The TRUTH About POLAND | My Experiences Here
Lifestyle Hal
The truth about Krakow Poland : i have to say i am not surprised by this country because i knew my time here would be epic - the question is whats it really like to be black in Poland - its an important question to ask so watch and let me know your thoughts below!

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  • Lifestyle Hal
    Lifestyle Hal

    im not sure why people are still writing " we poles are not racist"...I NEVER SAID THAT IN THE VIDEO..please listen and watch carefully ...

    • You're fired!
      You're fired!

      How about the questions in the thumbnail of your video?

    • XxX xXx
      XxX xXx

      Im sorry about my ppl but You have to understand. A lot of Poles are REALLY touchy about thys topic (and a lot of us dont speak english very well)

    • MrFanPL

      They look at the thumbnail, instantly type a comment and leave.

    • ARASE Industries
      ARASE Industries

      What about the thumbnail?

    • Wojciech Sokołowski
      Wojciech Sokołowski

      Great video, thanks 👍. I guess it's hard for some of us to accept the truth about the West's perception of Poland. We don't often realise it until we see those positive reactions of KGsoftsrs. Believe me, it can feel quite baffling for us to see the words: Racist??? Poor??? in the thumbnail next to our country's name.

  • Emil

    Complaining about Poland being racist (not u personally) when same time in your own "race" people called themselves "n" word....i don't care about people skin colour, if u rich, black, white, ginger, don't know with one leg and seven finger nails, no one cares, we all gonna end up in the same hole in earth so chill people......doesn't matter black or white cuse we human

  • Lechu Sarmacki
    Lechu Sarmacki

    Yeah in Poland we eat bears !!!

  • Kenkai

    Of course people in poland will stare at a Black person It doesnt mean anything bad, its just in Poland there isn't many black people so they will obiously stare because they don't see it everyday, go to a country like china for example, chinese people will be looking at you if you not asian It doesn't mean anything bad its just unusuall to them

  • Joron Harris
    Joron Harris

    Well I here for the Defender 2020 training and I know we are bring in money. This place is pretty cool from the cities I have saw so far. Also yes, early travel is awesome because most ppl are not there. one US dollar equal 3.80 Zloty.. #winning

  • L. R.
    L. R.

    I think people in Poland tend to stare at people.

  • Peter H
    Peter H

    Yes we are rasist...we hate bloods&crips.F.A.Y.!!!!!

  • FABIANSfabian

    poland doesnt have many black citizens 1 of the many reasons it was classed racist

  • manar nagar
    manar nagar

    I Understand your Title is about seeking clout and likes, But the fact is you could get laid with any color if you can afford. Btw just to clarify you're neither Black or Asian as far as political correctness wonder poles are peturbed by such innuendo.

  • Mike

    UK has colonial past. Poland does not.

  • Dipshit

    racism in individual countries is due to the fact that there are different foreigners in it who are in significant numbers and behave in a divisive manner. This is where racism comes from. There are not so many foreigners in Poland, so Poles do not have to be racists.

  • servant

  • andrew brodie
    andrew brodie

    I've worked with lots of polish people and it's a beautiful country apparently and yes they are racist they hate Russians blacks and asians

    • Tom Fury
      Tom Fury

      but Russians are white, how can poles be racist towards them?

  • Wotermelon 1
    Wotermelon 1

    I mean people from poland just stare its natural I will sit in the bus and stare at people because I am bored and really don’t care about the old people stare its just because its not common to see a black person in Poland . Now its changing because more people are coming to Poland

    • Wotermelon 1
      Wotermelon 1

      I am not saying that you said that polish people are racist just explaining why poles may stare

  • Paulina Ciesielska
    Paulina Ciesielska

    Im White Polish woman who was brought up in UK and each time I go to Poland I get a lot looks at me for some reason, but that doesn't bother me because that's the way Polish people are. You don't notice it until you move out from Poland and come bk after some time Lol I also think u need to travel and do your own research a bit more to understand other cultures and people. Best of luck !

  • Paxon57

    Funny to watch "You don't have to think if you want to buy this, money it's no the problem" Well ofc it's not if You have UK salary because If You have Polish salary then it's survival game every month Let me compare it like that: That dinner mentioned cost is 5 pounds In UK on minimal wage You would make around 1500 pounds monthly In Poland on minimal wage You would make less than 2000 zł But the dinner price is 25 zł (1 pound = 5 zł ) So in here You would pay 1.25% of Your salary for that dinner But having UK salary being in Poland it's easy to say it's not much because You would pay for that dinner 0.3% of Your salary

  • Haidi Landrud
    Haidi Landrud

    In Poland they don’t like strangers

  • 1963eM

    Black? Sorry, you are not black, mix rather

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      W R O N G !

  • sp4wnersiak

    I've seen 2 or 3 black People in my whole life, and im 33 so i just starring at them because it's something new to me. It doesn't mean that i'm racist lol.

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      and im sure nobody on this channel has said you are :)

  • Henry Flandysz
    Henry Flandysz

    All four of my grandparents were born in Poland. I've been there three times, including an extensive tour of Auschwitz. But it wasn't until years later that I discovered how so many Polish people willingly collaborated with the invading Nazis by helping Nazis identify Jews. They got to keep the Jews' property including their homes. A couple years ago, the Polish parliament actually passed a law making it illegal to describe the collaboration with the Nazis in WWII. Disgusting! I will NEVER go back. I also discovered that Hitler himself was a lifelong conservative Catholic who died in the good graces of his church and he was never excommunicated for what he did.


    In England if somebody is gazing at another person just out of curiosity, because someone is different or interesting if the person being watched notices and looks back there is this awkward moment where both people avert their gaze at break neck speed. Some people in Poland, I say some because it's considered rude in Poland to stare also but some people just can't help themselves. I don't even know why myself, it's true there's less diversity and maybe for some people it's just too fascinating when somebody stands out from the norm not to look, but Poles don't seem to throw their face in another direction in such an apologetic manor when they are "caught" gazing at somebody and the extra time it takes for them avert their eyes to insecure people I think this becomes misconstrued as aggressive or in the case of somebody from another race with the preconception that Polish people are racist it misconstrued as Racism. I'm a white, I'm from England but my parents are Polish, when I visit Poland people stare at me constantly when they hear me speaking with my wife and Children in English and then with locals in Polish. They don't hear many foreign people speaking their language I can understand their curiosity. Although i do find it quite strange that it still seems to happen in big cities which are becoming increasingly diverse and have relatively high levels of tourism..but hey that's the Polish way and there is nobody on earth as welcoming and as warm as Polish people once you start making friends... Expect to be immediately invited to stay at their house and eat vast quantities of the best food you have ever tasted.

  • Wesleigh Makora
    Wesleigh Makora

    Mate sick vid.I subscribed.Iam in Kraków rn.I stay like eight min walk from Wawel.We should link!

  • Carrot Gaming
    Carrot Gaming

    Would u leave Poland alone ur mean i cry because of you u dont deserve ur fame

  • Daisy Summer
    Daisy Summer

    Thank you for recommending Poland as a country, great to visit ! Some of the people, still seems to think that , Poland is wild , extremely poor , without roads, with polar bears every where! 🤪😄😂 I was shocked when I heard that! Poland is very welcoming country , and very safe in comparison with other EU and no EU countries right now! Great video! 👍 😄

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      thank you - i just want to encourage people to stop listening to opinions of people who have never been or have nothing positive to say - its better to experience a place first hand as it stops alot of people thats why i solo travel cos my friends are big haters unless its paris barcelona or berlin

  • Dariusz L
    Dariusz L

    Very honest and positive reviews. Its nice to hear 👂 that 🤝👍🏻

  • Interesting Things
    Interesting Things

    Ive traveled a lot, seen a lot. But whenever I see a nonwhite person in my little town in Poland, I get curious...

  • A M
    A M

    Nice subscription argument. I subbed.

  • Julian Konstanty Ordon
    Julian Konstanty Ordon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="466">7:46</a> zapiekanka

  • Anna A.
    Anna A.

    Wow Poland 🇵🇱 the most beautiful and safest country in Europe!

  • JamaiKan

    God damn those countries are backwards

  • Holo Holopainen
    Holo Holopainen

    How is Corona Virus in Poland ? Is There any Visitors at the Moment ?

  • Jacek Florysiak
    Jacek Florysiak

    Nowadays You should rather prepare a video titled ' The TRUTH about UK ' and start it with claiming ' have the British become racists after Brexit or have they always been ? Try to convice me as Pole I can safely visit UK.

  • Ricardo Agila
    Ricardo Agila

    There is a WW2 museum in Warsaw that is a must visit when in the city. One can feel the tragedy that has befallen the city and its people.

  • Dominik Piotrowski
    Dominik Piotrowski

    Poland is not racist we are just curious put yourself in my shoes never seen white guy off curse you would stare at that guy and point fingers out of curiosity

  • Rafał Priman
    Rafał Priman

    You look like young DJ Premier :::)

  • tazbifypromotionalmarketing

    It’s based on experience and the amount of time you’ve had with Poland people. Per my experience I’ve dealt with a racist Poland female doctor.

  • Kuba Wieszczek
    Kuba Wieszczek

    Cheers from Poland

  • Shuab Shungne
    Shuab Shungne

    I must admit I stared the whole time of your video at your cap.

  • Benjerman Barker
    Benjerman Barker

    Bro., the name is said like putting the word "crack" in front of "cow"... there are no "F's" in this name, stop calling it "Krakoff!!!! LMAO!!!

  • Gold Bobak
    Gold Bobak

    I'm Polish. We don't care you are white, black, asian. If you want to work, if you respect our rules you will respected. No matter you are white, black or asian if you don't want to work, you want to have only benefit, you will lazy everyone here will hate you. Thanks for your video. I don't know why so much people say that Poland is racist. Everyone should to see our history. We have never colonies, we didn't take a part in slavery. We was slaves when other countries attacked us. For us human is human. Skin doesn't matter.

  • noodle senpai
    noodle senpai

    I'm polish live in Poland and I mostly agree with the thumbnail xddd

    • Peter Chibuzo
      Peter Chibuzo

      I hope you will personally welcome me. Bcos Poland is my next dream.. Am tired of hearing the good side.. Want to be a witness too

  • knight fox
    knight fox

    I'm a black American military veteran I've travelled allover the world let me just say when I first got to Poland i hated it but the longer I stayed the more I fell in love

  • Zwłoki w torebce
    Zwłoki w torebce

    First word in the film "SUBSCRIBE"

  • Attila Varga
    Attila Varga

    People look weird to foreigners there. It's much more racist if you actually understand Polish. I learnt a basic level of Polish and ugh, especially the older generation. :D They won't punch you in the face or something just racist jokes and treating women like the middle ages is a cultural thing there.

  • Shogun PL
    Shogun PL

    The place is empty cause the weather's shit. We're not used to British weather and in spring/summer everybody looks forward to sunny days when the temperature often exceeds 30 Celsius. Cheers mate ;-)

  • Ellis Maytham
    Ellis Maytham

    Some people look for racism. This is how they make a living

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      i dont think so

  • Wszechbyt Doskonały
    Wszechbyt Doskonały

    what ethnicity are you?

    • Wszechbyt Doskonały
      Wszechbyt Doskonały

      @Lifestyle Hal Somalia?

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      take a guess

  • Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad

    if you are asian or black skin. no problem.. but if you are Muslim please dont visit poland... they are very racist and strictly against Muslim.

  • durp 16
    durp 16

    I am Polish. When I went to highschool, i saw a black child in a Primary school playing soccer, and he was speaking Polish. I was so suprised because I never saw a black person speaking polish before, and this was in 2018. I sometimes wonder if he was either adopted, or if his parents immigrated to Poland. In the summer of 2017, was the first time I saw a black person in Poland was in Warszawa, when Trump was speaking.

  • The Glowing Beans guy
    The Glowing Beans guy

    Sad thing about Poland: I have never saw any very snowy days for years Edit: Person: Poland is broke! Pepole live on the streets! Poland: *has many castles, two well known statues one in Warsaw and other in Gdańsk, a football stadium in Warsaw, Church in every city and town, universety where Kopernik learned astronamy then made the theory of earth revolving with the other planets arround the sun and to top it all off with population of 21M*

  • Richard Mazursky
    Richard Mazursky

    The main difference is in how nationalities think and react. This is particularly in Eastern Union Europe: where people "say what they think". There will be no such game of emotions, truth, lies, etc. as in the UK, for example. There will be no smiles everywhere, kindness, this whole "play of falce". Poland is a different world of human emotions, reactions, conversations ,etc. Poland country ? is a peaceful country where everyone can be safe. In any case, no matter where we are, with Europe country : we must use common sense and ensure our own safety. Regards 🇵🇱

  • Tomek Kruk
    Tomek Kruk

    Yout hat is too big.

  • verdyb33089

    I am an AA( African American) living in Bielsko Biala, Poland. Moved here alone. I’ve been here for 6 months so far, smaller Polish cities make ppl of color feel uncomfortable. Krakow is more diverse compared to Bielsko Biala. Biracial ; half black half Polish kids have difficulty here. Racism is everywhere some people confront their bias and work towards learning and being open towards ppl who are ethnically different, while others are afraid, disgusted and think lowly of POCs. I have experienced both. Microgressions mostly no advert being called a n**** in English at least.. but def experienced stares laughing looking up and down frowning avoiding.. but nonetheless visit Poland don’t allow other ppl’s view effect you from exploring.

  • Radek Nowak
    Radek Nowak

    Poland nowadays is nice, clean and safe. Is a good place to live.

  • Adam Sawecki
    Adam Sawecki

    Mate we need people like you in this country👍.Come back here asap😉

    • Peter Chibuzo
      Peter Chibuzo

      Am already planning to visiting Poland. I pray let this pandemic disease get rid off.

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      @Adam Sawecki i dont worry about all that - i just wanna explore more of the country just like all the other places i havent visited in europe yet so its all good :)

    • Adam Sawecki
      Adam Sawecki

      @Lifestyle Hal And dont believe in. The anti polish propaganda.Lublin welcomes you with open arms👍

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      thank you

  • rapowy maradona
    rapowy maradona

    You look like Cappone from CNN 😎✌

  • Kamil Biało
    Kamil Biało

    I like asians for there care for family and education :)

  • Jan Antoni
    Jan Antoni

    Poles are accommodating foreigners over native countryman.Polish saying goes something like this; Guest in home, God in home. They will treat guest like God.

  • Jarek W
    Jarek W

    Foreigners situation in Poland is easy, you got what you brought with your self. So, if you arogant bastrd people in here will drive you properly, if you "normal" person ,you will be absolutley ok. And no matter what color of your skin is. If you ok , you will be ok. We are very straight people. :).

  • Govindagopal Slipcevic Cortazar
    Govindagopal Slipcevic Cortazar

    If sombadi whach you it not mins they are racista!

  • Maciek Igna
    Maciek Igna

    please if you are going to make a video about a country you are visiting...please leave 'the word racist' out of your video... you would be just welcoming a curse upon yourself. also it would seem to the viewers of your video that you might be there for other purposes. before you visit a country DO YOUR HOMEWORK about the country you are going visiting...( especially if you're going to video tape it and go public ) there might be consequences nobody wants. thank you and good luck.

  • Kasia Bobek
    Kasia Bobek

    We polish People dont trust strangers , we dont talk with strangers on street but when we already know somebody he can be Purple or bluE even from space 😁

  • Tomek Pawłowski
    Tomek Pawłowski

    It is unthinkable that someone resuse to serve you a dinner in any restaurant here.i listen to you and I was surprised that posobility it self from that perspective I don't know what to say aboat Italians

  • Jhun Alviz
    Jhun Alviz

    Im a filipino i live here in poland. Polish People is so Kind. They are not racist!. I love polish people.

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal

      so glad you told me i never would have guessed !!

  • T S
    T S

    Lol forgot about recist, if you travel across the globe that is common things to se. What is important thing do what you love to do.

  • Piotr Korzeniewski
    Piotr Korzeniewski

    I used to look at a beautiful black girl and think she thinks I'm racist And just in case I looked away ... :)

    • Piotr Korzeniewski
      Piotr Korzeniewski

      @Marcela Riascos because they are interested in you

    • Marcela Riascos
      Marcela Riascos

      Im black woman in Warsaw, I don't know why im always thinking that people here look at me because they are maybe racist. I know, I should not think like that, but with poles I never really know why they look at me.

  • Ewa Gorska
    Ewa Gorska

    The problem with the mainstreams is that they call our patriotism as a racism. And this makes all confusion.

  • stn bboy
    stn bboy

    great video bro. cheers from PL

  • elal

    best greetings for u:

  • Krzysztof Sochacki
    Krzysztof Sochacki

    What I can say about racism... I lived in London and the only racism I saw was presented by black people who do not like white people and English people who do not like anyone else. However, this was a margin, and I think racism that refers to skin color is scientific ignorance. There is no such thing as another human race. It is different if we talk about the culture of the country of origin. The fact is that we Poles generally do not like a culture hostile to us or that does not respect our rights and customs. For example, disrespect for women or children is not acceptable. It so happens that they are mostly Middle Eastern and part of Africa cultures. And the fact that others see it as racism is also evidence of ignorance.

  • Ninja Gamer 1
    Ninja Gamer 1

    I am from Poland and we are not racist

  • Jan Sitkowski
    Jan Sitkowski

    One famous Polish Nationalist said that being Polish is not about race but about values. His name was Roman Dmowski. So if you want to stay in Poland and become Pole - you're welcome. We welcome everyone to contribute to our civilization. But no terrorists and criminals allowed. Which should be obvious for all countries to be honest. Because here, even nationalists are not racists. To the contrary.

  • MayDayDevinci

    Hopefully Poland doesnt experience multi culti in the same way the west did ie crime, rape, welfare abuse, no go zones, racism vs white, affirmative action, etc.

  • Łukasz Waligórski
    Łukasz Waligórski

    R u British?

    • Lifestyle Hal
      Lifestyle Hal


  • Mateusz Zdanowicz
    Mateusz Zdanowicz

    Try being not-heterosexual in Poland, lol. We found our new favourite "enemy" so government can scare us with some other group. 2-3 years ago it was immigrants, now it's LGBT :)

    • z k
      z k

      Mateusz- wajchę i przełóż i wyluzuj.

  • Dash

    Poles can’t be racist, since they’re Slavs, and most Slavs have naturally very dark skin, curly black hair and dark narrow eyes. Slavs adhere 75% to Islam, the religion of peace, and 25% to Slavic native religion, which closely resembles the African native religion of their closest relatives. In Poland, the figures are similar. The word Slav is derived from the word Slave, meaning Slavs are descended from the peoples enslaved by Whites, and slaves of White people are the opposite of being racist. All of this, their skin, hair, eyes, their religion and origin, prevents Poles from being racists, because only White Christian descendants of slavers can be racist.

  • acajudi100

    🇺🇸Muslim so i will eat Halal, or cook myself.

  • acajudi100

    Korean Air was a racist nightmare to Bali. Singapore Air and Singapore were fantastic.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 😢😱😡💀👿👺👹💩☹️🆘😡💀

  • hoomalumalu

    ok, I subscribed, you better make some good videos! "is Poland racist is an absolutely ridiculous question; everyone is racist, it's one of those human traits. If a few hundred thousand non-blondes moved to Poland you would see the ugly come out. Is this racism or simply suspicion of strangers? Aren't we humans wonderful?

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