The Satire of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) - Wisecrack Edition
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Welcome to this special edition of 8-Bit Philosophy, where video games introduce famous thinkers, problems, and concepts. In this episode, we're doing things a little differently by cracking into the philosophy and satire of Grand Theft Auto V. We're planning to do more of these video game deep dives, so let us know what you think.
"The Satire of GTA V"
Exploring Social Commentary, Satire, and Parody in Grand Theft Auto
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Written by: Matt Reichle
Created & Directed by: Jared Bauer
Producer: Jacob Salamon
Co-Producer: Todd Mendeloff
Edited by: Mark Potts
Narrated by: Jared Bauer

© 2015 Wisecrack, Inc.

  • David Jordan
    David Jordan

    The most telling aspect of modern video games to me is the situation where as the producers and developers generally do not play them, and few will allow their children to play them. The people that create and profit from these games are not that different from a drug cartel using an group of addicts' for their profit.

  • Enfinate

    As a guy who loves ethics, catharsism, psychology and gaming, i find this really interesting

  • gamecatz

    This game can be taken seriously; it just depends on your interpretation. This game can be funny, profane, and foul, but it's not always about that. This game can be taken as different stereotypical situations, but it can also be taken as a game that shows you real life aspects, intriguing scenarios, a well-detailed open world, a unique story, and three contrasted and realistic protagonists. Michael is relatable because of having trouble being a perfect dad, husband, and human being and is often depressed but wants more to life than what he has, Trevor is interesting because of his violent and chaotic nature, but has depth in his personality and is not just enjoyable to play as, and Franklin is almost human, but has a detailed side to his character and it almost seems like the game is revolved around him. Kids would just see this as a fun game with violence and naughty stuff that there parents will for sure not approve of, mature players would see this as a game with relatable aspects and a story that seems almost real and fitting to today's culture.

  • David Marcucci Jr.
    David Marcucci Jr.

    Love how they even give Franklin Tim's to start off with

  • Mr Knight
    Mr Knight

    I prefered playing as Franklin.

  • Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions
    Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions

    2:43 I like how lost and damned theme plays in background when we see Trevor, despite he hating the lost mc and even killing Johnny and the rest of the main gang 😂

  • Martin Giebler
    Martin Giebler

    Jared did not seem like normal, hopefully just my imagination.

  • youmadbro _1
    youmadbro _1

    Michael is the representation of a bad man trying to be good and Franklin the classic good man doing bad things.That's why Michaels and Franklins chemistry is so good

  • Thunder Hunter
    Thunder Hunter

    I just want to drive bro

  • henry smith
    henry smith

    "We are corrupt in a good way"-The Government....

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore

    great idea, to analyze the whole background of video games. Liked.

  • Y0ungContrarian

    Trevor is a critique of gaming and its related impulse satisfaction in the same way that Manhunt was....

  • Bæ Ong
    Bæ Ong

    the ghuy in the beginning 100% reminds me of the guy from the Netflix original, "Happy!"

  • MF-RasuL

    I REALLY disagree with this video. There is so much generalization that it shows how out of touch you are with the actual everyday players of the game.

  • hofmeister15


  • Stephen King
    Stephen King

    "Deep down inside, we're all violent psychos" That's why I don't like GTA at all, but then what does that mean for the rest of the players?

  • EaZyKiNg

    It’s De Santa not DeSantos

  • Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley

    The torture scene actually fits Trevor perfectly. You have to remember in The Walking Dead that he was Simon. A total psycho.

  • Jo Thomas
    Jo Thomas

    I've spent an irrational amount of time working on Michael's tennis skills.

    • Mike Stanley
      Mike Stanley

      For me it is golf.

  • AreYouRock

    De Santos ? How the fuck do you even get that wrong? Wouldn't you just copy paste the name from the game's website or smth ? Come on

  • Auld Bob
    Auld Bob

    It has to be said, Unless you are a Scot around 90% of the humor in GTA V is going to fly over your head. The strange thing about Scottish humor is that the World renowned Scottish comics, like Sir Harry Lauder, were not actually great comics displaying Scots humour - they made fun of Scots for non-Scots - and made lots of money doing so..

  • Good human be happy
    Good human be happy

    I hope gta6 comes out soon. I can't handle the bore of another dlc

  • samiir duale
    samiir duale

    this channel always tells the truth no matter what and that's really unique thing that you can't get from any other place in the internet people need some one who tells them how awful they are and this is what this channel does as always this was really informating thanks wisechrack

  • Seawolf


  • ZYN3XIA Productions
    ZYN3XIA Productions

    You missed the fact that this torture scene was developed shortly after CIA black sites were found and uncovered within the US infrastructure for anti-terrorism this also makes a statement in forces us to confront this realization of how brutal these practices can be

  • Omni Fortuna
    Omni Fortuna

    6:44 Take that back,

  • Mystical Astronomer
    Mystical Astronomer

    The funny part, if they added the Honor from Red Dead, it would be very low. I think Rockstar is trying to say something, put all of Rockstar Games games together, try to see the bigger picture

  • 12DAMDO

    gta online punishes you for bad behaviour and rewards you for good behaviour now that's a real satire on our choise to do bad things in the game

  • Starfall 21X
    Starfall 21X

    Pretty much what I have known about Rockstar games ever since the GTA 3. Not so much 1 or 2, because they didn't have much in the way of story. And tbh I didn't like the first GTA because it was a top down 2D run n gunner. And my intrest was in immersive 3rd person 3D games with story such as Spyro or FF7.

  • movement2contact

    6:46 excuse me...??!

  • Abdullah Al-Qazzaz
    Abdullah Al-Qazzaz

    So we’re just gonna ignore 2:55?

  • Jhin D
    Jhin D

    You can do yoga, exercise, and do other peaceful stuff, but they aren't significant when it comes to progressing the story line, right? You're given options that involve good behavior, but the game rewards criminal behavior more.

    • Jhin D
      Jhin D

      Still, I like that there's actually some substance to the game. Thanks. I'm gonna remember these points.

  • victor beast
    victor beast

    This is the type of video you show your parents to convince them that video games have some sort of substance.

  • aaron Van Rensburg
    aaron Van Rensburg

    really insightful, I loved every second of it

  • DrNemoNullus

    I didn't liked the torture-level.

    • Zach B
      Zach B

      I thought it was cool.

  • nko.

    at 11:04, they’re doing the “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” thing when they’re being told the government is corrupt

  • Frank


  • Hinkel

    4:07 oh i didnt enjoy that mission

  • Cosmo

    Most people would have the depth of GTA's satire fly right over their head

    • Long Nguyen
      Long Nguyen


  • Albert Lopez
    Albert Lopez

    So, a question: Because Franklin is controlled by the player does that make him a bad representation of black people in America? And if Trevor is the id then what about his moments of loyalty or affection towards other characters?

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese

    If a regular person plays GTAV they do everything Trevor would do, but if someone like Trevor plays GTAV, he's the one doing all the yoga "exercises", races, bike rides, and other meaningless side activities.

  • spicy mcnuggets
    spicy mcnuggets

    straight up an english asignment on gta5

  • Bill K
    Bill K

    What was this video about? Watched it twice, I don't understand the argument or point being made

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins

    San Andreas was the shit . i wish gta had the house as a check point u should be able eat sleep and bring chicks back to the house to fk that would be awesome

    • Rappa Kalja
      Rappa Kalja

      Get help

  • Sebastian Mooney
    Sebastian Mooney

    The ending where you the player had to decide who you will kill and no third option is why i just couldn't finish the game I still like thinking about the trio causing chaos in Los Santos.

  • Bao Doan
    Bao Doan

    0:35 Social "Commentray"

  • BoludoSinHuevos


  • Socially frustrated
    Socially frustrated

    These graphics are bad what graphics card do you use?

  • Yukihyo

    What happened to games like fable

  • Janis Stradins
    Janis Stradins

    boy those are some terrible graphics.

  • NAWW

    7:30 I would say that hipocracy is supposed to represent left wing (leftist) politicians who say capitalism sucks ,but they own mansions and cars

  • Mediocrity exe
    Mediocrity exe

    Michael de Santa. Not Desantos and not any other variation. It's just "de Santa"

  • Vanillastump

    All squares are rectangles. A rectangle has: 4 sides, 4 right angles, and has 2 sets of parallel lines. A square checks these boxes. A square has those and also all sides are the same length. A rectangle doesn’t have that. Unless your rectangle is a square anyway, as all squares are rectangles.

  • Chris Ulrich
    Chris Ulrich

    Michael listens to horrible music? Did your parents hit you when you were young?

  • Rob L
    Rob L

    white people smoke weed too

    • Rappa Kalja
      Rappa Kalja


  • TFO Cyborg
    TFO Cyborg

    Michael De Santos

  • Jonathan Edwards
    Jonathan Edwards

    I thought that was Kate Upton

  • Eric Ashby
    Eric Ashby

    8:03 - why did you use a screenshot from GTA San Andreas for the Jefferson Towers? rofl

  • SamBeg StHa2
    SamBeg StHa2

    11:04 the three 🐒

  • Vagabond_Jáchym

    7:33 that's the same television. You showed two pictures of one television.