Why Poland's Geography is the Worst
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Poland, Poland's history, polish geography, polish history animated.

  • TyMag

    Poland not existed 123 yrs not 124 because Poland Got independence 11.11.1918

  • Its ya boi Craig
    Its ya boi Craig

    Sloshitia is even worse . The people there are dipshits.

  • Zikinan

    i love how he pronouces names

  • Anna De
    Anna De

    where do you get your dates from ? Poland gained back independence 11/11/1918 after 123 of being wiped out from the map, then in 1945 it was established as a communist satellite country to USSR and communism failed in 1989

  • Gstyler

    The country that was partitioned was Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, not Poland P.S. Poland is not a feminine noun, so it's kinda strange you call it "she" Great video anyways!


    No chujnia troszkę

  • Timber Vods
    Timber Vods

    To be save Poland must have a atom bomb.

  • mon mon
    mon mon

    Bla bla poland is great and we beat all d idiots

  • Daniel Boas Elsberg Doffen
    Daniel Boas Elsberg Doffen

    So that's why Polish men are cursing so much. O kurwa!

  • Jan TuTenCham3
    Jan TuTenCham3

    In Poland they say Why God put Polish people between German and Russian? Because , no one can handle this heat, obviously.

  • brcs

    Poland was a really great power many decades ago, but mostly every "friend" wants does lands, we always says Germany-Russia bad guys, you get 2 or 3 morons wants POWER, victims you can find all over the globe. If people don't realize we live together on very small planet, we never get level of "inteligent beings", bad news i can count at least 7 country's with morons people in power to run all country. Death for bad comments in internet in XXI century? We are faaaar away from intelligent live forms

  • Ania

    Great great video

  • Erwin Kruk
    Erwin Kruk

    Because it maybe it does not want to be part of a rotting EU in the mercy of outer powers since its a Union,but has to or else the the enemy of the east will have a better hand corrupting the last European country to the East, The Poland's Empire. Of the day. yet there are so many friends Poland has. It's INDEPENDENCE, its revolution, its fight for freedom, like Libya in the hands of Italy.. So it happends, you did get the difficult history part right, the hard fight, the love for their own land and you have not mentioned thatthe EU is lazy compared to the Polish people who have had difficult infrastructure. Like any other country that got close to the EU.

  • Ivan Volf
    Ivan Volf

    When you put all words in graphics we see how Poland geography and past are bad. Really sad story they have through the years... But they have iron hearts and strong will. After ww1 they successfully repel russians - stronger enemy. That truly amaze me. Very brave people. Even if you weaker you can won. Inspiring story... ☺ Unfortunately in ww2 they dont stand a chance against German Reich and Soviet Union. 4 fronts war...ughh...not good

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel

    If I ever were to spawn in Poland's Place, in any Civilization Match, I'd invade all my neighbors to every natural barrier I can find, and then assimilate them into my culture... If so, my empire would al least include all the Nordic Countries, all the Baltic Countries, Belarus, Ukraine, all of European Russia, Moldovia, a good slice of Romania, and most of Germany...

  • Vusal Alisoy
    Vusal Alisoy

    But still one of the largest by area countries in Europe

  • BugdziaczeQTM Mapper
    BugdziaczeQTM Mapper

    You don't know where is Poland , shut up

  • BL4CK

    *Komentarz, którego szukałeś ;)*

  • ja 1224
    ja 1224

    123 years*

  • Francesco Fulminis
    Francesco Fulminis

    What about UK? They have one of the best geography

  • Fr0sT

    Thank you for that film! We (Poles) are proud of our history, ancestors and people, who know our hard history!

  • werka_r11

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> That's not actually true because we've got rivers as natural borders on East and especially on West(Odra and Warta)

  • Vidget PL
    Vidget PL

    E, polaczki, gdzie jesteście? Zgłaszać się

  • Krystix2234

    Not 1990 in 1989 learn history

  • DinoTime

    Greetings to poland from Romania

  • FRAQ

    poland's place in europe is like that friend that requires your help all the time and you just forget about it and him lol

  • LitSuperSonic


  • daineckaz

    When you talk about Poland before 18 th century, you should talk about Lithuanian - Poland colomnwealth, so your historical knlowledge is rather poor.

  • KonradJR Kleszcze
    KonradJR Kleszcze

    A mistake, Poland was under partitions 123 years.

  • kubala23

    I just want to clarify that in 1772 Poland wasn't attacked by its neighbours but they made use of its weakness and manipulated king Stanisław August Poniatowski (in Poland we name this Rozbiory). Next thing is Poland wasn't on the map for 123 years and gained its independence in 1918 but in 1919 we made our boarderlines. Sorry if my English is very bad. I hope you'll understand.

  • Albert Kakol
    Albert Kakol

    1 why you bullling me 2 we got the biggest coil deposit

  • dave steel
    dave steel

    Oh kurwa.

    • Krystix2234

      wiesz co to znaczy dwulatku?

  • 陈大日Joshuatrap

    Everyone:talking about Poland and it's geography Me: Why do I hear Plague.Inc-like music???

  • Citrox X
    Citrox X

    Some mistakes I saw: 123 years of ocupation, not 124. Formally,Poland gain indepedence in 1918, but it's up to you to interpretate. Regain indepedence in 1989, not year later, but I believe you meant FULL freedom(because W. Jaruzelski was president for only a year) And yeah. Geography of Poland suck.

  • Paweł Mróz
    Paweł Mróz

    In spite of everything. We are ok in Poland. A lot of you have no idea how big progress we have made since the WWII. We did the best in Europe with terrorists, 0 terrorists attacks. Now similarly with covid19 with which we also do the best in Europe. 👊

  • Prashant M
    Prashant M

    Respect for poland Just when we think it's finished It just comes back Love from india ♥️

    • AkaJust Vih
      AkaJust Vih

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill

    Good video. Fyi. You pronounced Belarus wrong. It is pronounced Bella roo. :👍

  • KMD HD Mapper
    KMD HD Mapper

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> *123 and *1918

  • twojstarysolibudyn

    Ach, kurwa

  • The Computer
    The Computer

    The poles of KGsofts have arrived.

  • sʏᴊᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ
    sʏᴊᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ

    Video: *is about Poland* Poles in comments: OH OH OMG OMG KURWA PIEROGI WE ARE SO FUNNY AAAHAAAA

    • sʏᴊᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ
      sʏᴊᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ

      @Krystix2234 krystyna jesteś transwestytą?

    • Krystix2234

      ryj pieciolatku

  • Egor luk
    Egor luk

    RLL: Poland is flat and it suffered so much from its neighbors Ukraine: *OH REALLY?!*

  • Lorenzo Mastropaolo
    Lorenzo Mastropaolo

    Really that land historically was part of prussia. A strong kingdom

    • LighTWArriorYT Official
      LighTWArriorYT Official

      And before Prussia it was a part of Poland

  • Nine

    123 yers no 124 yers <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    Pozdrawiam Polaków którzy to przeczytają :) Wkurza mnie jak cały czas jest smutek i płacz bo przecież Polska była taka słaba taka biedna jeju jak tak można. Zamiast się cieszyć z tego że się udało, że pokonaliśmy przeciwności ludzie wciąż jedno i to samo; Biedni powstańcy,biedny kraj taki skrzywdzony... Nie można spojrzeć na to inaczej? Tylko użalać cię nad tym? Owszem to smutne czasy no ale błagam was. Stawialiśmy opór mimo że mordowano naszych braci. To my odwarzyliśmy się i przeprowadzalismy zamach na życie hitlera :|

  • Dimitris Zacharioudakis
    Dimitris Zacharioudakis

    Poland- _Exists_ Germany & Russia- It's free real estate

  • Marek Sołtan
    Marek Sołtan

    Ngl those "friends" of ours are pretty scummy, and totally unhelpful. Shoutout to france

    • ed

      have you heard about a country called Hungary ?

  • Gopi Gajwelly
    Gopi Gajwelly

    All those dislikes are from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stans

  • ScourgeOfGodUK

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> is Estonia, not Poland.

  • Depression needs Concession
    Depression needs Concession


  • Radosław Łangowski
    Radosław Łangowski

    Poland no see to map in 123 years and Poland see to map in 1918 year

  • Farhan Fakhriza
    Farhan Fakhriza

    Can anybody tell me why Poland is called by narrator a she?

    • MoRaNa 96
      MoRaNa 96

      In Polish, Poland is a feminine noun 'Polska' maybe that's the reason

  • PieSamuray

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> Me: That’s a Romanian solidier, look at his arm Polish Person: *TRIGGERED*

  • hiczok

    It's kinda crazy how after 124 years the country reappeared

    • LighTWArriorYT Official
      LighTWArriorYT Official


  • omerek1

    I never knew szczecin used to be german lands :(

    • Krystix2234

      nie, Szczecin byl typowo niemieckim miastem

    • MoRaNa 96
      MoRaNa 96

      Szczecin was occupied by many years by Germans.

  • Tiaan De Swardt
    Tiaan De Swardt

    Nor does her neighbours

  • Marek Bednarski
    Marek Bednarski

    Yeah ! Where you from !?strong history strong people!Peace from west pomeranian Poland!:)

  • Roblox And Lego Adventures
    Roblox And Lego Adventures

    “ Poland Conquered By Foreign Powers For 175 Years “ Philippines: “amateurs”

    • LighTWArriorYT Official
      LighTWArriorYT Official

      *123 years

  • Ян Калиновский
    Ян Калиновский

    Eastern Poland is not Poland.

  • great commonwealth mapper
    great commonwealth mapper

    You need to make wideo "why Polish geography is the best"

    • LighTWArriorYT Official
      LighTWArriorYT Official

      Yeah this video is pretty wrong. This should be: "Why Poland's political position sucks" because Poland's geography is actually great. Mountains from the south that were used against southern attacks. The Vistula river that saved Europe multiple times from the eastern threat. Baltic Sea from the north. And Oder river that can protect Poland against Germany from the west. Let's not forget about the Silesian resources.

  • Agastya 15
    Agastya 15


  • Pablo Wood
    Pablo Wood

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> looks like goofie

  • ïđķ whãţ țő ñàmə mý çhăňņĕł
    ïđķ whãţ țő ñàmə mý çhăňņĕł

    video: exists *millions of poles are typing*

  • Kobi Pies
    Kobi Pies

    This video in a nutshell We are doomed

  • slimb

    As a Polish person I say pierdol się

    • Krystix2234

      dokładnie kłamać tylko umię

  • JLD LdR
    JLD LdR

    Poles are some tough sobs. Created a nation in the middle of the european plains, constantly assaulted, and they survived it all. Respect.

  • Turbo Roman
    Turbo Roman

    Well,Poland stand still after so many wars. And will be forever. Like a Phoenix. Spirit of people of Poland ...Immovable object. And they groth every year . /bow

  • Miś Wojtek Kapral
    Miś Wojtek Kapral

    Imagine Poland being an asshole nation like Russia, Germany, etc. Would be a much better nation, it would still be big. Poland could've annexed all of russia, could've annexed prussia (instead of letting it be a puppet state and later breaking free) and could've Polonized (make everyone Polish) all of it's land. Wouldn't that be great?

  • Gustas Rutkauskas
    Gustas Rutkauskas

    Yeah but like commonwealth is not only poland the lithuania was a realy big part to

  • Oleks Borovskyi
    Oleks Borovskyi

    Watching your video one might think that all you need to protect your country is to have "not flat land". Tell me how much it helped Nepal. Or Romania. Or Scotland. Or a hundred other nations. Also thinking that being located further east would just give a nation lots of free land to expand to. Ever heard of great Asian empires coming westward? And don't think that being stuck between several hostile powerful nations is a unique situation. Everybody have been through that, not everybody survived.

  • migaczone kanał
    migaczone kanał

    the comment about "strong friends" it's not like that entirely. I mean, it reduces the possibility of being attacked, but it does not give any guarantee nor guarantees for help of the friends. Vide 1939: France, Churchill...yes Poland, we all got your back, after german invaision they just turned their blind eye. And in 1920, we ware fighting to hold our borders almost everywhere (east, west south, north), but the 1920 war and the Vistula Miracle as we call it, was strictly about communist invasion (and not settling the borders). Great piece of work though, thanks!

  • Lady Dyke Vader
    Lady Dyke Vader

    The fact you don't even remember about Tatry and Sudenty makes me doubt your selection of information - the bottom of Poland is all mountains

    • Dziki z lasu
      Dziki z lasu

      Tatry are a small part of Karpathian mountains, also with Beskidy and Bieszczady medium mountain chains and low Pogórze in Poland.

  • Meat Lovers
    Meat Lovers

  • Famous Cryp
    Famous Cryp

    In civ starting there is not that hard 😂

  • 남윤성

    우리나라 지정학적 위치가 최악일 줄 알았는디

  • senator nowosilcow
    senator nowosilcow


  • ahmed hesen
    ahmed hesen

    Kurdistan has the worst territory in the world unfortunately At least Poland is a country!

    • ahmed hesen
      ahmed hesen

      @pizzahands cheers 👍😇

    • pizzahands

      you mean territory am i right... cheers

  • Matt Delatowski
    Matt Delatowski

    Yeah, with their current politics they're going back to soviet union days pretty soon. All that fighting and bravery just to be destroyed yet again, this time by one of their your own...*judgmental head shake*

  • rodrigo vera
    rodrigo vera

    germany and russia: yep thats true

  • Silver Capricorn
    Silver Capricorn

    Next up Why the worlds geography sucks