The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James
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  • Canadian Mapper
    Canadian Mapper

    Is anyone gonna talk about what's on James' monitor at 6:50?

  • SketchWind

    0:26 the dead meme is back

  • tanseeker

    Who else is a true fan of odd1out? Btw I’m underrated and don’t have many subs trying to become somewhere on KGsofts mind helping my dream come true?

  • Delores Eaddy
    Delores Eaddy

    Congrats on #1 on Trending!!!!!

  • Goodwin's Aquatics
    Goodwin's Aquatics

    "Mmmmmm". - theodd1sout

  • Shubham Lalwani
    Shubham Lalwani

    My tribute to roobaroo Out now

  • Mr.Serbian pepe
    Mr.Serbian pepe

    James I wish you were my maths teacher.Cause if you were it would be the best math class ever

  • betech

    Him keeping on saying "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"

  • Emo Chacken
    Emo Chacken

    I thought the Dark Crystal was quite good when I was 7. The MmmmmmMMMMMMmMmmm thing was almost a meme in my family. For example: Mum: Do you want some pancakesssss? Me: MmmmmmMmmMmmmmMMMMMmmmmmMmm

  • Лада Рей
    Лада Рей

    Кто-то: Почему тебе нравится "Тёмный кристалл"? Джеймс: ДА

  • •Blue Cløudz•
    •Blue Cløudz•

    Congratulations for being #1 on Trending 😁❤️

  • Gingee

    6:20-6:30 is basically asmr

  • Queen-Cheshire

    I both want and need a season 2, I became so obsessed with it after watching it. They did such a fantastic job with the series!

  • Bmore Queeze
    Bmore Queeze

    Bitch stfu pussy BOY

  • Tomminator

    Does anyone know which editing software James uses

  • I'm a WEIRDO
    I'm a WEIRDO

    I probably shouldn’t watch this at 1 am before school

  • AwesomeGun18ooo

    Ok but serious question though, are you actually a furry now?

  • Diana Doez Stuff
    Diana Doez Stuff

    A game will come out too--

  • Matey Dan 123
    Matey Dan 123

    I watched this video and I saved a whole 5:15!!!

  • Arctic TFurry
    Arctic TFurry

    James: “The oringinal movie already had so much lore. And they just added even more lore.” Me: “But? They based the entire show on the comics that no one remembers?” P.s. I recommented this because the first time the reply section went to hecc

  • Kirk Dennis Bernabe
    Kirk Dennis Bernabe

    Bruh I'm the 31--k

  • SpringWater

    lol i seen this movie before

  • Gautami Shetty
    Gautami Shetty

    3:23 wasn't it "110" rather than "10"

  • The Max
    The Max

    Ayy yo James why are you doing fam YOU MADE A VIDEO SAYING THAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE IT

  • Shiama Agou
    Shiama Agou

    I watched the full series and I want another series

  • Remi Madisson
    Remi Madisson

    Hey you random person who's scrolling throgh the comment section HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!

  • Lord Flexi
    Lord Flexi

    But is there any "plot"

  • Somebody And a nobody
    Somebody And a nobody

    James is ALIVEEEE

  • Eve

    Am I the only one who loves spoilers? Like..for everything? I love watching something after I know what it's gonna be about. And sometimes the more the that weird?

  • AlexGamingTV

    I am right here my name on tik tok is creativity and anything