USA vs EU vs China vs South Asia vs Japan: Everything Compared (1960-2017)
This video will compare countries using some of the most important aspects, which includes but not limited to GDP, GDP per capita, military expenditure, exports and imports of goods and services, life expectancy, population, HDI, urbanization, etc... In this video, we will explore the United States of America, the European Union, China, South Asia (SAARC), and Japan from 1960 to 2017.
OECD & UN World Urbanization Prospects
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  • WawamuStats

    The US had been dominating for the last century, will China and India catch up in the near future?

    • Pascal Buffalo
      Pascal Buffalo

      Sadly yes

    • warfare 1212
      warfare 1212

      @Dylano Revs screw you

    • Helen Defensor
      Helen Defensor

      China and India are populated country which is not good because the people still suffering....No wonder China eats anything that moves because of too much population...and India people their way of life is not good a lot of people are struggling.

    • Chris AA
      Chris AA

      100% likely

    • Gurregion Once
      Gurregion Once

      China yes but India need alot of time

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    The EU is your heart rate when you go from 1st to 23rd to 14th in Kahoot

  • Mustafa・Kemal・ Atatürk
    Mustafa・Kemal・ Atatürk


  • Wenxu Yao
    Wenxu Yao

    EU: y=sin(x) America: y=x China: y=e^x Japan: y=-2x^2 South Asia: y=0.5x

  • Louis Gangloff
    Louis Gangloff

    EU : the only one capable to face front of US. But too concentrated on its little and ridiculous differences to make the Union. It makes me very nervous.

  • phayke

    USA is scared of China af

  • kimmkroo

    europe would be far better off without italy greece portugal spain, all lazy countrys who only exist because they have a nice weather all year long

  • Jody Young
    Jody Young

    Does the EU data include UK?

    • me h
      me h

      I am guessing yes since they only just left

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    If you come to EU you want go

  • jimrayner100

    The Problem is if anyone is checking these stats. I can also do a graph like that and do no research at all and say my source is that and that. Who checks that in the internet

  • Polska Chopin
    Polska Chopin

    Plaza accord is shit i hate Amerika

  • Aiden Patel
    Aiden Patel


  • ender iman
    ender iman

    China:this is your end bitches

  • Jesse Livermore
    Jesse Livermore

    8 trillion in exports... crazy

  • Trump

    hahaha USA economy and all foreign investment, haha ​​English, Italian etc if he invest in his native countries USA starve to death

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya

    Everytime the us gets a Democrat president, another recession kicks in, like clockwork

    • Emanuele Papini
      Emanuele Papini

      I’m sorry if my English is not perfect

    • Emanuele Papini
      Emanuele Papini

      Robert Montoya that’s not 100% correct. The main goal of democrat party should be reduce inequalities with a progressive model (in economic terms). GDP is not everything, in fact it’s very criticised because with the GDP is not possible to see the inequalities in the country. USA has a big problem with equality because there are a lot of rich people with almost all the money. In fact if you compare GDP counting the equality between people USA is very low compared with EU. The EU has less GDP because the gap between poor people and rich people is less (rich people pay more taxes to help poor people). 2 different models of welfare state.

  • knockdown10

    @wawamustats please tell me the name of the track in this video ?

  • krux

    Better if the whole American continent would intense their cooperative economical activities by focussing to their own region. Same for Europe (pro Africa), same for Asia. So no exorbitant oversea import/export trade would be necessary then anymore. Its the most sustainable strategy for the future of the world and prevents us from further war (as the biggest climate killer) and associated military conflicts and last but not least further innocent victims! Moreover:

  • Oli

    Europa va y viene !!

  • Giovanni Merlin
    Giovanni Merlin

    The roller coaster ride of the EU GDP compared to the US GDP may be due to the exchange rate volatility, as all GDP data is converted to USD


    now with the british exit the EU, things will get worse, it will fall again.

  • Best Top Ranking
    Best Top Ranking

    I like Asean Countries

  • Best Top Ranking
    Best Top Ranking

    I like Asean Countries

  • Best Top Ranking
    Best Top Ranking

    I like Asean Countries

  • Best Top Ranking
    Best Top Ranking

    I like Asean Countries

  • Alejandro Albornoz
    Alejandro Albornoz

    🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 se los come a todos😂😂 xd

  • travel and the cats
    travel and the cats

    Japan was once a giant but today the giant was killed. So sad

    • 18890426

      @Polska Chopin May I ask where you're from?

    • Polska Chopin
      Polska Chopin

      Japan was killed by Amerika

  • Nelson L
    Nelson L

    what's wrong with Japan?

    • mr ms paint
      mr ms paint

      The Plazza Accord of 1985 spiraled Japan into a MASSIVE economic bubble that valued the Yen twice what it was actually worth. It took until the 2000s to recover, and by then the Japanese population had begun to decline, stunting further growth. The Government has tried to boost the Economy through artificial bonds, also known as Quantitative Easing, where they essentially take out loads of loans and inject them into the Economy, but all this has done is given Japan a debt of over 200% its GDP.

  • Jaal Ninetyfour
    Jaal Ninetyfour

    I deeply love your videos

  • Dark Gaming
    Dark Gaming

    🇪🇺❤🇺🇸❤🇯🇵 🇨🇳💩🇮🇳💩🇧🇩💩🇵🇰

  • TullyBascombe

    Do your figures for EU exports include trade between EU member states or just trade between EU states and non-EU states?

  • Move Forward
    Move Forward

    Eu gonna go down when Britain leaves in 2056

  • Sen

    The only good thing about America is their Economy or Army. Everything else sucks, life quality, health care system, culture, people behaviour, education. I judge say this because i see to many prideful Americans saying they are the best at everything. But no.

    • mr ms paint
      mr ms paint

      @Sen no

    • Sen

      @mr ms paint guess

    • mr ms paint
      mr ms paint

      What country are you from, sir?

  • DMarinari

    *What's really important? Life Expectancy and GDP per capita... so, let's verify:* *LIFE EXPECTANCY* > from 1960 to 1965 (05 years): US, EU, JP > from 1965 to 1966 (02 years): EU, JP, US > from 1966 to 2017 (51 years): JP, EU, US *Japan won, not only for spending more time at the top, but because it's the current, number 1.* Japan: GOLD European Union: SILVER United States: BRONZE *GDP PER CAPITA* > from 1960 to 1970 (10 years): US, EU, JP > from 1970 to 1987 (17 years): US, JP, EU > from 1987 to 1998 (11 years): JP, US, EU > from 1998 to 1999 (01 year ): US, JP, EU > from 1999 to 2001 (02 years): JP, US, EU > from 2001 to 2007 (06 years): US, JP, EU > from 2007 to 2008 (01 year ): US, EU, JP > from 2008 to 2017 (09 years): US, JP, EU *United States won, not only for spending more time at the top, but because it's the current number 1.* United States: GOLD Japan: SILVER European Union: BRONZE *THE BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE (HDI)* 01. Norway: 14x, the best country to live 02. Canada: 08x, the best country to live 03. Japan: 03x, the best country to live 04. Iceland: 02x, the best country to live *P.S. Only those four countries have reached the top of the list so far.* .

  • Sunil Sharma
    Sunil Sharma

    South Asia makes up 25% of world population alone! More than triple that of EU.

  • 粽子不鹹有點兒甜


    • 庭有枇杷树

      革命尚未成功,同志仍需努力 (ง •̀o•́)ง (ง •̀o•́)ง

  • Nandi Deumaga
    Nandi Deumaga

    What is gdp?

    • mr ms paint
      mr ms paint

      Gross Domestic Product, the total value of everything produced by a country in a year or a business quarter.

  • Laxy__ &
    Laxy__ &

    I dare not even imagine what the European Union could become if it became a federal state like the United States, the first power in the world without a doubt.

  • Luc Meyer
    Luc Meyer

    You should have added GDPs after the fusions of the EU states in the EU Motherstate No information about the growing populations The exports of EUropa are strange. But still a great video

  • Luc Meyer
    Luc Meyer


  • Tim

    Impressive video, and manipulative music...

  • 柴国柱


  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt

    eu made europe richer but it is now to spineless to close the border

  • Michael V
    Michael V

    EU is dancing in the wind of change. May there always be enough wind to lift it up.

    • Lucas Bueno
      Lucas Bueno

      That is because the video used nominal GDP in US dollars. If it had used Euro, the USA would be dancing in the wind instead.

  • Lo L
    Lo L

    India will be No1

  • Yajuvendra

    USA graph never go down(best economist )

    • Jerom

      Yajuvendra Raghav it would if you use euros

    • Khenric

      The others (especially EU) go down because it's measured in $US. So if for example, the € to $US exchange rate decreases by 20%, which regularly happen through the years, the EU graph will also decrease 20%. If the measure was in €, the US would be the one fluctuating.

  • Kavi Akbayev
    Kavi Akbayev

    It's first time when China not on the top of the ranking, but it seems to be not for a long

    • Lo L
      Lo L

      Well, it will really depend on how China/US/EU/Russia/India play the cards. If America keeps starting wars, India keeps buying weapons, EU shakes after brexit and Japan is controlled by the US, then China will have a great chance.

  • orfet1

    I see three continents competing, USA could be a continent by itself.

    • Khenric

      Well, the US IS basically a "continent". I mean, North america is only 3 big countries... Both Canada and the US are the size of Europe.

  • ww ee
    ww ee

    Next is Unifed Korea and India.

  • Jake Garza
    Jake Garza

    In other words, the West continues to lead the world in these metrics by far.

  • Dynamix15

    India so behind still 😂

    • Dynamix15

      iiTrooper im also not chinese not sure why that matters

    • iiTrooper

      @Dynamix15 I'm not from India or an indian, just saying

    • Dynamix15

      iiTrooper good job, 1 more billion to go 😂 very far behind hahahahahaha

    • iiTrooper

      @Dynamix15 India built 250 million toilets since 2014.

    • Dynamix15

      Catching up in number of toilets lol 😂

  • calin petru
    calin petru

    when a country it's 22 trillion dollars down it can't say how economy should work

  • Robert Catana
    Robert Catana

    Eu îs the old land of everything

  • 2BATZ

    EU is love

  • 李佳


  • 廬州小叮噹

    No alliance, yield to China

  • Internet Overdose
    Internet Overdose

    EU wasn't even there in 1960

  • 柳柳州刺史

    lament for EU

  • Information is Power - Data Stats Rank
    Information is Power - Data Stats Rank

    WOW this chart dances on the rhythm of music!

  • Urbanomant

    EU: Go with the flow.