Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
Trying Funny DIY PRANKS! Let me know if you try any of these funny diy pranks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Check out my Life Hacks playlist to watch more
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  • SSSniperWolf


    • Edward Pacheco
      Edward Pacheco


    • roise girl
      roise girl

      I have 2 dogs you have 3 dogs

    • Trenton’s Gaming
      Trenton’s Gaming

      I heart you Trenton

    • happydino paul cat
      happydino paul cat

      Sausage looks like post malone

    • Prudence Squier
      Prudence Squier

      I tried some of them

  • alfia sherman
    alfia sherman

    Give a thumbs up if you like SSSniper wolf

  • xXSunnyWolfieXx

    Lol 5:06 You get a treat for being FAT

  • Minecraft Gaming Channel
    Minecraft Gaming Channel

    Treat for being FAT

  • Douglas DuBoulay
    Douglas DuBoulay

    The girl with the green is so pretty

  • Beth Lovelace
    Beth Lovelace

    Your puppy are so cute I love them

  • NarwhalKraze YT
    NarwhalKraze YT

    "You get a treat for being FAT." Me: So I cant have a treat because im skinny....? D:

  • Sasa_ happy
    Sasa_ happy

    For the cola the cola has to be cold

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh

    I love your video

  • Rick


  • Maya Kingston
    Maya Kingston

    Did anyone else’s heart melt when the dog got a smushed cute face? 🐶🐶🐶

  • Abby Gotcha life
    Abby Gotcha life


  • Lareen Ghanayem
    Lareen Ghanayem

    Did you know your dog ash Is a Japanese Spitz

  • Makayla Gonzales
    Makayla Gonzales

    I think sniper is the fastest one clapping

  • robert bruce
    robert bruce

    hi ok have a good day

  • Jack Bradley
    Jack Bradley


  • Brad Mukazi
    Brad Mukazi

    I’m the fastest because I’m always clapping cheeks

  • Enzo Almeida Bardi
    Enzo Almeida Bardi

    Cute puppies

  • Floyd Kinard
    Floyd Kinard

    She cute and thick

  • Alexander Monrean
    Alexander Monrean

    Eli biship

  • Jonathan Beggs
    Jonathan Beggs


  • John Lynam
    John Lynam

    Love it goes I'm visco I'm on my grandad account btw😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Alexandria Coleman
    Alexandria Coleman

    That's what happened to me I cut my hair and my friends didn't notice for like two weeks

  • Aviance Means
    Aviance Means

    Who knows play play # Rebecca

  • Aviance Means
    Aviance Means

    You are the most sasy KGsofts ever🙂😯😯☹😒

  • Mohd Fauzi Kadri
    Mohd Fauzi Kadri

    Ashes is just a baby soooooooo cute!😘😊😆

  • Farah Wallace
    Farah Wallace

    I'm the fastest clapper

  • Chung Yukling
    Chung Yukling

    10:39 I accidentally did that before and I couldn't use my phone for o e week

  • Lyanne Madera
    Lyanne Madera

    What's is. Your. Name

  • s p a r e - p o t a t o e
    s p a r e - p o t a t o e

    8:36 *_that water is expired sir_*

  • Joe Ejiba
    Joe Ejiba

    i am the fastest clapper

  • 2K877

    your friend is the fastest clapper

  • Rashad Snowden
    Rashad Snowden


  • Lisa Bowers
    Lisa Bowers

    OMG my name is Leah to but it’s LEAH

  • Maeve Prendergast
    Maeve Prendergast

    6:57 I keep playing that over and over again

  • Maeve Prendergast
    Maeve Prendergast


  • Elizabeth Weaver
    Elizabeth Weaver


  • Makayla Harper
    Makayla Harper

    Did anybody see that it looked like that leah was photo shopped in this vid bc look around her head compared to the other girl Or it's just me ?

  • cream puff studios
    cream puff studios

    When lea said nedal and thred am i the inly one who went " got to get u out of my head"

  • Joyce Medley
    Joyce Medley

    I am the fastest at clapping lol

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