We RECREATED Viral Instagram Food (with NO Recipe...)
Brennen Taylor
NO Recipe... just a photo... can we recreate these famous Instagram Foods?
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 24 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

Family friendly pg clean
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  • Brennen Taylor
    Brennen Taylor

    Incase you missed the last vid : kgsofts.info/hd/video/nJtsprd3ZIO4pGg

    • Perfect Guy
      Perfect Guy

      Brennen are you Mexican because if you are I’m Salvadoran El Salvador 🇸🇻

    • Samuel Ramirez
      Samuel Ramirez

      As un video ablanto espanñiol

    • Samuel Ramirez
      Samuel Ramirez

      Brennen Taylor hola shy mexicano

    • Fil Fil
      Fil Fil

      Tik tok sucks bro

    • Moment Bruh
      Moment Bruh


  • 9Andzz

    Why tf you have so many ads like that shit pisses me off

  • adi Sallahi
    adi Sallahi

    Rred qorritos

  • kiddyboyswag 6
    kiddyboyswag 6

    Says i dont know how to make French toast but has all the ingredients and does it perfectly

  • VertLy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> oh shit that bitch didn’t turn off

  • Alfonzo Justiniano
    Alfonzo Justiniano

    French toasts are with EGG and MILK

  • Savage Tabby
    Savage Tabby

    Who tf doesnt know about cutting up hotdogs and putting it in macncheese😂😂😂

  • Leah Adams
    Leah Adams

    Well i see Brennen has never cut up a hotdog and put it in his Mac and cheese I guess that’s just poor people shit 😂

  • eunjoo은주

    i gasped when he put the cinnamon in the egg wash

  • Stephen Farley
    Stephen Farley

    brennan is that real phone number

  • Bella Bean
    Bella Bean

    Chef boi Brennen

  • Brahima K
    Brahima K

    am i the only one who noticed "food porn"

  • Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson

    *FrEsH ChErRiEs*

  • Izza Jaida
    Izza Jaida

    😂how long did you thing you could fry bread😂

  • Megan Saenz
    Megan Saenz

    Throw some jalapenos up in there

  • electric flame76
    electric flame76

    Your French toast needed a cap full of milk

  • Dark Abby
    Dark Abby

    rojo cheetos??!? seriously?? 😂😂🤣😂😂 idk any Latinos that ever call them that... and cheetos with nacho cheese is old 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • V's Victory
    V's Victory

    Also u prob wont read my comment but I actually wouldn't mind u coming up with ur own recipes and showing us lol or u can get simple recipes and make them way more better also here's a recipes I learned from tiktok get oreos fill them to the top of your mug and mash then put milk ok only halfway of where the oreos are then mash again and then bake if for 75 secs ....I'm not sure if h seen it yet but..... Yeah try it lol just dont be like me and get knock off brands they suck

  • V's Victory
    V's Victory

    For the flaming hot thing one thing u could've done was make a mozz ball basically just cut a chuck of mozz and perhaps do a egg wash...idk how to fry mozz lol and do the pasta or mac and cheese whatever that was then mold mush it on the mozz ball then prob put wrap on it to keep it in a ball shape and for the outside....umm hold on I have to look at the pic again Edit : so you its confusing but I'm saying dont out the pasta on while it's hot or u can but I'm not sure if that's smart lol and one way that u can make the flaming hot crumbs stick is well firstly I dont think that if u just mush flaming hots on the side it will stick cus wife it's hot or not it's just pasta and some will prob stick but if it's still hot and cheesy jt will prob stick but I'm not really sure but u can try to put a egg wash on the outer layer of the pasta and then put the crumbs in there and then put it in the fryer...ana then if u want to put the cheese in nicely u can use a piping bag or a ziploc bag and cut the tip and then squeeze and the cheese will come out nicely soo yeah haha but I'm not sure how it would work I never worked on my own recipes that i created so I wouldn't trust my self but yeah I thought about that and felt like it could help if u wanna do it again haha and yeah so that's a way but I'm noy sure if its correct haha but think it would've been cool if thay did flaming hot mozz tho anyways this j haven't seen u do the recipe yet....sooo let's see it Edit: also u prob beet flour and other stuff to fry idk check on Google for that haha Edit why bread ....was it not a mozz ball? Edit: I thought the last one had a waffle pink waffle ....

  • Yacine HM
    Yacine HM

    You should see mine🤣😂

  • James Aristo
    James Aristo

    Is that your real number...coz I saved it in my phone

  • michoacan guanajuato
    michoacan guanajuato

    Rojos chitos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Potato Doe 2.0
    Potato Doe 2.0


  • Cj Rivas
    Cj Rivas

    Yo tratare*** 🤣

  • I upload random things
    I upload random things

    👌 tattoo

  • Idk No more yt
    Idk No more yt

    But my great grandmother hasn’t even passed away yet

  • Alicia Graham
    Alicia Graham

    If you use olive oil to deep fry something it will turn black

  • Jonny boy King
    Jonny boy King

    That's offensive my great grandmother was cremated

  • Martine Dingivan
    Martine Dingivan

    I can't txt the number u gave I'm from Ireland 😔😔

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Brennen Taylor: I like every woman. Me: Ah, I see you’re a man of culture.

  • LiL Jeff Gordon
    LiL Jeff Gordon

    lmaoo forgot the milk on making french toast and used fucking brown sugar 😂😂😂

  • OGHalloweenHunter

    I can't text him I'm on samsung

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      JIF🤣🤣hahaha Like 👈

  • oddy love
    oddy love

    Did you wash your hands



  • Cole S
    Cole S

    So hold up is he telling us that u can get cheese in a can I'm just going to the store real quick ✌

  • monserrat alejandra quezada pizarro
    monserrat alejandra quezada pizarro

    Amo como hablas español😻❤

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      because Brennen changed so sorry brennen

  • Halisia Browne
    Halisia Browne

    Quarantine got u hair looking crazy

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      because you've changed way to much and I'm not saying this because I hate him no I used to looooooove his videos and I would do all nighters just to watch his videos all da

  • Sup reme
    Sup reme

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a> we not gon y’all about how there’s a bottle of Hennessy there?

  • Princess Shawna
    Princess Shawna

    The macaroni is baked on the instagram hotdog

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> he got some mozarella above the mac n cheese .. U missed it....

  • Casandra Blue
    Casandra Blue

    Like your great great grandmother 😂😂😂

  • Katie Fuller
    Katie Fuller

    Make ur number available to text from Australia

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      This might sound weird but u can use mayonnaise instead of butter it actually taste the same

  • s4m

    i mean it's ok to use olive oil to fry....but he used extra virgin olive oil tho which only suitable for marinades or salads...lols

  • Kayah Leonard
    Kayah Leonard

    It says foodporn

  • iX Ed1t
    iX Ed1t

    instant diabetes bro

  • Donia hamed
    Donia hamed

    But I hate being in quarantine😡😡

  • Donia hamed
    Donia hamed

    JIF🤣🤣hahaha Like 👈

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Brennen: doesn't add milk to the egg mixture for the French toast My face 🙃

  • Nicho’s Music
    Nicho’s Music

    Mac and cheese hotdog, instagram wins

  • Kiana Marie
    Kiana Marie

    You made the oil too hot when deep frying. Try buying a deep fryer they’re a little easier bc you can choose the temp you want it to maintain

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      “Quarantine sucks” by Brennen Taylor and I can also say that it does suck a lot

  • Kiana Marie
    Kiana Marie

    They put mozzarella on top of the Mac and cheese before they put on the Lays chips on the hot dog lol

  • Guadalupe Plays ROBLOX and More
    Guadalupe Plays ROBLOX and More

    Please dont hate me for this but I kinda don't like brennen anymore I remember when he was waaaayyyy cooler before and he did more food reviews I stopped watching him because he has gotten to much into trends and he kinda acts in a different way I wish he could do more videos of 'My fortunate life choices" or "My unfortunate life choices" I still remember when he did those videos now he just posts other like for example his hair his hair before looked nothing like that back then so sorry brennen in unsubscribing because you've changed way to much and I'm not saying this because I hate him no I used to looooooove his videos and I would do all nighters just to watch his videos all day and nighr but now their not that interesting in my opinion so please don't hate me and the people that are fans or subscribers please don't hate me this is just my opinion because Brennen changed so sorry brennen

  • Layal Binsuror
    Layal Binsuror

    I am lactose intolerant tooooooooo

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola

    He rlly doesn’t respond to texts tho😂

  • LLJ


    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola

      There Mac one the dog looks better but they didn’t put shredded cheese on the Mac

  • Francis Glinogo
    Francis Glinogo

    When he searched #food i saw #foodporn

  • Ezekiel spacejam
    Ezekiel spacejam

    This might sound weird but u can use mayonnaise instead of butter it actually taste the same


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> in second line wooiiiiwwwwwww

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas


  • Aaron Dean
    Aaron Dean

    How did he get all this food?

  • GG_PanPan_GG P907
    GG_PanPan_GG P907

    😂😂french toast with sugar definitely not brennan

  • Alex Purcell
    Alex Purcell

    Bro that is the most shallow “deep” frying I’ve ever seen...

  • Zoë Kuijpers
    Zoë Kuijpers

    Sad people from other countries than us and Canada can’t text u

  • Xitlaly Sanchez
    Xitlaly Sanchez

    they made the hot dog seem sooo good but i am disappointed it is not good at all😣 but then again we all have different taste buds

  • okow tina
    okow tina

    “Quarantine sucks” by Brennen Taylor and I can also say that it does suck a lot

  • Gypsy_vanner_lover

    You can't deep fry with olive oil because it gets hot to fast and burns as yours did you need to use vegetable oil

  • Austin Mcintyre
    Austin Mcintyre

    For the French toast you nailed it pretty good but you needed to put milk in the eggs

    • Austin Mcintyre
      Austin Mcintyre

      @okow tina no

    • okow tina
      okow tina

      are u in australia

  • Aichi Toshiki
    Aichi Toshiki

    Olive oil to fry? What? Why?

  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson

    Brennen you should really learn to cook.... I am a Chef in Florida and i would be very happy to teach you the fundamentals of cooking. That way when you review restaurants after all this virus stuff calms down you will know what your talking about.

    • Ross Johnson
      Ross Johnson

      DM me and we can talk.

  • Taya

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> idk what you’re making but I went on iG Vegas food blog, it doesn’t look like there’s no Mac n cheese, it looks like there’s only cheese

  • Ricardo Denogean
    Ricardo Denogean

    There Mac one the dog looks better but they didn’t put shredded cheese on the Mac

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili

    Brennen Taylor: I like every woman. Me: Ah, I see you’re a man of culture.

  • hkpmeme love
    hkpmeme love

    Brennen forgetting the milk for the French toast killed me slowly 😂😂

  • Indianna Turner
    Indianna Turner

    French toast doesn't have anything else but egg sooo..but you can add whatever

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      Brennen, you are literally insane. You cannot under any circumstance deep fry something in olive oil lmfao. The smoke point is extremely low and you're extremely lucky you

  • Jamal Khan
    Jamal Khan

    aye y iye bro

  • Angelo Marcos
    Angelo Marcos

    Lmao hot dogs & Mac & cheese is what I grew up on it’s so funny your reaction to it 😂😂😂

  • pro killer
    pro killer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> no ig won

  • Henry Salgado
    Henry Salgado

    You forgot the marshmallows on the hot dog I saw it

  • The Long Lost Sisters
    The Long Lost Sisters

    Think 🤔 for the French toast you’re supposed to add a little bit of milk

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko

    He rlly doesn’t respond to texts tho😂

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