The Legend of FitzMagic is Born! (Patriots vs. Bills, 2011) | NFL Vault Highlights
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During Week 3 of the 2011 NFL season Ryan Fitzpatrick engineered an epic comeback against Tom Brady's New England Patriots!
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  • Bom Trady
    Bom Trady

    9:38 wtf kind of call was that the receiver literally hugged him plus the ball was uncatchable

  • Stevie Cav
    Stevie Cav

    They put the bills on the cover of SI the week after for this haha

  • Thatguy Kye
    Thatguy Kye

    And fitzmagic handed Brady an L in Foxborough with my Phins lmao

  • Brian 23
    Brian 23

    Marv albert was brutal

  • ReveiwKing999

    Eight years later, FitzMagic comes backs to curse the Pats again...

  • Navon Myhand
    Navon Myhand

    Proper rankings: Playoffs Brady > Fitzmagic > Regular Season Brady > Fitzpatrick > Julian Edelman on trick plays > Fitztragic

  • Dustin Platt
    Dustin Platt

    We love when you beat the Patriots. Anyone. Like any player who beats the Patriots is the best. Like, even the kicker. -All NFL fans.

  • Jun123


  • Shaun Summers
    Shaun Summers

    I love seeing the patriots lose!

  • Sebastian

    Who's here after Fitzmagic and the Dolphins beat the Patriots and made them lose the number 2 seed? 😂

  • ProteanGreninja

    Who's here after he just upset Brady at New England in the 2019 finale?

  • Johnnyukulele

    more magic today for Miami GO FITZ!

  • PetroFor3

    King Fitzpatrick takes Brady’s head again ! All hail king Fitzpatrick

    • PetroFor3

      Big Sweaty thank you he’s my favorite too :) !!

    • Big Sweaty
      Big Sweaty

      Thats great you are here after Futz did it again. Wow, my favorite basketball player man. Great profile .

  • Romi Arkan
    Romi Arkan

    Then Fitzmagic turns into Fitzception

  • Josh Maine
    Josh Maine

    Bills fan here. All bias aside - how is this not one of the greatest football games ever played? A comeback, a shootout, HUGE plays by both teams. Best game I've seen in the last 10 years, by far.

  • A G
    A G

    It's insane to see him without the beard!

  • Cownt

    Nice lil motivation b4 game time

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders

    Fitz, you became a Bills franchise QB, albeit briefly, with the promise of taking the division from the Pats. If we were to beat them today, we need you to deliver on that promise even if you're with the fins now. Go there next week, score 28 points on them and see if their pathetic offense can do something about it. This is your chance to win the division for the Bills, without even playing for the Bills.

  • robert brunelle
    robert brunelle

    who the fuck is adelman 8:34

  • robert brunelle
    robert brunelle

    tom not that happy now be a fool to sign with a new team

  • Allen The Skywalker
    Allen The Skywalker

    At 5:41 I thought it was the 4 quarter then I realized the first half hadn’t even finished

  • Allen The Skywalker
    Allen The Skywalker

    I Really Misss Fred Jackson

  • Nolan Meier
    Nolan Meier

    Let’s get another game like this on Sunday... for the mafia 💪💪

  • pillbelichick

    Can't believe this was 8 years ago

  • sliverradio

    Bills love to celebrate the occasional September win vs Patriots like they’ve won the Super Bowl.

  • Undead Trooper
    Undead Trooper

    Ryan is the literal Jekyll/Hyde of the League, terrible at times and a angel at other times


    Go bills

  • Peter Darcy
    Peter Darcy

    I remember this game watched it for beginning to end in 2011, as a die hard Bills cheektowaga fan it was 2-0 vs 2-0 wayching this in Montana. I dont know where the magic came from but at the time it was Ryan. Now he may have sucked progressively after this but this was a game to remember, Bledsoe beat Brady 31-0, then he beats Bledsoe 31-0. They had the weapons, we just had the "Magic" GO BILLS

  • Spencer

    all time classics

  • Theroux

    None of these casual sports "fans" today were even close to being around to remember CHAD OCHOCINCO.

  • Nick Vernald
    Nick Vernald

    Siri, show me “Tom Brady choking compilation”

    • Theroux

      >30 seconds long

  • Patrick McDermott
    Patrick McDermott

    How many fantastic points did welker have

  • Jonathan Huber
    Jonathan Huber

    Besides those INTs early, Brady was absolutely clutch in this game. Too bad his defense blew it badly lol.

  • Jonathan Huber
    Jonathan Huber

    More like legend of Fred Jackson lmao. And the Bill's defense.

  • Paul Bowen
    Paul Bowen

    The main talent of belicheck: picking up good white players

  • shaggy1998hcs

    Brady go suck Bill belichick's dick

  • Michael linch
    Michael linch

    Fuckin loved Danny Woodhead -I know the INT went off his hands but that was a fluke - Kid caught almost everything ever thrown to em . Plus he was surprisingly great @ running between the tackles

  • Zayden Nightshade
    Zayden Nightshade

    The New Orleans-Houston game going on at the same time was a wild one, definitely worth a highlight video.

  • emo

    imho , the whole Bills team was magical this day . Bills running back number 22 (name ? ) besides great breakaway run , was great several times picking up his feet when Pat defenders had their hands around his ankles and breaking out for more yardage .

  • GetPaidWithKyle

    Lol Ryan Fitzpatrick is the biggest troll in the NFL..he plays 2-3 games amazing gets the attention of everyone then gets the bigger contract then plays like crap sits on bench and gets traded all in an effort to never actually play but still makes really good money for his fam from getting a percentage of the money from those big contacts

  • Jacob Denissen
    Jacob Denissen

    Brady always throwing them Red Zone picks


    Fitzpatrick ain’t bad . He just belongs in the 1960s era of football

  • Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson

    And.... we smoked him today and Allen's the man Fitmagic my ass 0-5

  • christopher krause
    christopher krause

    Paid refs

  • *Crystal Spirit Wolf*
    *Crystal Spirit Wolf*

    The Bill's did the same thing from 2003

  • Oswaldiño Barbosa
    Oswaldiño Barbosa

    Today I hope to see the same result against Patriots! Let’s go Buffaloooooo! 💙❤️

  • ricky smith
    ricky smith

    OMG ,, Say it aint so ,,,,Buffalo ...... NFL press that's how you do that ....Brady 4 ints

  • David Williamson
    David Williamson


  • Davion Price
    Davion Price

    Had to come and watch this to get even more fired up for Sunday!!!! We can do this !

  • Thomas LaVean
    Thomas LaVean

    Il never forget being at this game.

  • Jair Carriedo
    Jair Carriedo

    All the bullshit flags the Patriots got and they still couldn’t win . Fucking pathetic

  • Stephen Maitre
    Stephen Maitre

    "Broken up beautifully, intended for Adelman" 8:32

  • King Musaba
    King Musaba

    Come this Sunday, the Patriots will fall to Josh Allen and the Bills. #billmafiaisreborn.

  • Ubermentsh

    Fitzpatrick. The greatest quarterback of all time..... Sometimes

  • Mic Chael
    Mic Chael

    That 2011 Pats offense was legendary! And even though they lost this still remains one of my all time favorite games. Welker was a machine that day!

  • Xavier Wilson
    Xavier Wilson


  • Tyler Wolf
    Tyler Wolf


  • Max

    Who watching this before Sunday’s matchup?

    • john loo
      john loo

      Brady played like Josh Allen, a nd Josh Allen played like nathan peterman. We should've won

  • Bilal Moon
    Bilal Moon

    In this one game, Brady matched the total number of picks he threw the year prior.

  • Focus716

    interestingly enough we went 3-0 after this game and are now 3-0 for the first time since this year.... our team is better.. maybe now we can beat them to go 4-0!?!?!?