These kids are catching the attention of football recruiters even before high school
ABC News
College football programs are already meeting with young football players, like 11-year-old Bunchie Young.


    🤯🔥Bunchie Young Is Unreal (Super Bowl kid)

  • Hayden McCombe
    Hayden McCombe

    Him: hasn’t finished the 5th grade Me: hasn’t finished 8th grade and can’t even catch a football

  • Caleb Allen
    Caleb Allen

    Bunche is good and all but he might not be able to play like that once he starts playing with the best of the best

  • SoporificAlloy 1
    SoporificAlloy 1

    How’s it absurd when they want to do all this


    “ These kids “ and they only talk about one...

  • Travis Bright jr
    Travis Bright jr

    Yall never know man anything can happen bunchi e maybe will get a life threatening injurie

  • doggin6

    And in no time, these kids will be walk scum piles, kneeling, protesting a country that gave them a free ride in life. There is no chance these kids won’t grow up to be human trash. See ya in the headlines in a few years when you run a dog fighting ring, or rape a bunch of women.

  • Killer Jones 43
    Killer Jones 43

    Mike Evans?!?!?

  • Ldy Ydi
    Ldy Ydi

    Just watch that CTE

  • [Banned User]
    [Banned User]

    It’s good if the kid wants to do it


    Yea Mayor of Hollywood gettum Bunchie

  • stacks REL
    stacks REL

    Not faster then blaze

  • Grisel Cherry
    Grisel Cherry


  • hussein yehia
    hussein yehia

    He should be one of top 5 annoying kids

  • Basketboi The Pro
    Basketboi The Pro

    I’m way better than these kids and I’m 9 not trying to be a hater

    • Angel Duarte
      Angel Duarte

      Basketboi The Pro kiss me then

  • LJ The Youtube Master
    LJ The Youtube Master

    2:01 Kid: ABOUT TO CRY

  • Auto Chris
    Auto Chris

    Those kids can change their minds as well but at least having a college offer gives them something to look forward to in between time. “ Others” have been doing this for years and that’s how they build their advantages 😏.

  • Not Green
    Not Green

    I’m 13 and I don’t get no offers and I would pop this kid

  • Not Green
    Not Green

    How do 10 year olds get offers

  • Iwata

    Reccomend to me after the superbowl lol

  • Benslayer12

    He’s the guy from the super bowl!

  • Proxzi sv
    Proxzi sv

    maybe im a hater but i think yall might be gassin this 11yr old up a lil too much

  • Jordan Gonen
    Jordan Gonen

    that kid in the headline was in super bowl liv

  • DelGoesBrazy

    No hate but the kid hasn’t been to college let along high school lol how is fair when you got guys in college playing the life out and still don’t get drafted🤦🏾‍♂️ “If you’re giving something so easily, you won’t work as hard” -Michael Jordan

    • _Jeys_

      The only reason they giving it is cuz they working hard as hell


    The cutest kids ever

  • Hayden Reid
    Hayden Reid


  • Alan Brooks
    Alan Brooks

    CTE by 15

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    *Next 100*

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones

    Nice work 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Bryce Ramiro
    Bryce Ramiro

    And now he’s on the Super Bowl commercial

    • Bryce Ramiro
      Bryce Ramiro

      T1Logan bruh 😳

    • T1Logan

      It wasn’t a commercial it actually happend

  • Ismael Avalos
    Ismael Avalos

    It's all about the lineman big believer in that

  • Maria Gregg
    Maria Gregg

    He did an awesome job last night during the Super Bowl commercial wow great talent

  • Turbo Twinz
    Turbo Twinz

    It’s a proven fact that, 1. Athletes staring at an unusually young age are more likely to have a “career” ending injury 2. Kids starting younger have no better chance at making the profession level than kids that start at a high school level

  • Nick Desert
    Nick Desert


  • The Assassin
    The Assassin

    What team is he doe

  • Nick Desert
    Nick Desert

    Who’s here after the Super Bowl 😅

  • Shailynn Fritcher
    Shailynn Fritcher

    Did that kid have tats? In the 5th grade? Wtf?

  • Astin Martin
    Astin Martin

    I thought this was against the college rules

  • Team Diaz
    Team Diaz

    Need more coaches like this.

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores

    He said “you know NFL Stands for NOT FOR LONG” lol that’s crazy

  • Larry Garuiz
    Larry Garuiz

    I think this was the kid that was in this years sb commercial

    • Thatcher Gamez and Sports
      Thatcher Gamez and Sports


    • Vince Meukel
      Vince Meukel

      The Assassin Ms I like football from my phone I will wait for you to

    • keepitmoving73

      @Luwry he was

    • Luwry

      Hayden Reid yeah

    • Chris Perez
      Chris Perez

      Larry Garuiz yeah he was

  • Virtuxl

    Just being racist

  • Alex Cisterna
    Alex Cisterna

    good young football players: colleges: its free real estate

    • XsMista

      Alex Cisterna not even funny

  • Karson Williams
    Karson Williams

    Lmao when everyone catches up to him because they have access to training these colleges will be stuck with him cause they signed a flashy nobody.

  • Brian Jose
    Brian Jose

    check out Josiah Jose #22 running back You tube channel

  • Braylon’s Channel
    Braylon’s Channel

    I’m better easily

  • Ca Life
    Ca Life

    In high school this kid will be 6”2 210 watch go bunch

  • Braylon’s Channel
    Braylon’s Channel

    I guess they are good

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins

    So their training to become trainers?

  • Leo Lewis
    Leo Lewis

    Any other Illini fans here?

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia

    2:00 wtf

  • Cynth G
    Cynth G

    They all are good kids even if they bad at football

  • Avery Pitts
    Avery Pitts

    Got step up my videos check them out

  • Rick and morty Fan
    Rick and morty Fan

    2:01 his face

  • Gary Anderson
    Gary Anderson

    If it pushes them to do well in school I think it's a good idea.

  • cynthia jones
    cynthia jones


  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Or the sharpie marker on his arm

  • Benbtheog Yeye
    Benbtheog Yeye

    Bunchie young

  • p.mac

    Like J.J. Watts, Like J.J Watts

  • J.O.E.L V
    J.O.E.L V

    There all lucky that they didn't go against me I'm 11 and I'm almost 12 and I'm way faster than him