What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial
HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm playing with the SOLD OUT Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Makeup Collection! It's time to sit down and talk about some real life issues I've been having, updating you all on my personal life, moving houses soon and big changes for Nathan and I! And I dip into the coveted Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and create a simple smokey eye look!
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  • Celia Garcia
    Celia Garcia

    Love everything ❤️

  • Angelica Mattheakis
    Angelica Mattheakis

    are you ever going on tour in canada?

  • Min Jeonsan
    Min Jeonsan

    12:53 Your welcome

  • oscar games
    oscar games

    You should keep your house and buy a new one so you can come visit it

  • oscar games
    oscar games

    Gets a safe were moving now

  • Cessy Eve
    Cessy Eve

    I love you 😘

  • Larissa Pfeiffer
    Larissa Pfeiffer

    I really want jeffree star cosmetics make a contour pallet! Please give it to me my cheekbones are not cunty enough!!!

  • Dj pickles
    Dj pickles

    Jeffree should try Florence by mills

  • Treavor buffkin
    Treavor buffkin

    Jefree, I absolutely love you!! I'm a 55 yr young lady. So I'm guessing that I may possibly be in a minority of my age of people who watch you. IDK I may be absolutely wrong about that. I just hope you see my comment. It would thrill me to the moon!! I've been watching you for quite a while now. I'm so happy for yours and Shane's Conspiracy success! I've followed it all. So proud of you two! God bless! Love u so much ❤️

  • Christen Merizan
    Christen Merizan


  • Lupe Ortiz
    Lupe Ortiz

    Omg wow it's biuriful you house me regularly the inglis ♡♡♥♥★☆♣♧

  • Sara Mirasola
    Sara Mirasola

    oof spice girls vibes, yas...

  • Josie Cline
    Josie Cline

    you are looking a lot more tan than you usually are.

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson

    “We’ve outgrown this place.” Outgrown a mansion? You should see my square footage, Jfc.

  • Kallyie Melody
    Kallyie Melody

    Jefree: builds the pink vault: Also Jefree: wE'rE mOvInG oUt!!! The pink vault: that wasn't very cash money of you >:'[

  • Midnight Witch
    Midnight Witch

    You and shane / your line so need to release a setting spray or foundation jeffree girl. Seriously, like the one you did with morphe, OMG, i was shook, but diet root beer scented or watermelon ??? 💋

  • M G
    M G

    My conspiracy bundle order was returned to sender for some reason but y’all sent me an email saying it was delivered to me... please help!!!!! I contacted customer service a while back and haven’t heard anything back and I don’t want y’all to think I returned it and then throw it out 😓😓😓

  • ヽマッテェh e i k a
    ヽマッテェh e i k a

    You really need some merch that says, "Hi, how are ya?"

  • Bea The bee
    Bea The bee

    Hold tf up you live in michigan? Where? When? Detroit area? Fuck that’s where I live! I could legitimately go to a meet and greet???

  • Johnnie Patrick
    Johnnie Patrick

    Shane Dawson Jeffree star work for Illuminati who think that are gods and the public is sheep or rodents . Royal gods they are Illuminati whores.

  • Lucy Momo
    Lucy Momo

    Jeffree:We’re moving. Me:WHAT!

  • lit -
    lit -

    jeffree calling shane his best friend >>>>

  • 王梓语


  • Renee Caine
    Renee Caine

    I am DYING for Jeffree to make a purple palette 💜💜 Royal Blood anyone??

  • Quintessential

    I lost my cat on the week of my birthday. Im still denying it so I don't feel it. I am so sorry you guys have been through that its so hard. And words don't do it justice. There is a thing you can do if you have your dogs Ashes, you can turn it into diamonds. And keep them with you forever, I don't know if you would want a constant reminder though? Maybe matching jewelry.

  • Quintessential

    I want to know the drama, even if u just cover it for a hot second. :D we love tea here okay?

  • Quintessential

    OMG is all the colors in the conspiracy palette named after conspiracies? Like Tanacon? OMG who ever thought this up in a genius I am dying of laughter!

  • MissDeadly321

    Can you like not be sold out😩

  • Addie Davis
    Addie Davis

    No body gone talk abt the cameraman having no shoes on while he was outside???

  • Haley Wright
    Haley Wright

    I just want to know where whoever bought this house works/what they do!

  • Michelle Conte
    Michelle Conte

    Im i the only person that noticed that he’s moveing but he bearly built is vault 😭

  • Gotham City Girl
    Gotham City Girl

    How is life ? Girl- I got let go from my job- having a hard time finding one atm...trying to figure out what I want to do. Been wanting to do a channel for 10 yrs- was too busy with my now grown kids.. My wife supports me in whatever I decide to do for now- any tips ? I am a makeup artist and nail tech- great cook- am a lesbian whose bestie is a drag queen. I have so many angles and Im so fd up in my mind atm - I dont know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass...ugh..😭

  • X X Error’s Daycore
    X X Error’s Daycore

    Jeffree making me go uwu 🥺🥺 he’s so nice asking how we all are and reminding as we need to look out for ourselves and I really needed that thank you babe 💕 🥺

  • Paige Vorster
    Paige Vorster

    whoever moves into Jeffrees house, you lucky bro

  • Savanna Chamlee
    Savanna Chamlee

    I had to rewind at least 4 times just to watch the concealer disappear into his skin. INCREDIBLE.

  • Morgan Hay
    Morgan Hay

    His energy is extra calming in this one

  • Alexia Paredes
    Alexia Paredes

    I hope he makes a new vault

  • Pocky

    I hope Nate feels better soon, keep your guy's head up! And congrats on the move

  • J_Animals08 :b
    J_Animals08 :b

    I lost my dog and he was 13 and I’m 11 and your videos help me through it, so thank you soo much for helping me!!!

  • Koneko Yagami
    Koneko Yagami

    "No bots"? Are robots buying make up now? I dont get it. 🐈❤👽