Wentz vs. Fitzpatrick 3-TD QB Battle | NFL 2019 Highlights
Carson Wentz and Ryan Fitzpatrick battled it out, with Wentz throwing for 310 yards and 3 TDs, and Fitzpatrick throwing for 365 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Karim Batista
    Karim Batista

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  • Brendan Gibson
    Brendan Gibson

    Fitzpatrick so good against eagles last season had 401 yards vs them

  • Chicagoway37

    Fitz passing to whomever is covered by mills LMFAO

  • robin baby
    robin baby

    FitzLeonidas led his Dolphins to victory that day

  • handsome25286

    I Love Fitzpatrick

  • Open The Mind
    Open The Mind

    Now what we're NOT gonna do is blame Wentz for this when the Eagles secondary has Parker looking like PRIME Randy Moss

  • Ghost With The Most
    Ghost With The Most

    0:40 Look at that proud ass dad showing his love for his adopted sons

  • SnoopyDaDog

    Eagles defense makes Devonte Parker look like Randy Moss

  • M R
    M R

    CP3Wentz is the most overrated overpaid QB in history

  • Chris Gonce
    Chris Gonce

    I’m going to go cry in a corner

  • Nick Cicione
    Nick Cicione

    Man.. Parker!!! Dolphins should trade him to a contender for some nice draft pics.

  • PensiveOwl

    As a Jets fan, I was sorry to see Fitz go.

  • Ransom300

    Fun fact: fitzmajic is 7-0 against the Eagles all with different teams

  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    I had both in fantasy 😂👍🇺🇸

  • Luke Connors
    Luke Connors

    I’ll laugh it the dolphins beat the patriots

  • Angel D.
    Angel D.

    I swear at 1:44 Darby had enough time to adjust to the ball, but he doesnt. Instead he rather tries to break it up. He plays s o f t edit: mills got exposed

  • A1 Otero
    A1 Otero

    When Parker is healthy that man is a moss machine

    • NORDRR


  • vondior


  • Lemuel Sinclair
    Lemuel Sinclair


  • Eric Casas
    Eric Casas

    That was the best game a Miami quarterback has played in years.

  • David Trujillo
    David Trujillo

    As bad as Philly played overall I see a step in the right direction offensively

    • David Trujillo
      David Trujillo

      It’s not over till it’s over

    • Raidion

      As a philly fan I think we are done for the season to be honest, most of our players are injured but I think we should to Ok next year

  • go to my most popular video
    go to my most popular video

    Damn that parker guy is a beast

  • EL Plagua
    EL Plagua

    Eagles really don't wanna win the division lol. Cowboys keep giving them chance after chance, and they keep shitting the bed. 8-8 gonna win the division

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    Wow! Eagles lose to the worst Team in the AFC East and lose to a 2-9 Dolphins? Damn that's embarrassing

    • robin baby
      robin baby


  • Seed Alv
    Seed Alv

    Fitzmagick > Wince

  • Mr Psychometrics
    Mr Psychometrics

    Fun Fact: Qbs dont play against other Qbs.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Eagles lose to the browns if they were to play next week.

  • samseng90

    But here's the thang skiiuuupp

  • Mike Eckert
    Mike Eckert

    hey Wentz, *YOU SUCK*

  • Texan Football Houston
    Texan Football Houston

    Wentz sucks should of kept Foles but Dallas is happy eagles lost me too

    • Jarrell Woods
      Jarrell Woods

      Texan Football Houston have you been watching this season? I would rather have Wentz, Foles has become Trash

  • Terry Hanks
    Terry Hanks

    Fitzmajic back to save planet Earth

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    Fitzpatrick is playing better than Wentz wow 💀💀💀

    • go to my most popular video
      go to my most popular video

      bruce lau it’s not Fitz, it’s parker that’s the beast

  • john cooper
    john cooper

    As a Cowboys fan, the whole division is having a off year. Both eagles and cowboys have a lot of talent, but it's just not clicking. Both teams have great guys and the eagles have a SB under their belt recently. It may not happen this year and changes are sure to be made, but at least they can dominate when fire is in their eyes.

    • estephan Lebron
      estephan Lebron

      I appreciate your mature way of saying this I too agree wish there were more realistic fans like us I like Dak and Wentz and I think there gonna be going at this for years to come

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23


  • H20 - TGN
    H20 - TGN

    Dolphins punter > wentz and fitzpatrick

  • LeBron's Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It
    LeBron's Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It

    Like I said, Wentz will never ever get over the fact that it wasn’t him who helped the eagles won the Super Bowl, it was foles.

    • Devonta Draper
      Devonta Draper

      Foles is showing he was bust for the jags rn

    • robin baby
      robin baby

      It was rigged for the Eagle's to win. Both QB's are weak. Just look at them, especially Nick. I bet they both miss that trend.

    • 44excalibur

      And Foles just got booed off the field in Jacksonville and replaced by Minshew. And without Wentz taking the Eagles to the #1 seed, Foles would never have made it to the Super Bowl.

  • weelgunny

    See the legs on that chick at 3:53?

    • Devonta Draper
      Devonta Draper

      The one with white pants ?

    • Alex Medina
      Alex Medina


  • John Carter
    John Carter

    Soooo this still means nothing

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Bengals won their Super Bowl and the Eagles lost to the Dolphins and Raiders will miss the playoffs.

  • Solomon Rodriguez
    Solomon Rodriguez

    Fitzpatrick > Wentz

    • urmom gae
      urmom gae

      Nah Bruh Matt Haack in better than both

    • John Dusak
      John Dusak

      😂😂😂 okay guy

  • Jay Stiles
    Jay Stiles

    Which is worse folks the cowboys losing to the jets or the eagles lose against the dolphins?

    • Timothy Jankins
      Timothy Jankins

      As a cowboys fan i think the Eagles loss will mean much more, but our loss to the Jets who had not won a game a the time is much much worse...

    • Tilden Katz
      Tilden Katz

      Eagles and dolphins.

  • Gronk

    Fitz owns the Philadelphia Eagles

    • David Pitts
      David Pitts

      Gronk bomb after bomb

  • Jay Stiles
    Jay Stiles

    Philly is ass just like the cowboys couldn't beat the jets lol

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson

    Jalen Mills and Darby need to take an Uber back to Philly. They are beyond horrible

  • Steff67’ Ish
    Steff67’ Ish

    Wentz wasn’t the reason the Eagles lost this game. The defense is horrible

    • Mikey Faiella
      Mikey Faiella

      Steff67’ Ish Carson Wentz still isn’t too great

  • Matthew Mckissic
    Matthew Mckissic

    My Dolphins win again 😄 Eagles fans, try and sleep well tonight 😉

    • Victor D
      Victor D

      Doug Carter nfc west has two good teams battling out while the nfc easy is a complete disappointment

    • Doug Carter
      Doug Carter


  • I can't think of a cool name
    I can't think of a cool name

    FitzMAGIC is literally the GOAT of journeyman QB'S he deserves a Ring

    • Og Adan
      Og Adan

      I can't think of a cool name ikr

    • I can't think of a cool name
      I can't think of a cool name

      @Taylor DeLoach that means he's a journeyman like I said😄 The Fitzpatrick cycle Signed as a back up+Start play's good/Great for a couple of games-+gets payed and sucks and released+ goes to another team and repeats

    • Taylor DeLoach
      Taylor DeLoach

      dude he sucks but every once in a while plays good

    • Escocivo 30
      Escocivo 30

      There needs a HOF and a ring for QB’s like Fitzmagic and same goes to Josh McCown

  • Edwin Adames
    Edwin Adames

    GO PHINS 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

  • Shadow Zone
    Shadow Zone

    Fitzpatrick always has big games against eagles.

    • Finley Jeanbatiste
      Finley Jeanbatiste

      Ikr remember last year what he did against them when he was in Tampa and did better than crab legs winston

  • Drew Goddamn Brees
    Drew Goddamn Brees

    Lol which team out of the NFC East will win the Division only to get blown out in the Wildcard? 😂🤭😂😂

    • Frantz Lenin
      Frantz Lenin

      Redskins gonna win out and take the division at 7-9 lol

    • Victor D
      Victor D

      Drew Goddamn Brees and nfc north

    • Victor D
      Victor D

      Drew Goddamn Brees nfc easy wasting that slot while the nfc west has two good teams neck to neck

    • Jerry Junior
      Jerry Junior

      Drew Goddamn Brees Probably my Cowboys, we AIN’T losing to Philly, that’s the ONE team we will beat no matter what.

  • MizerisMoney

    Fitzpatrick better than Wentz right now

    • Jamie Mcbean
      Jamie Mcbean

      Felony Strutter Foles was the quarterback in the bears game🤣🤣

    • Ms. Felony Strutter
      Ms. Felony Strutter

      Wentz had one great season until he was injured other than that what has he proven? That playoff win vs Bears was bush league kick is good, time out no good.


    The eagles are done

    • Jonathan

      Not yet!

    • Sckrt Sckrt
      Sckrt Sckrt

      First Name Last Name lmao has a cowboys fan this is hilarious

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name

      CEE MILLZ not if my cowboys have something to say about that lol

  • Shortest SB Champion QB
    Shortest SB Champion QB

    FitzMagic back at it again!!

    • go to my most popular video
      go to my most popular video

      Jerry Junior it’s not him. it’s parker that’s the beast

    • Jay Stiles
      Jay Stiles

      Well deserved tbh

    • Jerry Junior
      Jerry Junior

      Shortest SB Champion QB #MVP YES he is, he beat the Eagles last year as a Buccaneer.

  • Jerry Junior
    Jerry Junior

    Ryan Fitzpatrick > Prince Harry, My Cowboys ALWAYS WIN win the birds fall, but this was an INCREDIBLE new low for those rotten overrated Eagles, lose to the Giants on Monday Night Football and it’s OVER...My Cowboys don’t even have to win their next two, beating them in Week 16 seals the deal for my lackluster team 😆

    • Devonta Draper
      Devonta Draper

      @go to my most popular video there worst because of how in consistent they have played might be the worst inconsistent team ever

    • go to my most popular video
      go to my most popular video

      Jerry Junior you guys lost to the jets. arguably the worst team right now

    • obi njoku
      obi njoku

      @Eagles Clips 22-24 is not a blowout my guy

    • Finley Jeanbatiste
      Finley Jeanbatiste

      Its crazy to see Wentz look exactly like prince harry

  • MRTUPAC 28
    MRTUPAC 28

    Wentz=Do You Want The Division? Fitzpatrick=Who will you play for next season?

    • Happy Thoughts
      Happy Thoughts

      @jaiveer d You realize that a football team is made up of more than just a QB, right? Judging QBs based solely on the win percentage of their team and ignoring all the other relevant stats is just dumb dude. By your logic Aaron Rodgers is a scrub despite his 25-2 TD/Int ratio because the Packers were 6-9-1 last year. You'd have to agree that Russell Wilson is mediocre at best because he couldn't get the Seahawks more than 9 wins last year. His 110 passer rating and 35 TDs be damned. And you can basically just erase Philip Rivers from the history books on the best QBs of the decade because his team is almost never good. Football is a team sport. Trying to lay the blame for a loss at the feet of your QB in a game where your offense put up 31 points and your defense let up 37, is like hardcore dumb. Especially of your QB gave you 21 of those points and 300+ yards.

    • Truevillany

      @Rhonda Boggs Here's the thing though, it's not going to look as bad. I think the cap is going up and once Watson and Mahomes are up, the QB market is going to flip. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine w/ the contract. It's not going be as bad within two years. And he has shown with a team he can win MVP. So it won't be as bad wiothin two years. I'll say it's a better one then Foles.

    • TdubZ

      @Rhonda Boggs you want foldz back?

    • Goat Stature
      Goat Stature

      @Rhonda Boggs your wrong

  • AustinPlayz 808
    AustinPlayz 808


  • AustinPlayz 808
    AustinPlayz 808

    Who care About being the firSt one ?? Btw they did a great hob

  • Julia Mijares
    Julia Mijares

    First person

  • DatpandaplayZ

    1 comment no views Nani!

  • Gavin’s Savage
    Gavin’s Savage

    Third comment yo