Would Ryan Fitzpatrick Be Out Of Miami For Winning?
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  • Octavius Bailey
    Octavius Bailey

    Why haven’t the Bears ever picked up Fitzpatrick??

  • huggeebear

    Does Pat have a little sumthin sumthin in his iced tea?😂

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Pat just knows that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a solid quarterback who is very UNDERATED!!!

  • Lowa Case
    Lowa Case

    Mac has the best sports talk show out there by far.

  • Jeremy Pantoja
    Jeremy Pantoja

    Bring the Fitzmagic to Chicago

  • Steve Bob
    Steve Bob

    Chris angel is the opposite of magic

  • Nick Duncan
    Nick Duncan

    Hate the idea of fitzmagic coming to chicago. He is in no way better than trubisky, who we’re already stuck with.

  • jeff kennedy
    jeff kennedy

    Dude, your head is twice as big as your fellow commentator.

  • Jb0830

    They might get all those QB’s and hope one works 😂😂 McAfee you’re the 🐐

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Why would Miami draft a QB this year when they have a chance to load up their offensive line with first round talent, start Rosen for 16 games next year, inevitably giving you a second consecutive #1 overall pick, and take Trevor Lawrence???

  • Garent Manyensen
    Garent Manyensen

    Fitzmagic is gonna make magic happen. I love watching that guy play even though it's against my bills.

  • Metallica Dragon
    Metallica Dragon

    loosing games on purpose to get 1st round draft picks should not be a thing , the winner of the Superbowl, should be the team that gets the 1st round draft pick, make them earn it, not this Bs teams have been doing ,aka raiders, dolphins, etc, it makes the NFL a joke, an its not funny anymore, its DISGRACEFUL !! ... to the fans / players / an sports as a whole..

  • Dom W
    Dom W

    Patrick Fitzryan


    Isn't Fitzpatrick, more like Fitzception

    • kurt king
      kurt king

      great first yr on a team. then sucks every yr after

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young

    He came out slingin against my bills and I gotta be honest I was scared... Hes not great, but ive seen the magic enough times to know he almost ran away with that game, man was droppin nothin but dimes the first half

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      He's definitely a solid quarterback. He's proved time n time again that he's got what it takes to get the job done.

  • Keino Smith
    Keino Smith

    He aint win a game from last year....he is a looser

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr


  • Jesus Galvan
    Jesus Galvan

    The Pat McAfee show is goOoOod

  • ryan fitzpatrick
    ryan fitzpatrick

    I'm a $1.89 steak thank you very much.

  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    Raiders need to trade carr for fitzmagic

  • logan woods
    logan woods

    Bruh pat, really just skipping over Tua, Justin Herbert, and other way better QBs and pick Joe Burroughs?😂😂 if we’re going off stats homie then the QB outta Washington State is the clear first overall pick. Homie had 9 TDs and like 700 yards in ONE game 😂😂😂

  • Chris Aramaki
    Chris Aramaki

    Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to hire Pat McAfee as his agent ASAP

  • tbird990

    As a lifelong dolphins fan, if Fitzpatrick wins a single game I want him the fuck outta here

  • Hao Ye
    Hao Ye

    Fitzpatrick is vegas worst nightmare. You can never predict the outcome


    Pat is coked the F out hahaha

  • cptsketch13

    Mac should def commentate for xfl lmao. That would be the best

  • Orlando Jones
    Orlando Jones

    Pat looks like a NBA create a player with the height at 9'10

  • Isaac Sosa
    Isaac Sosa

    Jalen Hurts stats just about match Joe Burrows. Jalen hurts is a dawg

  • Wheeler Rickord
    Wheeler Rickord

    Bears should trade Trubisky to the Chargers for Phillip rivers. Just a thought.

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Hopefully the Boltz don't wanna get rid of Philip Rivers. But if they do then I hope he gets signed somewhere.

  • Randy The Snake Savage
    Randy The Snake Savage

    My boy pat has been gettin dem views ⚡🍾

  • Nick Joseph
    Nick Joseph

    Lol looks like he’s staying in Miami because the fins ain’t winning a game this year 😂👏🏼

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Nick Joseph they won 5 games! Lol

  • KomodoDojo

    This dude cracks me up

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson

    When Bears fans remember the Bears traded up to take Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson 🤣🤣

  • Peck Air
    Peck Air

    Totally thought he got traded....

  • GuyFox

    As a Dolphins fan I can say it would be a disaster if Dolphins win a game. This horrendous season would’ve been for nothing.

  • Shark Man
    Shark Man

    Please not to the bears because he always chokes when it comes down to it.

  • El Quednau
    El Quednau

    Pls bengals dont pick Tua. out of all the years to get a good pick for a QB, this year is terrible

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      Andy Dalton is a good quarterback. I hope they keep him but if not then I hope he gets signed somewhere.

  • Aaron Sertterh
    Aaron Sertterh

    suffer then 2 dollar steak omg best thing ever lol

  • Initially JB
    Initially JB

    So the league emphasis are QB but all of them suck in college but since football is so pass happy someone has to look good lol. Smh it will be a great Qb out there but he will come from a college like Tulsa or Nevada or something. Or a Divison lll school

  • Draven Long
    Draven Long

    Bring Fitzmagic to Da Bears!

  • cole schubert
    cole schubert

    The bucs should have kept Fitz magic

  • Max Fire Fantasy Report
    Max Fire Fantasy Report

    Lord, please send Fitzmagic to the Bears

  • Jared Dowell
    Jared Dowell

    Please come to Chicago

  • Go Pack Go
    Go Pack Go

    Please take Joe Buck’s spot next to Troy. Thanks Pat

  • Luke Enno
    Luke Enno

    Trade him to Cincinnati.

  • Cristian Rivera
    Cristian Rivera

    I don’t think anyone in this draft is worth tanking for or is that just me???

  • Adam Fitzgerald
    Adam Fitzgerald

    I see with the pg 2s. Fresh

  • adam lee
    adam lee

    As a bears fan... YES PLEASE! Heck I'd take Johnny Football at this point!

    • Kenny L Garrett Jr
      Kenny L Garrett Jr

      God I hope Johnny Manziel makes an incredible comeback and gets back into the league. He was a solid quarterback for sure. U should watch his Cleveland Browns highlights. And his Texas AnM highlights.


    I love Fitz takes a hit so hard, it hurt me! Teammates pick him up, so the shit ass refs cant pull him out. He just keeps kicking ass

  • WaywardSpartan

    4 pay tiers in XFL. LOWEST pay rate is 55k-75k for low end players. Like guys that BARELY made the roster. WITH incentives. Tier 1 for franchise players is 500k-750k.

  • Justin Edwards
    Justin Edwards

    Hey now, let's not jack Fitzpatrick off now. As great a game he had his interception which was a terrible interception on his end was what cost Miami the game against the bills. Fitzpatrick will win you 1 to 3 games max in a season and have games where he looks great for a quarter or 2 and then become a d tier qb for the rest of the game

  • William Burnette
    William Burnette

    The concept of the dolphins trading Fitzpatrick away because he might accidentally win a game is hilarious

  • Randy Surline
    Randy Surline

    Was he really right handed at first?

  • Sgt. Awesome1000
    Sgt. Awesome1000

    I would love that

  • Big Duke
    Big Duke

    "Tougher than a $2 steak!" That's gold, I'm using it!

    • Guts

      That's a line that Jim Ross used a lot. But that line's pretty common.

  • scrapbmxrider16

    Pat let miami keep him, Bears need to go to Daniels. BEAR DAHN

  • Connar Back
    Connar Back

    Chase young has that #1 pick 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Brandon Spain
    Brandon Spain

    I think Fitzpatrick may end up being the first player to play for all 32 teams in his career

  • Joe Cobb Jr.
    Joe Cobb Jr.

    Disappointed you haven’t talked about the field goal of the week.. Maybe year yet.

  • Diego Alvardo
    Diego Alvardo

    Does pat know what ipso facto mean lol

  • NPC #608748472978
    NPC #608748472978


  • BNAMusic88 _
    BNAMusic88 _

    45 picks in the 1st round 😂😂💀