Visit Poland - The DON'Ts of Poland
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Read: What Tourists Should Not Do in Poland for More:
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Poland is an incredible country with some amazing cities like Krakow and Gdansk, nature to enjoy like in the Tatras Mountains, but even with so many things to do in Poland this video focus on what you don't do when you visit Poland. From when visiting someone's home to heading out on the town these are what NOT to do in Poland.
Filmed in Warsaw, Poland
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  • Con_Corn

    Bruh I’m not polish at all and idk what the comments say

  • Oopity Woop
    Oopity Woop

    People wear shoes in the house, *SINCE WHEN*

  • Aleks M
    Aleks M

    I must be a minority but I prefer being called an Eastern European as I feel its more inline with our language, ethnicity and culture, it's nothing to be ashamed of

  • Blake Davis
    Blake Davis

    Wolters world : don’t drink In public Americans : yea obviously

  • Tadeusz Kosciuszko
    Tadeusz Kosciuszko

    Coming from US, Poland doesn't feel so cheap. It is much cheaper to live here permanently, but visiting restaurants and hotels in a center of big cities will cost you. Also, paying in bigger bills is not a problem. More often I have a problem paying in US with a $100 than with 100 or even 200 zloty in Poland.

  • Gazzaplayz

    It’s weird looking somewhere you remember so well that market with the art

    • Wolters World
      Wolters World

      Fun times

  • Supersaiyangodcat

    Kurwa is the ultimate word in Polish

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    Xdd pamiętam jak jakiś czas temu czciałem kupić pewną rzecz, nie powiem jaką tylko tyle że kosztowało 15,50. Dałem babce w kiosku banknot 100zł i ona kilka minut sprawdzała czy nie był fałszywy

  • DeShawn Long
    DeShawn Long

    🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 I'm not polish but I'm Canadian and British

  • Wiktoria Slominska
    Wiktoria Slominska

    I have just learned a lot about myself... Really do not go for any cliches in civilised places, like Poland. While it might be funny to watch someone talk about those we are actually not barbarians... Also, Warszawa is different to other places ];->

  • Игорь Чернусь
    Игорь Чернусь

    Twoja niezależność finansowa !! Pieniądze Natychmiast !!! Secret Drain Witryny wysyłające pieniądze Nie ma problemu !!

  • Alex

    Co ty gadasz to his jest prawda

  • Anthony Wolf
    Anthony Wolf

    1. Don't say kurwa, even if you don't mean it seriously 2. Don't say that poles are german/russian

  • CuratedByConrad

    Dude...LOL----- its impolite to be late. Period.

  • Amit Kumawat
    Amit Kumawat


  • Marcin Zander Londyn
    Marcin Zander Londyn

    True :) helllo from Poland 🇵🇱

  • Dash

    Don’t look Poles in the eyes, they’ll eat you


  • Truthseeking Troll
    Truthseeking Troll

    "Poles much rather call themselves Central Europeans rather than Eastern Europeans" that's stupid anyone who objectively looks at a European map should know that much of Poland is geographically situated in Eastern Europe not Central Europe.

    • Dead Generation
      Dead Generation

      Truthseeking Troll are you polish?

  • Airash Samuel Kiran
    Airash Samuel Kiran

    Beautiful information

  • Snitch55

    Honestly who wears shoes inside their house?!

  • bob

    dont be brown

  • Marcin Kowalski
    Marcin Kowalski


  • LazyArtist

    Polish guys join the chat

  • Kitty Dragneel
    Kitty Dragneel

    this is the most random so called "guide" i've ever seen. The only tip missing is "Don't forget to breath when you're in poland" WTF?!

  • Phil Phil
    Phil Phil

    Dont.......ask to speak to a polish guys,cos there all in England 😆

  • Anna Siwiec
    Anna Siwiec

    Waaaait, Poland IS a big country?!

  • Karlajna

    It’s a polish superstition, we believe it’s a bad luck if you shake someone hand in the doorsteps. You forgot mention that if you go to someone’s house or to the restaurant and you wear a hat you should take it off. Most of polish houses have crosses so you should take the hat off, eating with the hat on it’s just rude and they will probably as you if you are Jewish 😂

  • ACHo

    dont drink cola in pub

  • versusVSversus

    piwo prosi 🙋 aaah heee 😃🍺

  • Casey Crosby
    Casey Crosby

    Bro. You’re not saying “prosze” right. Prosim?? What’s that?? Czech?

  • one frozen heart
    one frozen heart

    Don’t try to teach people how to speak in Polish when you can’t pronounce the words properly ;)

  • Way to Sacramento
    Way to Sacramento

    With an ex-wife from Czech Republic me confusing prosim and prosze has led to some serious frowning of my Polish girlfriend. Don’t do it! 🙈

  • ja miszwer ka
    ja miszwer ka

    But you talk about stupidity. I say what it is as a Pole with my great-grandfather." And his great-grandfather

  • Julius Horvath
    Julius Horvath

    Hahaha.funny video.Have you really been in the same Poland I live?? I don't think so!

  • Aritra Mazumdar
    Aritra Mazumdar

    Wolters visits only white countries!

  • Tłumacz PL-ENG
    Tłumacz PL-ENG

    Sorry but mistaking Poland with Russia or Ukraine means that someone has a serious problem with geography ;) The same with the central and eastern Europe thing. Because Poland is in fact in the central Europe. And is very different from Russia or the Ukraine, so are the people, and the culture, and the history. So of course that Poles don't like it, who would? Would an US citizen like to be called British, Canadian or Australian or have their continent called Asia or whatever else? Just learn your geography when you come visit other countries; don't merge in one the neighbouring countries only, because you know nothing about them. Especially if those countries do not have friendly relations and rough history behind. Make that your "to do" thing before you visit, and you won't commit so many shameful "don'ts" ;)

  • Albert Rieder
    Albert Rieder

    A little Joke, first speech of a Poland Baby, Mama, Papa, Auto zapzerap

  • elisabeth M
    elisabeth M

    idiot telling lies

  • Gosia ธนาบูรณ์
    Gosia ธนาบูรณ์

    I hate tourist from rich countries like UK, USA, Norway who actually not tip because they've been told its not necessary! Servers don't earn minimum wage per hour.. They get way lower than that so yes tips help them alot

  • Claudiu

    you're a fucking idiot!!

  • Kamil Szymkowski
    Kamil Szymkowski

    I don't mind being called eastern European

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    What about MAGA hats?

  • jon h
    jon h

    You said please wrong lol it's pronounced pro-shee not proseem

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    I like picking my burgers in public and then eat them. Yucko the clown coming to Poland and see them in Eastern Europe right?

  • Young M
    Young M

    Prosim is czech, but we do like czech people, so... Prosim the doors are opened



  • Kathrin Kleinknecht
    Kathrin Kleinknecht

    The Market place the guy is standing looks like old towns in Germany (at least like them the allied didn't destroy with their bombing round the clock)... He is saying Poland is cheap, yeah, maybe for him...

  • Marcin Szafraniec
    Marcin Szafraniec

    ,,dont use a big bills" once mom said to me ,,idź po mleko do sklepu (go to shop buy milk)" she gave me 100zł in one bill and milk is not that expensive

  • Neil Foster
    Neil Foster

    Absolutely spot on! I have been to Poland many times and for me it is home away from home. Only one tiny comment, I notice this with every American, it is Krak-uf, not Krak-cow! Wrocław is Vratswaf and Warsaw is Vashava.

  • maria kowalski
    maria kowalski

    Easter Europe? You mean Middle Europe!

  • Fiszu

    When you shake hands in winter always take off your glove

  • fishing4life

    Don't talk about politics these days.

  • kl lodej
    kl lodej

    "Prosim" is not polish word for proszę

  • Pouya

    And Meow in polish is Miauczeć.

  • Markus

    nice video mark

  • Dr. Agnieszka Fromme
    Dr. Agnieszka Fromme

    Prosim is NOT POLISH

  • محمد الحمود
    محمد الحمود

    I am gonna visit Poland this summer, thanks for the info 🤙🏾

  • Tankie

    I'm sorry but Poland is in the eastern half of Europe. Germany, sweden and denmark are central european.

    • Tankie

      @Obama Prism no

    • Obama Prism
      Obama Prism

      Poland is central

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien

    Poland sucks I’ll never go back

  • AR Jowel Bd
    AR Jowel Bd

    I wish to migrate in my dream country Poland but don't know how to collect the visa for migration 😟😟

  • Charlottelotte Lottelotte
    Charlottelotte Lottelotte

    Never been to Warsaw, but I'm pretty sure <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> is in Kraków.. Or they have the same market places..

  • Marie Hewett
    Marie Hewett

    What a laugh! When they deicde to come over to the UK they dont learn the language properly and come across as very rude as they bring their customs here (which are vastly different from ours). A message to all immigrants in the UK - when in Rome do what the Romans do! Dont disrespect us and obey the law or try to change them!

  • R a
    R a

    “They like to be called Central Europeans “ wtf?

  • Master Bait Tour
    Master Bait Tour

    and don't trust the hot sexy women you'll end up drugged with your kidneys cut out or dead.

  • Master Bait Tour
    Master Bait Tour

    i like going to poland and saying russica is so beautiful and you russicans are wonderful people.

  • Steffen Rosmus
    Steffen Rosmus

    # 1 do not tell the polish people their prime minister is an a..h... even if it is true😂😉

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    Any one can help me for that

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    I love poland and I want to live and work there

  • Scorched Earth
    Scorched Earth

    The Poles here in America are great. I’ll probably never get to visit Poland but I enjoyed learning about it.

  • Fáreryniel Ithilwen
    Fáreryniel Ithilwen

    Don't drink around Rynek squares when it's busy, particularly where you see stag parties, they don't wash the glasses because they run out.

  • Jonathan Vera
    Jonathan Vera

    when you order you say POproszę not proszę

  • reservaify

    *1 don’t go it’s a homophobic horrible country


    This not true that we dont like to be called eastern europeans, we don't Care.

  • DellsDad86

    Polish food and friendliness is epic!

  • brightonbeautiful

    Not many of your don'ts are really specific to Poland they are just generic don'ts of most countries. You might as well say the Polish won't like it if you pick your nose and eat it when in a restaurant

  • brightonbeautiful

    It's rude to be late in Poland. Erm please tell me in what country is it not rude to be late

  • wildsurfer12

    Don’t visit Wroclaw and say “ I feel like this could be in Germany.”

    • Rafal Ch
      Rafal Ch

      @Pavel Oknowski Im fine with people saying that Wrocław is German AS LONG AS they admit that Lviv is a Polish town, Lwów (Im Polish)

    • Pavel Oknowski
      Pavel Oknowski

      You mean BRESLAU ? that OLD GERMAN TOWN !

  • Moth Boi
    Moth Boi

    I just wanna say love ya Poland, from America.

  • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
    SmutnaJules007 rychwalska

    Poles are among the LEAST PUNCTUAL people in the WORLD! What are you talking about, be on time"? That's COMICAL!