We Wasted TOO MUCH on Mystery Tech...
Austin Evans
One day we're finally going to cancel Mystery Tech.
Mystery Tech Went TOO FAR 💀 kgsofts.info/hd/video/qqGFo86qkaKcuZs
Sega Genesis Mini on Amazon: austin.tech/genesismini
This ridiculously expensive toaster on Amazon: austin.tech/toaster
The MovieMask: moviemask.io/products/moviemask-premium
I couldn't find a link to the anime headphones or the "GameSphere" but let's be real that's ok.
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  • Icibo The Icibro
    Icibo The Icibro


  • Explo theme
    Explo theme

    7:09 ok boomer

  • Sotoboxios

    In Greek mouni or μουνι means pushy

  • Varga Levente
    Varga Levente

    10:06: When you go into the ground with a plane in Wii resort

  • katana kickzi
    katana kickzi


  • Aayan joshi
    Aayan joshi

    10$ for that thing something similar

  • more beys
    more beys

    Where is the BUTTER

  • Faris Sal
    Faris Sal

    Ken: the kids probably Don't know what disks are Me: we play games with disks

  • The Movie Critic
    The Movie Critic

    *I brush my teeth and I walk into the kitchen towards the refrigerator* Me: What will I drink today? *I grab the orange juice* My tastebuds: 2:38

  • FaZe-Jah o
    FaZe-Jah o

    No, i can relate and im 14

  • kevinn408

    sorry man a dislike for me for not knowing the best console ever

  • JJ Parker
    JJ Parker

    Absolutely crushed that he didn't get the drake and Josh reference

  • ITZReZoHn Md
    ITZReZoHn Md

    I have the anime wireless head phones

  • SNR_EZ

    32x u mean xbox 360

  • Milkyz


  • Hunter Xboxfan100
    Hunter Xboxfan100


  • Aerotitanium - Video Games, Etc.
    Aerotitanium - Video Games, Etc.

    3:51 Ngl, High Free Spirits is a banger

  • Jimmy Habooboo
    Jimmy Habooboo

    doesnt it damage ur eyes ? i remember when my parents use to tell me to not put the phone too close from my eyes and you guys just straight up put the phone in ur eyes

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor

    Stop making my filled young

  • Ya yeet Obama
    Ya yeet Obama

    Is the toaster made by Mitsubishi

  • Jasdeep Kalsi
    Jasdeep Kalsi

    People in 2019 getting a controller: “lets start playing guys!” People in 1999 getting a controller: 8:07

  • Meri Game’s
    Meri Game’s

    Normal people: hey let’s buy this $20 toaster. It can even toast two pieces at once! Rich people: hey let’s buy this $450 dollar toaster. Who cares that it only toast one piece.

  • Its Mastercoolian
    Its Mastercoolian

    no one: Not even a single soul Ken : Bought a magical toaster that can only toast one slice at a time... for 400+dollars

  • FastLikeUNO

    4:33 SPEAK THE TRUTH KEN! 😂😂😂

  • Davii Mai
    Davii Mai

    That's a nice crunch

  • ag.floats XR
    ag.floats XR

    Stop being so confused whenever a unmarked box comes on the table you over reacting bafoon.... "OMG AN ANMARKED BOX WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS WHAT WHAT WHATTEIEYEHEODHEVEI"

  • rebel goose
    rebel goose

    Anyone else have a mini SNES classic?

  • Nebulosis

    What happened to heyguysthisisaustin?

  • Cris P.
    Cris P.

    im 15, and I grew up VHS, calm done.

  • animeweeb

    Ken:touches table with box Austin:😂😂😂😂😂

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