Why I've never had a boyfriend
Morgan Adams
Hi :') I hope you enjoy this video of what the past month of my life has been and I hope you are having an amazing day.
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  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams

    I hope one day I learn how to spell “cue”. Anyway love you :,)

    • WHRA 21
      WHRA 21

      your young morgan have some fun, you need to go to a few parties, festivals and more birthday parties more you talk to and let people know your single and want to have fun or meet someone trust me good smile and personality and hunour gets people to talk about you and shows interest😎 if this was a real date never take the first date as wedding bells get a few more dates and remember if it doesnt work out just focus om the next. ive notice men liked to laugh alot and i never thought it was true but most men like short topics and genius brains since guys have higj sex drives show them a little something and flirt since thet cant touch you, give a dog a bone if they desire you they will come back. remember morgan sometimes you cant wait till someone shows up its not how you get somebody you really got to put the effort in to find someone even if its a few frogs even ones you aint even into just have fun and stories to tell😎

    • tamara mohammed
      tamara mohammed

      I never had one too ❤️

  • GabrielleK Brown
    GabrielleK Brown

    Been on so many dating apps to the point where i have more dating horror stories then success stories. Finally I've met someone from work in whom I cherish deeply. Today is our month anniversary!

  • Brianna Wofford
    Brianna Wofford

    I appreciate and love this video. I appreciate your honesty with yourself and audience. We all go through shit and beat ourselves down mentally into believing we don’t deserve things. But girl you are SO beautiful and hilarious!! Any dude would be very lucky to have you. Proud of you for picking yourself up by the bootstraps and doing things that will benefit your mental & physical health in the long run!

  • xxIluvyouguysxx

    Aww Morgan you go girl!!

  • Jessi Marie
    Jessi Marie

    I wish I had a friendship like this 😭 *cries*

  • Filipa Faria
    Filipa Faria

    Your noodles are thinking the right way, you are being realistic whitch is good

  • SleepHater

    [biggest clickbait ever]

  • Katie Brandl
    Katie Brandl

    Morgan is a six?

  • Abagail Evans
    Abagail Evans

    This makes me feel good as a 21 year old who has never had a bf! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  • Mike

    Just say the real reason: because you fear commitment and wanna fuck whoever you want, whenever you want, without it getting “complicated.”

  • Mirdalia Checo
    Mirdalia Checo

    This is so relatable. Thanks for sharing this ❤

  • emi loo
    emi loo

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus Morgan you are the first person I've heard talk about how you feel like no one could ever like you and that anyone who does must be pretending!! I think that to myself every. Single. Day. And I just don't know how to not feel like that. The only difference between us is that you're literally gorgeous and I feel like the only way I'll ever feel normal and "pretty" is to have plastic surgery.

  • Margaret Giles
    Margaret Giles


  • initiatorhater0688

    be glad that as a girl, you aren't expected to be confident, you don't have to open your mouth first in front of a guy

  • Lexapro Queen96
    Lexapro Queen96

    “I have a hard time not thinking everything is hysterically comical and life is pointless.” Morgan, I don’t think I’ve ever related to something anyone has said more lmao

  • Trinity Wakefield
    Trinity Wakefield

    You are truly one of the most beautiful women inside and out I fucking love you so much and have never related sooo much. The fact that you are just you and no shame, you own yourself, and tell it how it is without even trying is what makes you so much more beautiful! Hi😍 Much love, Sincerely Trinity from South Lake Tahoe California

  • Leia Nickerson
    Leia Nickerson

    You're gorgeous and got a gorgeous body ignore the haters they're jealous and have no life that's why they hurt others for entertainment

  • Beesley’s World
    Beesley’s World

    I would give my right eye to have a chance to date this beautiful, funny woman not lying ❤️

  • Abby S
    Abby S

    Honestly it might be for the best to wait for a really good relationship. I have had a lot of really bad relationships that have destroyed my self esteem. Dating can be great but also really awful

  • tame kitten
    tame kitten

    i have an aunt jennifer. she’s a crackhead

  • Chloe Distel
    Chloe Distel

    I ship Morgan and Andrew

  • Chloe Distel
    Chloe Distel

    *hi. This is my wombat idk* 😂

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell

    This is the first video I’ve watched of hers and I already totally love her! Super authentic/real/genuine which a lot of influencers aren’t so it’s super cool and relatable:)

  • Amanda Riviera
    Amanda Riviera

    Honestly so happy for you being able to step up and decide to work on becoming who you want to be, whatever that may entail. It is so important to be able to love yourself and be comfortable with yourself. I spent too long relying on the love of others. Makes it difficult to handle being by yourself later. Especially late at night when everyone else is asleep... Bottom line, find love within yourself.

  • Jennifer Peach
    Jennifer Peach

    Holy shit, I can relate to you so much. Thanks for making this video. Wow

  • Maggie Alice
    Maggie Alice

    I'm late watching this cause somehow I missed it but can we be best friends??? 😂 I seriously relate to this so much.... I'm in that slump, I've gained 60lbs and I've been trying to get in the mindset of working out but it just hasn't happened yet. I need to make it happen. Anyways, I seriously love you!

  • Alissa Fader
    Alissa Fader

    I’ve never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship and I’m 23 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • The Fa
      The Fa

      Me toooo

  • Isabella Melendez
    Isabella Melendez

    you did not just say find someone on craig’s list

  • Luis Aranda
    Luis Aranda

    Wanna be my GF? :D

  • Life of Kirsten
    Life of Kirsten

    Do you want a girlfriend...?