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Star Wars
Check out this special look at #TheMandalorian and start streaming the series tomorrow, only on #DisneyPlus.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

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  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

    I think ScreenVariety Tv is good place for you if you want to see it, you'll see there all season games.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

    I'll watch it online on ScreenVariety Tv this time. I think it's the best live TV option this year.

  • Arafat Hossain
    Arafat Hossain

    The Looney Tunes seems better with light sabers

  • CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr
    CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr

    Walt Disney was a known pedophile folks thanks for supporting that

  • Deebo Jones
    Deebo Jones

    @ 1:09: The same sound Jabba the Hut makes when he’s getting choked out by Princess Leia in ROTJ

  • Mile Antic
    Mile Antic

    Add the disney plus to serbia

  • YT Omni
    YT Omni

    I can watch this pirated but I will give Disney my money for making this instead

  • Cliff Owens
    Cliff Owens

    Hope they put this series on dvd.

  • NinjaCat

    I really wanna know if that guy gets cut in half on camera or not

    • Private Zussman
      Private Zussman

      He doesn't


    Alien "You spilled my drink. " Mandalorian "Hold my beer!"

  • patelowski

    The 4th episode is so good

  • Woah Woah
    Woah Woah

    The sound effects are like placeholders in this trailer. This scene is a lot sharper in the episode.

  • ぺぺ

    Disney+ と Disney DELUXE 日本じゃこれダルいぞ...

  • Lowkey Arki
    Lowkey Arki

    To be fair if opening a door makes you spill your drink, maybe you shouldn't pick a fight with a guy wearing armor.

  • Phontheva Pholsena
    Phontheva Pholsena

    Why can’t the last two star war films be this good!!!!

  • Mad Hadder
    Mad Hadder

    Bartender : you spilled his drink. Mandolorian : It was necessary.

  • mlouwagie

    what the hell who cares... its too dark... its too dark ...its too dark ...its too dark ...whats with these movies .... ITS TOO DARK . . . WHAT THE HELL ...why spend millions on it !?and people cant see it!!?

  • Apenas Mais Games
    Apenas Mais Games

    Looks like a commercial

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension

    This show kinda sucks.

  • Daniel Alexa
    Daniel Alexa

    Very cool and very Epic one of the best TV Series ever exist 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zach Redpath
    Zach Redpath

    the shot at 0:44 is playing in reverse.

  • Ironax3

    Alien: *scratches mandolorians armor* Mandolorian: yOu sEE WhAt hAPPenEd wAS..!

  • Rizki Aryo
    Rizki Aryo

    0:46 is he a yondue ?

  • Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    Which show is better? The Clone Wars or The Mandalorian?

  • shivam vishwakarma
    shivam vishwakarma

    Looks like star wars is getting better. This series and the new game is amazing. And I am so happy as the awful sequels are coming to end. 😑

  • hksrb25s16

    The Mandalorian is Awesome, love the music.

  • max ray
    max ray

    You spilled my drink Mando: hold my beer

  • DoesNotInhale

    Tait as an alien lol

  • J

    The language is rearranged letters of English words.

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