The European Union Explained*
CGP Grey
The European Union with a lot of asterisks.
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  • Powder_ Days
    Powder_ Days

    Didn't you forget New Caledonia....?? As a French colony.

  • Sultanus Gamer
    Sultanus Gamer

    Poland isn't in the Eurozone!

  • New Neck Thebet
    New Neck Thebet


  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius

    We are often told that World War 2 was fought to keep the Germans from taking over Europe, instead we got the European Union that is handing Europe over to the 3rd world!

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius

    I watched all those British Flags waving, then the count down: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Then the big sign lit up: "WE'RE OUT" (God Bless Britain for voting OUT of the anti-white, pro 3rd world invasion called the European Union!)

  • Michael Mackinnon
    Michael Mackinnon

    You might wanna consider another video on this topic, maybe titled how Brexit triggered the fall of the European Empire .......and it will, and youre welcome, lots of love, the UK ;)

  • Albert McMullen
    Albert McMullen

    Where is the European Union? At the moment up shit creek.

  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne

    Another country soon to seek access to the EU is Scotland.

  • BGBoris 927
    BGBoris 927

    Ummm... brexit?

  • Timothy J. Holloway
    Timothy J. Holloway

    Holy annoying soundtrack! God!

  • Nicolas Marazuela
    Nicolas Marazuela

    Denmark is the only country in the european currency system 2 which is in the EU but has it's own currency which is tied to the Euro

  • Coolwoobyër

    I like how he used the Wilhelmus as background music.

  • Mr. Neverdie
    Mr. Neverdie

    Now it's gone to hell. Proud to be an American.

    • eres

      it actually is expanding faster than ever and has no dept . Proud to be european

  • monolith geometry
    monolith geometry

    How can this happen when all Nations don't share the same values ?

  • ForeignPrinceOfRomania


  • Aleksander Razny
    Aleksander Razny

    European Union is German Nazi and Italian Fascist in overall🌐.🔫🐊🔥💥

    • eres

      nah it is democratic and promotes a no discrimination policy unlike UK...

  • Anon Anonymous
    Anon Anonymous

    *in general shit happens

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    3Head Clap

  • Martin doyle
    Martin doyle

    E.u exit please

  • DB1968

    Thank goodness we are no longer a member of this undemocratic sh*t-show. BYEEEEEE !!!

    • DB1968

      @eres What on Earth are you wittering on about??? :-) Lmfao

    • eres

      @DB1968 the rotten and corrupt UK haha the only country that dumb to not fully accept metric is US and goes by ancient egyptian measuring system and doesn't know any language ha ha with a failing currency it cant enter the eurozone because it is too poor lmao

    • DB1968

      @eres The rotten, corrupt and totally undemocratic EU organisation is doomed to collapse. Ha ha ha. But we still love the people and nation states of Europe - it's only the cr*ppy EU organisation we do not like.

    • eres

      thank goodness that dumb pesky country left . BYEE!

  • Sklep Biedromka
    Sklep Biedromka

    Neo - communist organisation

  • Banana

    3:27 2020, Poland still hasn't euro

  • Jed music
    Jed music

    Who's watching after brexit

  • Procommenter Man
    Procommenter Man

    Look mama! There's an F.B.I. “special” agent buying rubbers at the “square” mall. Maybe he is remembering his “then” girlfriend from three years ago to whom he'd often say, “Well let me ask you this?”

  • deadvodka

    If anybody is wondering about the choice of music, this part of Beethovens Symphony No. 9 (Ode to joy) was proposed in 1955 as the ECouncil anthem and accepted as such in 1972 without Schiller's German text though, and finally In 1985 as the EG/EU anthem officially acclaimed. There are versions in Latin and Esperanto, but they aren't officially accepted as the anthem.

  • justin renou
    justin renou

    Arrogant South Africans don't deserve Trade or tourism: Threats to NATO allies!

  • Aboelenein

    Europe is not really a continent ... It's a made up continent by whites to distinct themselves from the rest of the world ...

    • eres

      africa isn't a continent it is a made up continent to distinct blacks from eurasia citizens

  • Prettyneatperson

    *UK no longer a member

  • Nikhil R.
    Nikhil R.

    Really? UK? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?! (Then I go, ok whatever.)

    • Dollar

      bro, this video is from 2013

  • Zanimljiva Struja
    Zanimljiva Struja

    0:30 Serbia isn't gonna be part of EU.

    • Zanimljiva Struja
      Zanimljiva Struja

      @Kvarta B Yes You are right.

    • Kvarta B
      Kvarta B

      Zanimljiva Struja I don’t really think it is going to dissolve in 5 years, it would be a much longer process. Just look at UK, it took them 4 years to leave. Now for my personal opinion why western Europe is against allowing these Balkan countries entering the EU. Western Europeans think that these countries want to join EU only to drain money out of it (just like Visegrád countries, Romania and Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia are doing) and don’t really care about any other stuff or dislike what EU proposes in enviroment, immigration etc. without providing anything by themselves. I as someone from former Eastern Bloc can see it clearly, what’s happening in our politics and in which way our country will continue. Western Europeans clearly see what went wrong in these countries and don’t want to make the same mistake again.

    • Zanimljiva Struja
      Zanimljiva Struja

      @Kvarta B Because they won't let Serbia join EU.EU probably would dissolve in next 5 years.

    • Kvarta B
      Kvarta B

      Zanimljiva Struja Why?

  • iDunno


  • ZeBendix

    UK come back :(

  • Frizo

    This video did not age well *cough* Brexit

  • Nicko

    I'm Italian and I want my country to leave the EU. Things have to be simpler.

    • eres

      simpler but not cheaper a big part of italians wanna leave because of the immigration but remember you controlled Libya and now when it is in a civil war you wanna have nothing to do with it

  • Павел Николов Панков پاول نیکلوف پانکوف
    Павел Николов Панков پاول نیکلوف پانکوف

    Обиявам Война

  • Tony Farrugia
    Tony Farrugia


    • Tony Farrugia
      Tony Farrugia

      ​@eres wrong they do have a president actually 3 presidents that hold great power which are not elected and not accountable to EU member voters ..the EU needs to be dismantled asap

    • eres

      @Tony Farrugia they don't have a president is is not a country they have elected parliament members the only people that are not elected are those who represent the countries which are choose by their own governments

    • Tony Farrugia
      Tony Farrugia

      the EU Parliament does not make the laws the unelected unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU Commission do therefore it is not a democracy..even the president is unelected

    • eres

      democracy because you literally elected a european parliament

  • Annoying B'stard
    Annoying B'stard

    It's a rest home for failed European politicians. And a very, very lucrative one.

  • Candy Candy Girl
    Candy Candy Girl


  • Your Memes
    Your Memes

    ”HOTEL SUIZO” is in Madrid Spain

  • Simon John
    Simon John

    The UK just left the web. The EU is not Europe, it's a political corporate and legal entity with 27 former countries in its web

  • Anastazia and Alex
    Anastazia and Alex

    In 2013 uk is in eu in 2020 BRETIX

  • Polish Hero Witold Pilecki
    Polish Hero Witold Pilecki

    This EU will fall apart! It's only a matter of time! The Euro and the German megalomania will destroy the EU! The idiotic plan of the Brussels bureaucrats and the the left's for the United States of Europe will also accelerate the collapse! After the collapse, hopefully a free trade agreement will be agreed with a common internal market!

    • Polish Hero Witold Pilecki
      Polish Hero Witold Pilecki

      @eres Anti european? Who operate lying porpaganda here? You obviously do it! The EU is not Europe! Half of the European continent is not in the EU! Incidentally, the Brussels bureaucrats are a fact! It is also a fact that these not democratically elected bureaucrats do politics in the EU! By the way, I also wrote about Eastern Europe. Ukraine is known to be in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, propaganda is not negative. Propaganda (from Latin propagare ,spread)! In the sense of spreading political ideas to change political opinions or public perspectives. Propaganda only becomes negative if you spread lies with this propaganda like you do.

    • eres

      @Polish Hero Witold Pilecki mate i am talking about east europe and you are fooling no one with shouting bureaucrats because that is well known old anti european propaganda idea next time write me something new to discus with you cheers

    • Polish Hero Witold Pilecki
      Polish Hero Witold Pilecki

      @eres It is also wrong to say that the EU wants to expand to the east! The EU wants to expand to the south. Albania, Macedonia and Serbia are candidate countries. In the east, Ukraine has no chance of membership. Ukraine is only being fooled by the Brussels bureaucrats. They have no intention of admitting Ukraine to the EU. And you spread lies, for to present the EU as particularly important! The EU is not the biggest common market with a common currency. China and India have twice the population. In addition, not all EU countries have the euro as a currency! For example, Denmark basically does not want a euro as a currency and Poland is only theoretically obliged to adopt the euro. Because the introduction of the euro is not compatible with the Polish constitution. In addition, the Polish population does not want the euro. By the way, the euro would be harmful to the Polish economy. If the EU falls apart, it will also be an advantage for Poland if Poland has its own currency. The EU will also fall apart because of the euro and other mistakes. Only a matter of time! Hopefully the EU will then be replaced by a pure economic agreement with a common market but without the political nonsense. Similar to NAFTA.

    • eres

      EU is actually expanding fast with countries in the east waiting to join and EU is the biggest common market with a common currency , USA is helping EU expand in countries with NATO membership because it is unstable and need protection

  • Luca Ortolani
    Luca Ortolani

    France *the queen of not letting go* Grey, you speak to me on a spiritual level

  • Kate Bator
    Kate Bator


  • terrorfire tank
    terrorfire tank

    "Laughs in Brexit"

  • jenwill11

    Fleece everyone and tell them how to run their lives

  • The legend
    The legend

    **laughs in switzerland**

  • Luke A
    Luke A

    This is NOT how the EU works

  • Calin SA
    Calin SA

    feb 2020 - disapointed that this vid is not updated....

  • Toxic Tears
    Toxic Tears

    European Utopia

  • Eddie L
    Eddie L

    Correction, all the countries do not pay into it, only a few do.

  • Emily Bennett
    Emily Bennett

    Him in 2013: ...United Kingdom... Me in Feb 2019: NOT ANYMORE FOLKS!

  • Tutoro 90
    Tutoro 90

    When I heard “UK” I was like eh eh not anymore:(

  • Tutoro 90
    Tutoro 90

    When I heard “UK” I was like eh eh not anymore:(

  • christof mortensen
    christof mortensen

    The EU is like the state’s in the USA

    • eres

      if you are an EU member you can be ignorant of new laws like common currency , open borders and other ahem . uk

    • cfltheman

      If EU members couldn't secede like Britain, the yeah.

  • Hana M.
    Hana M.


  • Krosant UWU
    Krosant UWU

    Excuse me but what the fuck? Iceland and Norway *are* in the Europe >:(

    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williams

      Europe, yes. But not in the European Union. Iceland applied in 2009, but wasn't granted full membership. Norway is also in Europe but not the Union.

  • Jeppie

    The EU always says that they’re promoting democracy right? Well let’s have a look at how democratic they are shall we. Well at the first glance, it seems like all is right with the world, we elect a parliament who govern us, right? Wrong, the parliament can only vote on proposals made by the European Commission. So who elects them, to this day I still haven’t found out, in fact no one has. These same unelected elites also decide who will become President of the EU. No not the parliament, they are given one, yes only one, candidate which they can vote on. Oh yeah and all the votings are secret so even the people we do get to elect, cannot be held accountable. So what kind of democracy is the EU actually promoting, because it’s not the free and fair kind that’s for sure

  • Joseph Zanes
    Joseph Zanes

    ************ WTFFFFFF

  • John Lammi
    John Lammi

    the laws of the EU ARE NOT VOTED ON by residents; they are created by an unelected commission