a super bowl ring one of these days

  • COCHEA Films
    COCHEA Films

    Dolphins JOSH gets benched and Fitzpatrick saves the Dolphins organization

  • BeepBoop iBotU
    BeepBoop iBotU

    I truly believe all men with Duck Dynasty beards are *ALL* hiding a super fugly face.

  • Jackson Reese
    Jackson Reese

    bro that laugh was the girliest thing I have ever heard

  • Sam John
    Sam John

    Imagine if he was consistently as good as he played during Fitzmagic.

  • Mitchell Blatt
    Mitchell Blatt

    Well, if Gino Smith is your starter, it's not exactly unexpected that the backup will eventually win the job.

  • Gage Prince
    Gage Prince

    Ryan Fitzpatrick and the art of the deal

  • Corey Ciepiela
    Corey Ciepiela

    he did it again in Miami

  • Drew Ott
    Drew Ott

    What’s cool about that last clip where mangold scares him is they both lived in my town while on the jets, and so did Percy Harvin. Eli lives 5 minutes away and Mark Sanchez also used to. It’s pretty cool but I guess I’m used to it idk lol

  • BonerSoup 94
    BonerSoup 94

    Bruh and chiefs fans wanted to sign him to be a backup for Mahomes 😂 good god that would’ve been awful

  • Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson

    Imagine if Ryan Fitzpatrick just woke up one day and went “well my career is almost over let’s see if I can make it to the Super Bowl” that would be quite the sight to see.

  • afiq jaffarran
    afiq jaffarran

    Best backup

  • TheDoughGuitarG

    Went from my names chad to CONOR MCGREGER HERE

  • loveforthegame3

    we loved him and hated him here in Buffalo. he was entertaining to watch when he wasn't throwing picks

  • Jawa 2
    Jawa 2

    Conner mcpatrick now haha


    This dude is playing the NFL for idiots....they are!! Im gonna show you how good I am then get a huge ass contract then suck so I can ride the pine and not risk injury cuz that concussion shit aint no joke. Rinse and repeat until im fucking Rich Bitch and then retire HEALTHY AND HAPPY WITH NO CTE!! He didnt score that high 48 for nothing.

  • Cody Krup
    Cody Krup

    Always had mad respect for Ryan Fitzpatrick and his hustle. I wish he could've found consistent success in the NFL, but the fact that he earned so much money without ever really putting his long term health at serious risk is impressive.

  • Cesar Josue
    Cesar Josue

    I’m in the free agents jk

  • Dreyden

    Makes a game have a plot twist like a soap opera. Emmy Award-worthy. Best Daytime Drama.

  • Kevin Lashlee
    Kevin Lashlee

    Still better than Sam Bradford though...

  • Keenan McCarty
    Keenan McCarty

    He’s got the intangibles to be the GOAT but buckled under pressure. Makes sense to me!

  • Normans Fische
    Normans Fische

    He’s probably the best 2nd string the nfl has ever seen

  • Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein

    Nathan Peterman: I needed only one half to throw 5 picks.

  • Guardrail

    Connor McGregors twin

  • jamie gore
    jamie gore


  • Roger Bacon
    Roger Bacon

    Ryan Fitzpatrick ended a dynasty this year, just to watch it burn. He is some kind of all-powerful NFL patron god of chaotic neutral, and easily one of the most entertaining football players to have ever played the game. Bet you he goes into politics after his NFL career. I'll meet you back here at this comment in a few years if he does -_d

  • Allae Abdelrahman
    Allae Abdelrahman

    At this point even if fitzmagic is the backup to mahomes he is somehow gonna get the start

  • Allae Abdelrahman
    Allae Abdelrahman

    Ryan fitzmagic is the true goat

  • TheGhost8783

    Amish man? Amish are not allowed to grow a mustache bud...

  • Christpher R Fritz
    Christpher R Fritz

    Now knowing the history he should sign with the Eagles 😳

  • timomastosalo

    Think he wants to look like Conor McGregor

  • Michael Neely
    Michael Neely

    Tampa should have kept him and got rid of Winston.

  • Robert

    First QB to be down by 17 and then win by 18????? The fuck kind of stat is that? Who actually knows that? What does it prove?

  • Jackson Gilmore
    Jackson Gilmore

    Around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> Mahomes did it against the Texans 2020 divisional

  • Richard Hampton
    Richard Hampton

    Love fitscy he is a cave man with a brain. Fins up.

  • Carson Trudell
    Carson Trudell

    In Harvard, he learned how to make everyone think he's good, and then, you know.... It's fitzception.

  • Dolphin Zone
    Dolphin Zone


  • Dominic Ricci
    Dominic Ricci

    Little did we know he would goto the dolphins and be their leading rusher.

  • Yahya Naseem
    Yahya Naseem

    He’s a national hero for what he did against the patriots.

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc

    @O:17, dudes head looks like a big toe. So the dude screams like a girl and had a giant toe head.

  • W M
    W M

    He literally is one of the strangest players to ever play in the NFL. I watched him play in Cincinnati and it was so strange to watch because you didn't know what Fitz would show up. One game he is making amazing plays and the next game you would think he was almost throwing interceptions on purpose. My buddy and I used to joke that because he was so smart in economics and was playing the QB position he could be betting and throwing games on purpose to make insane gains of profit. We were just messing around but I also feel like we will get a movie about this guy one day and how smart and crazy he was is going to be way deeper than we know, LOL.

  • Matty 24
    Matty 24

    The Kansas city game with the jets was hard to watch and I'm a Pat's fan, I don't know how you left that out.

  • Glock19ist

    I once traded Fitzpatrick for Brady once. I hyped him up so bad. Got the trade in fantasy. Then of course the commissioners shot me down. WTF!!!

  • The American Crusader
    The American Crusader

    The Amish Man Cometh

  • quigonkenny


  • Jeff Naslund
    Jeff Naslund

    We like him here in Miami lol

  • Victor HM
    Victor HM

    The worst QB best paid along with Brock Osweiler of all time...

    • Midevil Deth Kitens
      Midevil Deth Kitens

      The thing is that Ryan Fitzpatrick occasionally plays well, Brock does not

  • Camron Toney
    Camron Toney

    So bizarre, he grew a beard and is wearing sunglasses. Oooh man sooooo crazy

  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo

    He is either the best QB youve ever seen or one of the worst to play the game week to week. He is always signed as a backup and usually ends up starting anyways. He looks like a viking and sounds like a girl when he celebrates. I choose to believe that Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, made Fitzpatrick just to fuck with us.

  • kevdone w
    kevdone w

    Get paid to be almost good enough and move on

  • Phinal Flash
    Phinal Flash

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> Kevin Curtis sighting.

  • PsychoPavilion

    Then there he goes destroying the pats

  • T. Dobbs
    T. Dobbs

    2019 season -3529 yds. 32886 career passing yards. 81.6 career passer rating. And the guy to be forever know as the great Fitzmagic. The guy who likely convinced Mike Flores & Miami to forget about the 2019 tank and ensure the beginning of the end of Tom Bradys career instead... Over $60 million earned. Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • Brylinn Turner
    Brylinn Turner

    Conor mcgregor wannabe

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor

    did he start out as sam darnold and evolved to a taller connor mcgregor?

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