The Only Land Battle Fought on U.S. soil in WWII (Strange Stories)
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The Aleutian Islands Campaign was a military campaign led by U.S. and Canadian forces on the Islands of Attu and Kiska.
It saw the only land battle fought on U.S. soil in World War two. .
Apart from that, the invasion of the Kiska island known as Operation Cottage is remembered as one of the most bizarre actions in the entire war.

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  • Simple History
    Simple History

    On the The Aleutian Islands campaign , the Canadian soldiers were issued with American M1 helmets to avoid friendly fire incidents..

    • Marko Red
      Marko Red

      Spanish civil war?

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      Brody Brown

      I was wondering why they looked liked American soldiers

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      Damian Grouse

      Sean Niver Hockey helmets...⚡️

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      Aidan Uri

      Ah okay, because I was like bruh that ain’t Canadian helmets

  • Boldizsár Fekete
    Boldizsár Fekete

    Japanese:we don't want to kill people on this island Americans and Canadians:fine I'll do it myself.

  • Deejay Greg
    Deejay Greg

    “You have been kicked from the match for team killing”

  • Yair Bar-Chen
    Yair Bar-Chen

    Who activated friendly fire?

  • V12

    King of the hill Double kill Triple ki- Monsterkilllll Rrrrunning wiiilde

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    Zombiesoldie R

    I’ve been watching your videos for like a year and just realized I wasn’t subscribed 😐

  • Juragan Traktor
    Juragan Traktor

    I guess its safe to say that.............. Fighting in Kiska and hope for glory and medal is nothing but an ALEUTIAN

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    joshepi krakowski


  • KyleNo Sleeves
    KyleNo Sleeves

    3:32 homeboy just standing there after his bros get dropped.

  • mark vincent serafin
    mark vincent serafin

    Now I know why in action games their is free for all match hahahaha

  • Stephen Reynolds
    Stephen Reynolds

    I call BS, Guam was a territory of the US, therefore they were considered US soil. the Marine base there were ousted and then re-liberated after years of occupation by the Japanese. Fact check needed here.....just saying.

  • Aviation Gaming1564
    Aviation Gaming1564

    *Only land battle fought on US soil* Years later: Area 51 Raid Years later: Aliens are mad that we didn’t release them so they attack us. Boom they turn us into mindless McFUCKS and we walk around like headless zombies. Sounds like fun.

  • Yoda Master
    Yoda Master

    Always learning new things, thanks to history lesson

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy

    This historical event could make for a great PLAYERUNKNOWN Battlegrounds scenario/map. 🤦‍♂️

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore

    4:50 ish that’s mans mag is up side down

  • Sol K. Posner
    Sol K. Posner

    Battle of Attu & Kiska: Monty Python Edition.

  • Sander Skovly
    Sander Skovly

    My previous school had a map of the state of Alaska, even though I am from Norway. And on this map there is detailed description of these two battles, pretty cool tbh, the japanese planned to invade the third island in the island chain too if I remember correctly, but then chose not to.

  • Ben G Vegas
    Ben G Vegas

    Wow killing each others with no enemy

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian

    It should also be mentioned that the 1st special service forces was a joint unit of Canadian and American troops.

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian

    Stupid battle... Idiots.

  • Adam Dadds
    Adam Dadds

    You’ve been kicked from the server for excessive friendly fire

  • MaChaiTea

    This story is really funny

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    Hermes Yen

    Trust is the foundation of every relationship. So is not killing each other.

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    Andy Serrano

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    Hoplite 898

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    xd slendy po and bendy veo

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      Donald Schmenk

      Speak English.

  • xd slendy po and bendy veo
    xd slendy po and bendy veo

    Soldier: this is enemy?? | Government of canada: no

  • The Gray Guy
    The Gray Guy

    This is why we need to build a wall!.

  • DikoMan

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    Rhiannon Whitney

    The War of 1812 all over again, but this time, it's modern.