The Destructive Power Of Canelo Alvarez (2019)
As we approach the mega fight between Mexican boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez and Russian power puncher Sergey Kovalev set for November 2nd live on DAZN, The Boxing Round Up takes a look at the destructive power of Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.
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  • Alex Guevara
    Alex Guevara

    Canelo is overrated hes only fighting older fighters passed their primes or young class b fighters smh disappointing

  • ty R
    ty R


  • Sam Lam
    Sam Lam

    MMA fan for the last 15 years, but a boxing fan for life. I remember watching the fights in the late 80's and early 90's with my dad when I was growing up. Even though I've strayed, I still love the sweet science. Hats off to this gentleman and all of the other warriors out there throwing fists!

  • Ignacio Ortiz
    Ignacio Ortiz

    Destructive power!🤣😝

  • hezekiah dayson
    hezekiah dayson

    I'd love to watch Canelo vs Crawford

  • RPG 808
    RPG 808

    Bring canelo into the CAGE for a change and see how long it takes to bust him up and submit him. James Toney couldn't even lay a hand on Couture. NOT A HAND! We call that a "total destruction" which is far worse than a loss. Come on Alvarez, be #2.

  • Dub Line
    Dub Line

    You accuse Canelo of cherry picking AND you dont put the Jacobs fight??? Wtf is wrong with you?!?!

  • Alvaro Concevida
    Alvaro Concevida

    We are so proud ofSaúl canelo Álvarez The best middle weight of the World pound for pound

  • Jordi Ramos Figueroa
    Jordi Ramos Figueroa

    Canelo es un dios! Se habla de messi, ronaldo, pero CANELO es lo mas grande que dios nos ha dado a la humanidad

  • Zay Percocet
    Zay Percocet

    Floyd destroyed this guy tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cayetano Diaz
    Cayetano Diaz

    Si no pelea con un veterano pelea con novatos

  • Adam-8k

    Floyd still whooped dat ass

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut

    Alvarez vs Fielding is a prime example of why any boxer should go more for the body. Some have an iron chin but when they get hit to the body with a clean and powerful punch, they all go down in agony.

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    He got HIS ass whoopde by triple g.

  • CelticBommer

    His strongest power is his mind

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark

    Canelo's career has been MARRED with ridiculous judges giving him wins he DID NOT DESERVE... HELL...A FUCKING JUDGE SAID HIS FIGHT VS MAYWEATHER WAS A DRAW!!!! That fight may have been the most thorough domination I have ever seen. Canelo looked like a lost kid in the Mall of America. His head was spinning all night and the judge had the gall to say that man won 6 rounds!!!

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark

    The Destructive Judges of Canelo Alvarez...

  • Pedro Ruiz
    Pedro Ruiz

    Destructive against the retirement home 😂🤣

  • Juan Montalvo
    Juan Montalvo

    Floyd savia cuando pelear con El....Ahorra Canelo puede pelear con una mano amarada a la espalda y pelear con una mano no mas y le parte el culo a Floyd Mayweather

  • Juan Montalvo
    Juan Montalvo

    Al principio no me gustava Canelo, siempre pense que era muy guillu y bocon,pero despues de ver y admirar todo el esfuerzo y dedicacion que el le a metido,ahorra lo sigo,lo admiro y de verdad no veo a nadie ganarle si el sigue asi.....Dios te bendiga Canelo Alvarez y siempre pa lante.....☝️🇲🇽💪💪

  • marvel fresh
    marvel fresh

    Check his groves

  • William

    I love how the canelo haters always bring floyd Mayweather as the only way to talk shit. Or call him a cheater. Lol

  • Hector Rodriquez
    Hector Rodriquez

    Cinnamon Alvarez goat ,no one stands a chance

  • elton plata
    elton plata


  • Roy Molina
    Roy Molina

    Boxing is hit and not get hit. No rule says a boxer cant out school another boxer lmao

  • Veilofmayaa

    That punch to Amir Khan, Jesus!

  • Reynaldo Lopez
    Reynaldo Lopez

    Lara y Canelo nunca ocurrió? No pueden mencionar el robo.

    • Reynaldo Lopez
      Reynaldo Lopez

      @Alberto Anz Y Canelo frente GGG? patinando de espaldas, claro para Canelo buen boxeo y para Lara solo corriendo? Difícil creerlo para aquel que la vio!

    • Alberto Anz
      Alberto Anz

      Pues no ocurrió porque se la pasó corriendo

  • Matias D.C
    Matias D.C

    mexicans dislike canelo cause he looks like a gringo

  • Hungry Rabbit
    Hungry Rabbit

    What a monster....Canelo!

  • Luis Alberto Carrillo Bacab
    Luis Alberto Carrillo Bacab

    Canelo if not the best of all time he's so close to it

    • lc0806

      Not even close. Canelo has struggled with oponents. Mike Tyson finished most of his fights in first round

  • German Aguilar
    German Aguilar

    I was expecting him fighting instead this white dude won’t stfu

  • Emerest Thisk
    Emerest Thisk

    He's a drugs cheat and has had fights fixed

  • Guillermo Menjivar
    Guillermo Menjivar

    The old men or disadvantaged boxer destroyer, He's not a Marquez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Morales o Barrera. Those were true Mexican boxers.

  • One FlyMfkr
    One FlyMfkr

    Sad that Mexican Americans support him more then actual MEXICANS bunch of salty mfkrs especially the Mexican older fighters

  • Eddie Gee
    Eddie Gee

    Canelo is a fraud.. He hides from the best and only fights bums and old men.. Lara beat Canelo

    • ahk_Clan

      Eddie Gee Your stupid 😂

  • antoineee 2017
    antoineee 2017

    He should fight Lomanchenko next... idk if that’s how you spell it.

  • Bernie West
    Bernie West

    I used to be a canelo fan but then when he ran from GGG then taking so steroid to fight him

    • Bernie West
      Bernie West

      Bernie west stand for the great one

    • Dr Trump
      Dr Trump

      Bernie West who tf names their kid bernie west lmfaoooo

    • Chino J Martinez
      Chino J Martinez

      Bruhh they fought 2 times alreadyyy

  • lou perez
    lou perez

    If you're gonna hate you're gonna hate, but at least acknowledge his greatness

  • edwin Hunnet
    edwin Hunnet

    Floyd will beat this man 10/10 times

  • Windmill cancer survivor ?windmill
    Windmill cancer survivor ?windmill

    Mexico has too many malinches

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